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Man and Money Recap

A deputy sheriff follows the trail of Stony Buckram, unaware that Stony is watching him from the burhs. Stony draws his gun and shoots the deputy dead. The deputy's horse runs off on its own and Stony goes over and confirms that his pursuer is dead. He then picks up a bag of money and walks on.

Later, Hoby rides in El Paso to investigate a bank robbery that took place a few ago. Two men had taken $50,000 in new bank note and one of them had been killed. The other one was wounded and flex to the Mexican border after his horse was wounded. Hoby meets with Sheriff Galloway and introduces himself, and asks for a description of the surviving robber. Galloway has said that Stony already made it into Mexico, and Hoby figures that he can arrest the robber if he brings him back to El Paso. The sheriff explains that the deputy ambushed was his best friend, and gives Hoby a sketch of the robber.

Hoby rides south and comes to a man lying in the dirt. Once he confirms that the man is unconscious, Hoby checks him against the description and confirms who he is. He makes camp and later, Stony wakes up. Hoby gives him some water, and Stony claims that his name is Smith. Hoby has taken the money and says that he saved Stony's life, and keeps it for the reward. He prepares to ride off, and Stony says that Hoby can't leave him there. Stony says that he has $50,000, and admits that he robbed the bank and half of the money is Hoby's if he helps him. He explains that he hid the money but refuses to say where unless Hoby takes him to a doctor. Stony tells Hoby that he'll have to take the chance, and Hoby offers to take him to Dos Equis to recover. Stony gives his real name and Hoby introduces himself but neglects to say that he's a Ranger.

Later, Hoby takes Stony to a cabin and asks the homesteaders, the Golindas, for help. The owner Rodolfo and his wife Juanita don't speak English, and Juanita offers to take care of Stony. Hoby takes Stony inside and then draws a gun on Rodolfo and relieves him of his gun. Juanita tends to Stony, and Stony wakes up. He asks for some food, and Juanita gets it while Rodolfo looks at the extracted bullet. Stony draws his gun on Rodolfo, and Hoby tells him to put it away. Hoby says that they'll stay a few days until Stony is better, and Juanita agrees.

Juanita brings them some food, and Hoby figures that the angry Rodolfo is too unpredictable to ask for help or tell the truth. For two days, Stony sleeps most of the time and recovers rapidly. When he wakes up, Hoby tells him that Rodolfo is out cultivating his corn. He's sure that Rodolfo hasn't gone for the law, and stony confirms that Rodolfo is in the fields. Juanita is working at the stove, and Stony tells Hoby to keep one of them in the house at all times. Hoby lies down for a couple of hours after telling Stony to keep it quiet.

Rodolfo returns to the cabin and gives the corn to Juanita. Hoby wakes up and Stony says that Juanita is kind of nice. The Ranger tells him that they're leaving in the morning, and points out that if they stay much longer than the couple will run out of food and so will they. Juanita serves them, and Stony hears a chicken chickens outside. He yells at Rodolfo to cook them the next night, and Hoby points out that the couple only has one chicken. Stony tells him to just leave and not worry about him, and Hoby says that he will because he doesn't believe Stony's story about the $50,000. The robber quickly says that he was just ragging Hoby and admits that he needs his horse. Hoby asks where they're going, and Stony says where he hid the money back the way they came.

Later that night, Hoby approaches Rodolfo outside. Inside, Stony grabs Juanita and tries to kiss her. Rodolfo goes inside and sees them, and Stony pistol-whips him. Hoby runs in and draws his gun on Juanita, and then punches him. Stony knows better than to put up a fight, and asks what's wrong with Hoby. He figures that Hoby and Juanita were getting together, and Hoby takes his gun. Hoby has Juanita tend to Rodolfo's injuries and tells Stony that they're leaving immediately. Stony takes his gun and walks out, and Hoby follows him.

The two men continue riding into the U.S., and the next day go to the dry creek bed where Stony says that he hid the money under a boulder. It takes two of them to move it, and they agree to work together. Once the money is revealed, Stony grabs Hoby's leg but Hoby pistol-whips him. Rodolfo arrives, speaking English, and trains his shotgun on Hoby. He tells Hoby to drop the money, and Hoby takes out his Ranger's badge and identifies who he is.

The homesteader figures that Hoby stole the badge, and says that it doesn't make a difference because he wants the money. Hoby tells him that he'll have to kill him and Stony, and Rodolfo begs Hoby not to make him take his life. The Ranger says that it's his job to take the money back to the people who it belongs to, and tells Rodolfo to put down the gun or use it. After a moment, Rodolfo lowers it and says that he's a coward. Hoby tells him that he is a good man and has him take Stony into El Paso. He says that there's a $1,000 reward for Stony, and figures that Rodolfo and Juanita can use it.

Later back in El Paso, Hoby turns Stony over to Galloway. Stony is tried, executed, and forgotten.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 16, 2017

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