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Dallas Recap

Jesse sees the wedding photo of Viktor and Tulip on the dresser, and tulip says that she was never in love with Viktor. She came there to get a divorce, and Viktor agrees. Jesse punches Viktor and then drags him out into the hallway. Tulip reminds Jesse that he left her after Dallas, but Jesse continue dragging Viktor past the guards that he immobilized with the word. He takes Viktor to the torture chamber and pulls the machete out of the corpse. When Viktor tries to go for Jesse, Jesse easily knocks him down.

Tulip admits that she should have told Jesse that she was married. Jesse ignores her and ties Viktor up, ignoring Tulip when she says that it's her fault. When she tries to stop him, Jesse uses the Word to order Tulip out. She backs out against her will and warns Jesse that he doesn't want to do what he did in Dallas.

Dallas – The Past

Jesse stands over the dead guard as Tulip watches their getaway driver leave. She then gasps and tells Jesse that it's the baby

Three Months Later

Jesse and Reggie are sitting in an apartment arguing about John Wayne when Tulip comes in She tells them to open a window if they're going to smoke, and says that they have a dinner guest Dany coming and Reggie isn't invited. Reggie quickly leaves, and Tulip suggests that Jesse take a shower. That night, Dany arrives and eats with them, and Tulip explains that she's working as a realtor's assistant. She says that Jesse got a bartending job and they're good, and Jesse vaguely agrees. Dany says that her dog died, and asks when they're coming back to work for her. Jesse says that they're not, and Tulip interrupts to ask about Dany's job. Dany describes the crimes she needs doing, and Tulip refuses to kill her husband. Jesse says that they're not doing any of it and Tulip agrees. Danny tells them that she understands that things went sideways on their last job, but crime is what they do and almost better than anyone she's seen. Jesse insists that people change, but Dany tells him that they don't.

Later, Jesse and Tulip clean the dishes and they go to the bathroom. Tulip takes a pregnancy test and they both look at it. They then go to the bed and have sex. The next morning, Jesse wakes up and drinks a beer sitting on the night stand. He goes out in the living room and finds Tulip holding a stool. She says that she's holding it, and reminds him that he promised to stay with her until the end of the world. Jesse agrees and drinks his beer.


Viktor gets Jesse's attention and tells him to get on with it. When he says that he doesn't have all day, Jesse agrees and starts up the torture equipment.

Tulip takes Alison back to Deni's house with Alison and tells Cassidy that Alison is her stepdaughter and she thought it would be fun if she hung with them. As Tulip goes to make some comfort food, Alison tells Cassidy that Tulip's boyfriend killed her dad. Tulip insists that they're just talking, and Cassidy agrees. Tulip suggests that Alison watches TV with Denis while she and Cassidy talk. Once they're alone, Tulip punches Cassidy and complains that he told Jesse. Cassidy insists that it just happened, and says that he was worried about her. Tulip figures what Cassidy wants, and Cassidy insists that she and Jesse are both their friends. She says that she wasn't in danger from Viktor, and figures it was pretty unlikely Viktor wouldn't have hurt her. Cassidy asks why she married Viktor, but Tulip refuses to discuss it. She swears that if Jesse kills Viktor then the two of them are done. Cassidy says that he's going to talk to Jesse and clean up the mess, and walks out.

Viktor tells Jesse that he's figured out that when Tulip came to work for him, he could see that she had been through something. He figures that Jesse was the hell she crawled out of. Jesse just stares at him.

The Past

Jesse and Tulip go about their lives, having sex, drinking beer, doing pregnancy tests, and watching John Wayne. One day, Jesse prays to God to make Tulip pregnant. Tulip says amen with him, and they discover that the test is negative. They go to church on Sundays, and the preacher talks about earning God's forgiveness. Back at home, they smoke Reggie smokes until the fire alarm goes off. Jesse turns it off and sees money hidden in the nearby vent.

Later, Tulip comes home and tells Reggie that work was the same-old same-old. She gets Jesse a beer and says that she helped the boss sell some houses. Jesse tosses her the bag of money and figures that she's been working for Dany. Tulip admits that she worked real estate for three weeks, and she found the only thing that she's good at. She tells Jesse that they were having fun until Carlos, and Jesse tosses down the birth control pills he found with the money. He asks when Tulip was going to stop lying to him, and Tulip says that she tried to live the life Jesse wanted. It felt wrong to her, and she doesn't know how to do it. Jesse says that maybe she doesn't deserve it and sits down. Tulip figures that he's trying to be a Custer again and have a crap job and a crap life. She tells Jesse that he's never going to be forgiven. When Reggie interrupts, Jesse starts punching him. He finally stops and glares at Tulip.

Jesse is watching TV when Tulip puts a gun in her belt and says that she's going out. He says that his father's church is just sitting in Annville, and it's his. Jesse tells Tulip that he's going back to be a preacher, and Tulip wishes him luck before walking out.


Cassidy goes to Viktor's manor and finds the guards still immobile. He pushes one down and chuckles, and then fids Jesse in Viktor's bedroom. Jesse stares at Viktor and Tulip's wedding photo and doesn't say a word. Cassidy says that he found Viktor hanging from the ceiling and he's still alive, and talks about how he was rich once. He then says that tulip and Jesse had a falling out and she married the first guy she found. Cassidy says that Tulip loves Jesse, not Viktor. Jesse asks Cassidy why he would ever trust him after all of the lies he's said. Cassidy says that he's between a rock and a hard place, and Jesse repeats his question. The vampire admits that he's a jealous bastard, but if he was in Jesse's situation he wouldn't be very restrained. He says that he came there to tell Jesse that whatever he decides, he's with him. Jesse figures that Tulip would leave him if he did it, but Cassidy says that some things will never change.

Jesse goes back to the torture room and grabs an axe. As he sharpens it, he tells Viktor that Tulip wanted to be a criminal and have money. Viktor tells him that she married him because Jesse is an asshole and he was nice to her. He tells Jesse to do it, and Jesse hacks him with the axe.

Cassidy goes back to Denis' place and tells him that Viktor was alive when he left. He claims that he told Jesse to do the right thing, and Tulip figures that's good. Jesse comes in and gets a beer, and tells Tulip that he took Viktor down. Alison comes in and Tulip explains who she is. She orders the girl back to the TV, and swears at Jesse. Jesse says that he took Viktor down by cutting the harness, and he didn't kill Viktor. He admits that he wanted to, but settled for divorce papers. Jesse tosses the papers on the table, and Tulip kisses him. Cassidy goes out to tell Alison that he father is alive, and Jesse and Tulip apologize to each other. They admit that they're bad for each other.

A Few Years Back

Viktor and Tulip are playing Monopoly and Viktor is losing. He admits that he married a hard woman but he loves her anyway. Tulip thanks him and they kiss. Viktor goes to talk to Pat, and Tulip gets a call from Dany. She says that she's not taking jobs anymore, and insists that she's happy. Dany tells her that she found Carlos. When Viktor comes back, he discovers that Tulip has taken her things and left.


Viktor sits in his bedroom and reads the paper. Alison comes in and says that she couldn't sleep. She asks her father to read to her, and Viktor agrees. Gunshots ring out downstairs and the guards scream. Viktor sends Alison to the closet to hide, and aims his gun at the door. The Cowboy knocks a man through the door, and Viktor opens fire on him. The newcomer ignores the bullets and asks about the Preacher. Viktor doesn't know what he means, and the Cowboy shoots him dead. He hears Alison crying in the closet and aims his gun at her. Alison tells him that she knows where the preacher is.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 18, 2017

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