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Bindawu Recap

Koen and Aunty take Mungo's body back to the bar, and wonders if they should return the boy's body to the hideout. Aunty washes the blood from the boy's face, and tells Koen that people can kick a boy in the face if they think that he's a monster.

At the Slade home, Charlotte sits down outside and contemplates her pregnancy.

The next day, Jarli is preparing to leave when two Hairies approach him and say that he shouldn't be leaving their boundaries. They say that he shouldn't bring human rubbish back, and Jarli tells them that they need to know their enemy and their weapons. If the humans trace them back there, Jarli says that they should fight. The elder points out that they have been part of the land for thousands of years, but Jarli dismisses them as stories. They go back to the village where the other Hairies are, and Jarli looks at a talisman before he walks off.

Waruu tells Marion that the Hairies are superior to humans and that's why they fear them. He says that they don't have to be afraid of them anymore, and explains that thanks to Project Medisterium, they have a serum that can strip the Hairies of their abilities, and possibly even their extended lifespan. Hairies then become subhuman, ready to be integrated. Marion points out that Waruu was recently arguing for Hairy rights, and Waruu explains that he still is but his meth has. With the Inclusion Initiative, humans and Hairies can live together peacefully. The government will back their welfare program. Marion points out that they'll be screwed twice, but Waruu insists that Hairies will no longer be a threat to humans. He figures that it's win-win, and tells Marion that testing on live subjects has already begun.

Latani stares at the captive Tim and then at the TV which is saying that there's a CA lockdown. Tim warns that they'll start knocking on doors soon, and Nerida says that she'll take care of them. She sends Latani to get some food in the kitchen, and Tim tells her that they've been there before and thoroughly searched the place. They come every couple 2-3 days, or sooner if he takes too much time off. Tim warns that his mate is already on the way to pick him up, and says that he has to act normally. He offers to bring them food on the way home, and insists that he wants to help them. Nerida doesn't believe him.

Charlotte comes down for breakfast after hydrotherapy and discovers that Jarrod has made it for her., She says that the hospital called and needs her back, but Jarrod tells her that she and her child should both rest. He wonders if it's worth the risk of losing the baby. Jarrod tells her to leave if she needs anything and leaves for his network.

At the rail yards, Araluen stares briefly at a sign promising luxury apartments and walks off. She sees someone following hr, ducks into an alleyway, grabs a weapon, and hides. Her pursuer calls to her by name and reveals that he's Harry. She hugs him, crying.

Jarrod is at the lab when Waruu arrives and tells her that Marion agreed to the Inclusion Initiative. She agreed to let Slade Industries handle all "toxic waste disposal," and Waruu says that the test subject will be ready for that night's announcement. He suggests that they pick a new name for Boondee in English to make people know safer, and insists that they have to act human in all ways. Jarrod tells him that they're about to change the world. McIntyre comes in and Jarrod asks for a moment alone with him. He tells Jarrod that they've spotted Koen on the intercepted CCTV transmission via facial recognition, and Jarrod insists that they need him found immediately and quietly so the CA don't know.

At the hideout, Harry tells Araluen that Djukara is dead and Latani escaped. He assures her that Djukara died a warrior, and she vows to give the humans payback for what they've done to her family.

Jarli goes to the cave where he's hidden human technology and watches an intercept signal about the attack on the convoy.

Koen and Aunty bring Mungo's body to the hideout and Koen says that the streets aren't safe for any of them. He asks them to stay hidden, and assures them that he's there to keep them safe however he can and make the city safe for them. Harry yells that they should kill the humans, but Koen says that they don't get to decide who lives and dies. If they want to live side-by-side, they have to find another way. Koen admits that he doesn't know what it is. Araluen tackles him, yelling that he destroyed them, and Koen gets a vision of her life, as she slashes him across the chest. Harry pulls her away, and Koen heals the wounds. Araluen realizes that he can't be hurt, and Koen says that he's sorry for her daughter's death.

At the lab, Jarrod puts a drop of Koen's blood on the nulla nulla. The wood shifts, and Jarrod tells Everick that it's alive. Sensors go off, and Jarrod sets out to determine what else a Cleverman's blood can do to it.

Tim's mate pulls up, and Tim tells Nerida where the house keys are. He promises them that he'll come back alone, and she lets him go out. His buddy Hendricks notices that Tim has a cut on his head, but Tim dismisses it and they drive off.

Charlotte goes to the hospital and Deepak greets her. She assures Deepak that she's okay, and realizes that Jarrod talked to her about making sure she takes it easy. Charlotte takes some blood to the lab to do a workup, and says that it's for her.

At home, Waruu shaves the new hair off of his arms. He then goes to the government office where he's now working as an Executive Director of Human Safety. Marion greets him and gives him a genetic scanner, and then leaves, Waruu goes to the restroom and waits until he's alone. He then slams the door into the face of the next man coming in, claims that he came out of nowhere, and gets some of his blood on a handkerchief. He then returns to his office and uses the man's blood to fool the scanner.

At the hideout, Aunty congratulates Koen on his speech. She realizes that he wants to blast every one of them, and Koen agrees. Koen apologizes for blasting her with the other two, and she assures him that he did what needed to be done. Koen promises that they're going to pay for Mungo, Blair, and all the Hairies. Aunty warns him that he can't just sling his magic around. Harry tells Koen to come with him.

At the lab, Everick analyzes Koen's blood for Jarrod. The blood is completely normal, but Jarrod figures that it's a good thing and orders her to destroy the cells with cancer. She applies some, but the cells regenerate. Jarrod tells her to use smallpox.

Harry has Koen show him the blast, and then tells him to control his anger. When Koen tells him that they kicked a kid to death in front of him or murdered his best friend, he's going to get angry. Harry tells him that he's lost count of how many of his people he's seen killed. A girl, crying, watches from the shadows.

Lucia comes to Waruu's office and he explains that they're going to have to counteract any -Hairy sympathizers' propaganda. He asks if they can access the human ID databank to keep an eye on the activities of suspected sympathizers, and Lucia gives Waruu access to the databank. once she leaves, Waruu searches for a record but doesn't find it. As he leaves, Lucia approaches him and Waruu asks if someone's records are deleted when they die. Lucia assures him that they come up as "deceased", satisfying Waruu.

At his new home, home, Waruu unpacks his things. He then puts Jimmy's things out front for the garbage, and sees ac row watching him from a nearby power pole. Waruu stares at the bird for a moment and goes inside.

Harry continues pushing Koen to practice, and hears the girl. He grabs her, and Koen orders him to let her go. Harry finally does and says that she's seen too much. Koen wonders if he wants to rip off another figure, and the girl--Audie--wonders what Koen is.

Deepak gives Charlotte the report on the blood. It says that there are traces of Hairy DNA in it, and she tells Deepak that the sample was contaminated. Jarrod calls his wife, and she ignores it. At the lab, Jarrod tracks Charlotte's phone to the hospital. Everick tells him that Koen's blood has destroyed everything that they've thrown at it, and Jarrod says that they'll have to try Ebola. If that doesn't work that he has one more trick, and heads to the hospital.

Charlotte is having lunch with Deepak when Jarrod comes in and insists that it's not up to her whether she comes back to work or not. She talks to him privately and he insists that they should both decide on the welfare of their child. Charlotte insists that she's in the safest place possible, and Jarrod refers to their child as a girl and says that she'll have the best life possible. Jarrod grabs her arm and orders her to come home, and Charlotte refuses to go with him. Everyone stares, and Charlotte tells him to leave. Rather than make a scene, Jarrod leaves.

Back at the lab, Everick tells Jarrod that Koen's blood destroyed the Ebola. He says that they'll have to try something not known to man.

As Nerida goes to Tim's car, she hears sirens and ducks out of sight. The CA van goes by, and Nerida goes back inside and tells the girls that they're not going anywhere until it's fully dark. Hendricks drops Tim off, and the three women hide. He comes in with food and Nerida grabs him, and Hendricks drives off. Tim tells Nerida that it's all good.

At the lab, Jarrod gives Everick a classified substance to use on Koen's blood. once she enters a quarantine chamber, she opens the vial and black fumes drift out. and enter her protective suit. She exposes the substance to the blood. The blood destroys the virus, and Everick tells her to add another drop. Black bile leaks from her nose, and Everick realizes that she's infected despite all the precautions. The scientist coughs up blood and Slade hits the sprayers to decontaminate the chamber.

Koen tells Harry that Audie has to come with them. She demands to know where they're going to take her, and Koen sees the falcon fly through the room and into the wall. Koen follows it outside and watches it fly into the sky.

Tim eats his dinner, and Nerida tells him that she has to chain him back up before she goes to sleep. He takes out his gun and puts it on the table, then slides it to Nerida and tells her to take it. Nerida picks it up and aims it at him, and asks what he's playing at. Tim says that she might need it, and Nerida agrees not to chain him up. He thanks her, and she tells him not to push it.

Koen follows the falcon to a camper in the woods. It flies off, and Koen knocks on the camper door. There's no answer, and he walks off.

Charlotte tests her blood with the scanner, and it shows that it's subhuman.

Marion gives a press conference with Waruu and Jarrod at her side. Charlotte watches the broadcast along with the hospital staff, and Marion says that with the assistance of Slade Industries, they have developed a procedure to minimize the threat of the Hairies. Jarrod shows them photos of Boondee before treatment, and brings him out to show him as a transformed Subhuman. Boondee says that he wants his new name to be Trevor, the name they gave him in prison. Watching, Charlotte faints.

Jarli watches the press conference and screams in frustration as he's seen what they've done to Boondee.

Waruu takes the podium and says that once neutralized, the Hairies will be able to obtain the same standard of living as everyone else.

Nerida watches the broadcast as Waruu says that it's the opportunity for the Hairies to throw off their primitive existence. Marion says that they look forward to welcoming all volunteer Hairies into the Inclusion Initiative, and that they will all be richer for the assimilation.

Koen makes a campfire outside the camper. The flames flare up, and the lights in the camper flicker. Jimmy steps out and tells Koen that he looks like he's seen a ghost.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 16, 2017

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