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Dark Clouds Recap

An elderly female Hairy, Yani, wakes up in the middle of the night and walks out of the refuge into Sydney. The CA soldiers see her and move in, and Yani obligingly raises her hands.

Charlotte wakes up in a hospital bed and Deepak assures her that she and the baby are both fine. He tells her that no one has run anyone tests and he's kept everyone away... including Jarrod. Charlotte says that she can't go home because it's not safe.

Jarrod leaves a voice mail for Charlotte asking if they can talk so that he can apologize. Once he hangs up, Mitchell tells him that they're ready for fetal extraction and they've created an artificial womb to continue letting the fetus develop normally. Mitchell warns that any surgical intervention carries a certain risk to the mother, but it's not significantly greater.

In the forest, Koen hears a high-pitched whining sound and Jimmy tells him that it's the past reaching out to him, trying to show him something. He says that his grandson's connection to the past will make him stronger. Jimmy tells Koen that it will stop when Koen is strong enough to go home.

At the Inclusion center, Inclusion Hairies are undergoing treatments and janitors sweep up the shedded hair. Yani receives the initial treatment, and Waruu comes in with a film crew to have them capture her transformation on tape. He asks if her family is there, and Yani says that it's just her. She talks about how she's always been fascinated by humans and is too old to jump around and hide.

Jarli shows two young Hairies--Daku and Gawu--the land that they used to walk until they lost it to the humans. He tells them to remember that the "Skins" are not to be trusted. Jarli then takes the boys to where two human hikers are walking through the forest. After observing them, the boys go back to the camp and tell their father that they saw Skins. When their father, Bakanah, realizes that Jarli was with them, he confronts his nephew. Jarli insists that they need to know, but Bakanah insists that the Skins arent't their concern.

Koen wakes up and an aboriginal warrior confronts him. He picks up a stick and attacks the warrior, who easily avoids his blows and then hits Koen in the chest. Koen wakes up again and finds the warrior watching him. He attacks again and the warrior easily defeats him, and then hits Koen... and Koen wakes up again.

At the refuge, everyone avoids Audie. She takes some water, and Harry stops her. Aunty comes to Audie's defense, but Harry says that Audie has already had water and she doesn't get special privileges just because Koen wants her there. Aunty leads Audie away, and asks if she's happy crashing with the Zone survivors. Audie says that she saw Koen practicing with his magic, and asks if Aunty can do it as well. Aunty walks away without responding.

At Tim's house, Tim tells Nerida that something has happened. She points out that her husband Waruu is in the middle of genocide, and Tim suggests that he might not have a choice. Nerida says that there's always a choice, and wonders why Tim is helping him. He says that they're decent people, even Latani, and Nerida points out that the few humans see Hairies that way. Tim insists that there are some decent people in the city, and it only takes one person to show others that there's something to be happy about.

At the lab, Jarrod removes a piece of the nulla nulla with a laser. The incision grows back in a matter of seconds.

An orderly brings the hairless Yani a package from Waruu with a dress like the one she saw the human girl wearing. Once she puts the dress on, they take a photo of her for her ID and tell her that her new name is Gwen. The staff members applaud and Yani smiles happily.

Boondee is working as a maintenance man at a restaurant. He struggles with the weight now that he lacks his Hairy strength, and afterward goes to the government housing, Bennelong House. Reporter Taylor Diaz is there with a film crew and wants to get Boondee's statement on how he's settling into Bennelong. Boondee refuses to answer her and goes into his apartment, and makes dinner for himself.

Nerida goes to the dining room and finds Tim waiting with two glasses of wine. She sits down with him and he says that he's a security guard and once a policeman. When the government brought in all the new security measures, the police were redeployed whether they liked it or not. If they objected then they lost all of their entitlements,

At the refuge, Aunty and Harry are playing chess as Audie watches. Araluen is watching Taylor's newscast, and sees her transformed husband. She recognizes him, and Aunty notices as Araluen stares at the TV. Araluen goes off to cry.

Tim and Nerida go to the backyard to drink, and Nerida talks about how they can see the stars because of the curfew. She talks about the constellations and tells Tim that to see them, he has to look at the dark clouds. After a moment, Nerida kisses him. Alinta watches from inside as they make love.

The next day, Jimmy tells Koen that he's powerful. He tells his grandson that the blue blast isn't a weapon but a power not to be messed with, and anyone who is caught in the blast can no longer move after death. Jimmy tells Koen that he has to allow the powers to come through.

Jarli goes to the city.

Audie is packing food when Araluen starts to leave. Aunty warns her that she can't go out on the streets, warning that Waruu will make it impossible. She admits that Waruu is her son and apologizes, but Araluen tells her that it doesn't help her at all. The Hairy insists that Aunty drive her to Bennelong, and that she owes her. Aunty refuses, but Audie agrees to do it. She points out that she's the only one there who has valid ID.

Waruu and Marion watch the footage of Waruu talking to Yani, and he assures her that a lot of Hairies have come forward to participate in the Initiative. Marion warns that they're making the problem worse by making Hairies invisible, and Waruu insists that they're making them human. She brings up footage of Mungo being beaten and wonders what else is out there. The video shows Koen using his magic against the two men, and Marion tells Waruu that she needs to know who Koen is. After a moment, Waruu agrees and tells Marion that he'll get onto it.

Back at home, Waruu brings in Jimmy's things and finds a journal among them. Written in it is a story about the blood of a tree that can cut through anything.

Koen carves a nulla nulla for himself as Jimmy looks on.

Audie drives Araluen to Bennelong, and Araluen gets out before Audie can stop her. The Hairy leaps over the back wall to avoid the CA guards, then slips inside and finds Boondee's apartment from the earlier footage. Boondee isn't there, and Araluen breaks in the patio.

Tim and Hendricks are patrolling the city, and Hendricks realizes that his friend is in such a good mood because he got laid. His friend refuges to tell him anything about Nerida, and McIntyre pulls up and calls Hendricks over. He shows him the footage of Hendricks beating Mungo and says that he wants Koen found. Hendricks describes Aunty and the car that Koen drove, but admits that he doesn't know who he is.

At the house, Alinta asks Nerida where her boyfriend is. The girl warns that they don't know anything about Tim and goes upstairs to search Tim's room. Alinta finds papers and calls Nerida in, and shows her that the papers confirm that Tim is CA. Nerida tells her daughter that they're leaving.

Jimmy tells Koen that people think that a Cleverman is crazy, because a Cleverman listens to the voices in his head. Koen wonders how he can handle it when Jimmy couldn't, and Jimmy tells him that he's been dealing with it his whole life. He insists that it's shaped Koen for his role, and he's ready for it. Koen goes out into the woods carrying his nulla nnulla, and finds the warrior waiting for him. He unleashes a blast of mystical energy and then swings at the warrior, just stopping his blow. The warrior chuckles and the two men fight. Koen manages to hit his opponent this time, and finally takes the warrior down.

Waruu goes to the tree shown in Jimmy's journal and collects some of its sap.

When Boondee returns home, he finds Araluen waiting for him. They embrace, and Araluen says that she's there to take him home. She tells him that their son Djukara is dead but they need to find Latani. Boondee says that when he looks human, the CA doesn't shoot and he's safe. His wife assures him that he is there.

Deepak offers to get Charlotte's things for her, but she says that she'd better go. She refuses to discuss why she's scared of Jarrod.

Jarrod gets into his car and drives off, unaware that Jarli is watching from the shadows.

That night, Jimmy walks off into the woods and disappears as Koen watches.

Charlotte returns home and sits down, crying. Jarrod arrives home with Jarli secretly following him, and goes inside. He finds Charlotte, who tells him that she tested for Subhuman.. Charlotte asks what Jarrod did to her, and Jarrod insists that it will be healthiest child that has ever been born. He assures her that only the two of them and their doctor know about the pregnancy, and they will be an example to those who come later. Jarrod didn't tell her, claiming that he didn't know how she would react, and insists that it's safe. Charlotte, furious, tells him that he's risking her life, and she demands to see everything.

As Jarrod takes Charlotte to the car, Jarli attacks him and then drags Charlotte out of the car and prepares to kill her. She yells that she's pregnant, and says that her child is a Hairy. Jarli hesitates and stares down at her.

Koen walks down a road and hears the noise in his head. After a moment he draws his nulla nulla and unleashes a blast of energy. The car accident where his father died appears--a memory from the past--and Koen sees Aunty and an infant Waruu in the first car. Koen's parents are in the other car, the father dead and the pregnant mother barely breathing. Jimmy appears and tells Koen that he can't fix the situation but he can learn from it, and disappears. The vision disappears as well, leaving Koen alone on the road.

Waruu returns home and finds Koen waiting for him. Koen realizes that Waruu knew, and asks if Aunty killed his parents. Waruu admits that she did, and that she's never been the woman that Koen thought she was. He says that she's cold-blooded and that Aunty knew what she was doing... and she was after the unborn child of woman who was sleeping with her husband. Waruu offers Koen a drink, and figures that Koen came there because Waruu is the only who knows how he feels. He insists that they're brothers and nothing changes that, and he was lost when he sold Koen to Jarrod and abandoned his family to the CA. Waruu says that he was lost and made a mistake, and then grabs a knife and cuts Koen's throat. He then takes out the sap and places it on the wound. Koen doesn't heal, and Waruu pours himself a drink and says that it's his place now.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 17, 2017

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