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Form and Void Recap

In Superior, Nebraska, the streets are abandoned except for a single Rabid. Meanwhile, Sam goes into a hardware store and pulls off some chains, cable, and nails. A televangelist starts speaking loudly and the Rabid follows the voice to a voice where an iTouch is playing the broadcast. Sam comes up to the Rabid, asks if he can talk, and then shocks him unconscious with his makeshift taser.

Dean takes Jenna to her grandmother's house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and they go in with the baby. He assures Jenna that she and the baby Amara will be okay, and Jenna thanks him for everything. They hug and then Dean watches Jenna go up to her grandmother. Inside, her grandmother says that a freak storm hit Superior. She assures her granddaughter that she has a backup generator and plenty of canned supplies, and admires Amara. The grandmother insists that Jenna go to her old room and get a nap, and then puts Amara in her son's old crib. Once she's alone, the baby glances over at a box of toy bricks and knocks it off the dresser with her mind.

Sam examines himself in the mirror and sees the veins of darkness spreading down his neck. He then tries to talk to the Rabid, who says that he can smell Sam is infected. The Rabid wonders why he should answer questions, and wants something he can hold in his hand: pudding. Sam gives him a can of pudding and after the Rabid eats it, says that he was infected that morning. He doesn't know why he's further along, and has seen some people change fast and some change slow. But in the end they all go psycho and then burn out. Sam says that he's going to fix it, but the Rabid calls him a liar and says that the two of them are walking dead. He advises Sam to put a bullet in him and then himself.

As Dean drives back to Superior, he calls Castiel's phone. Jonah and Efram, the angels holding Castiel, smash the phone and slap Castiel awake. He says that he's cursed and tells them to run, and starts snarling.

Jenna wakes up to a thudding noise and goes to investigate. Her grandmother is in the hallway and they both hear the noise. They go into the bedroom and find Amara levitating the blocks in the air. The baby telekinetically throws them against the wall and they spell the words "Feed Me." The grandmother insists that the baby is possessed and wants to call Father Wyatt. Jenna calls Dean instead and tells him what is happening, and he turns around and heads back to Cedar Rapids. He calls Sam on the way and tells him what's happening, and Sam assures his brother that he's fine. Sam is busy looking up information on voodoo lou and looks over at the Rabid's corpse.

Efram and Jonah torture Castiel and ask where Metatron is. He says that he doesn't know and begs for mercy, and Efram points out that Castiel has chosen the Winchesters over Heaven. He tortures Castiel with the blade and says that he'd kill him if he had his choice. Castiel tells him to do it, and Efram refuses, saying that the fun is just getting started. Jonah then applies his blade.

Sam hears a woman singing and goes out into the hospital to investigate. The woman, Billie, is kneeling on the hallway and calls Sam by name. She says that she's a Reaper and the Winchesters have been good for business. Billie reminds Sam that he killed Death, and she has a message to deliver. She tells him that Sam and Dean aren't going to come back from death again. The old Death thought it was funny, but now what lives... dies. They won't go to Heaven or Hell: the Reaper who collects them will toss them out into the Empty, and nothing comes back from that. Billie knows that Sam is dying, unclean in the Biblical sense, and promises that she'll see him again real soon.

The angels continue torturing Castiel for Metatron's location, just as the outer door rattles. It warps and crumples, and Hannah comes in and tells Efram and Jonah that's enough. He says that's now how they do things and orders them out, and they reluctantly go. Castiel thanks Hannah, who says that something horrible has happened.

Sam checks his reflection and confirms that the veins re spreading. He goes to the chapel and prays to God, admitting that it's his fault and he doesn't know how to fix it. Sam says that they need a sign so that they can hope, and there's no response. When he goes out into the hallway, he has a vison of being ripped apart by chained hooks, and falls to his knee.

Dean arrives at the Nickerson house, and Jenna explains that her grandmother called the church and they sent an exorcist. They go inside and find Crowley dressed as a priest and sipping tea. Dean asks to talk to him outside, and Crowley goes with him... after he finishes his tea.

Hannah releases Castiel from the ceiling, and Castiel insists on remaining manacled. Hannah tries to heal him but fails, and warns that it's powerful magic.

Outside, Crowley says that he knows what Sam and Castiel have been doing.

Castiel warns that the spell is digging deeper into his soul, and Hannah says that alarms have gone off in Heaven after the Darkness was released.

Amara is crying and Jenna goes to check on her.

Castiel tells Hannah that the Darkness is real, not a story... and now it's free.

Jenna assures Amara that Dean will fix things.

Hannah asks where the Darkness is, and warns that it's the end for all of them. He asks where Sam and Dean are, and Castiel wonders how he found him.

Crowley explains that he has contacts in the Catholic church, and he investigates when he hears about a possible demonic possession.

Grandmother Nickerson hears something upstairs in the baby's room.

Castiel figures that Hannah set the whole thing up to get Castiel to talk. He wonders why, reminding Hannah that they were friends, and Hannah points out that Castiel freed Metatron. The other angels hate Castiel, and Castiel wonders how Hannah feels about him. Efram and Jonah come in and say that Hannah is doing her job, and Castiel refuses to give them the Winchesters. They have the device to hack his brain.

Crowley says that he can taste the power radiating from the house. The power inside is old, deep... and dark.

Jenna comes down to the kitchen, grabs a knife, and advances on her grandmother.

Dean hears the scream and runs inside with Crowley. Grandmother Nickerson is dead.

Jonah inserts the needles into Castiel's brain, and Castiel screams in pain. Hannah tells them to stop but Efram ignores him and kicks him repeatedly him when he tries to intervene. Castiel goes berserk and rips free of the chair, shoves Efram away, and stabs Jonah in the chest with his own neck. Efram recovers and kills Hannah, and the two angels fight. Castiel finally stabs Efram with the knife and stares at the carnage in horror.

A weakening Sam tries desperately to find a cure. He remembers Billie telling him that he's unclean, and checks the Internet for references to purification. A web page says to use holy oil. Sam soaks a gauze pad in oil and lights it. He then applies it to the veins on his neck, and they glow with energy as he writhes in pain. When Sam drops the gauze, he realizes that he's cured.

Dean and Crowley look for Jenna and hear Amara crying. They go to the bedroom and Dean confirms that it has the Mark on her shoulder. He remembers the Darkness saying that the two of them are bound, as the baby stops crying when it sees Dean.

Three Rabids hear music at the hospital and go to investigate. Sam is in the chapel and lights a circle of holy oil around them They gasp in pain as their veins glow, and the Rabids collapse in pain. The fires go out and Sam realizes that they're cured.

Dean and Crowley continue searching for Jenna, and find her smashing her grandmother's religious statuary. She readily admits that she cut her grandmother's throat, and Crowley says that she doesn't have a soul. Jenna says that Amara is hungry.

In the crib, Amara's flesh starts to tear.

Dean tries to get through to Jenna, but she says that she likes the new me. She attacks Dean with a knife and he tries to subdue her. Crowley is watching and hears someone walking in the hallway. He then kills Jenna with a telekinetic blast, and says that he's going to see the child that eats souls. Dean tells him that Amara is the Darkness, and he doesn't have a choice but to kill her. Crowley figures that he can't kill a baby, and telekinetically casts Dean aside when Dean tries to stop him. The demon says that he gets what he wants and he's not the Winchesters' sidekick, and tells him to leave before he kills him. Dean pins him to the wall with a demon-killing knife through his hand and then goes to find Amara. The crib is empty and when Dean goes back for Crowley, discovers that he's gone as well.

Later, the Winchesters return to the bunker. Dean admits that he might have seen a vision, not the real Darkness. They hear something moving and raw their guns, and find Castiel on the floor, begging for help.

The young Amara walks down a city street and Crowley finds her. He has a van filled with tied-up children, and offers them to Amara. The girl smiles and Crowley smiles back.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2015

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