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Booby Traps Recap

Race Day 6

In Meadeville, Colorado, the drivers refuel and repair. Arthur tells Grace that they have to get an early lead so they have enough time to find Grace, and says that the previous night he was under the influence. He says that he doesn't want things to get weird for them, and Grace tells him that he's off the hook. Arthur says that they make a good team, and Julian announces the beginning of the leg of the race. Grace and Arthur get into the car, and Julian announces that there's been a change of plan. They're racing directly through the Savage Lands. The drivers take off and Julian reminds the drivers via radio that they've rigged the cars to shut down for ten minutes if they touch the brakes for a moment. Arthur yells instructions to Grace, and she cuts off one driver and sends him spinning as he tries to pass.

Domi and Cliff drive, and Cliff says that they're racing together. He complains that Domi is killing on her own, and the couple argues while Chris watches the transmission via his new eye. Chris finally tunes in Arthur and promises that he's coming for his partner. Aki activates and notes that Chris woke earlier than usual, and asks who Chris is talking to. He goes to take off some work stuff before his shift, and she points out that security guards seem to do very little. Aki dresses and points out that his behavior is strange, and makes lunch for him. When Chris says that he'll be late, Aki snarls that it's unacceptable, and he tells her that they have an emotional connection since having sex and kisses her on the cheek as he says that he can come home whenever he wants. Aki considers her options and then agrees, saying that she no reason not trust him, and wishes him a lucky day.

As they enter the Savage Lands, barbarians pull up after them and move in. One of them drops a Molotov in front of the Camaro, forcing Grace and Arthur into the desert. The barbarians maintain their attack, two drivers slam into each other. Their cars explode, and Arthur notes that they're in first place. The barbarians set their hood on fire, and Arthur clears his window and gives her directions. The barbarians fall back and Arthur tells Grace to slow down because the road is blocked ahead. He stomps on the brakes and they skid to a halt just before they hit the overturned truck. Grace pushes it over, revealing that the "truck" is a cardboard sign, and the engine shuts down. The barbarians move in, and Grace and Arthur step out. The barbarians remove their helmets, revealing that they're all women. When Arthur introduces himself, they knock him unconscious.

Chris goes to the Hall of Secrets and uses his ID card to get in. Aki is monitoring him via his artificial and knows where he is. The doors inside the Hall don't respond to Chris's card. Julian comes out of one door, and Chris grabs him and demands to know where Arthur is. The MC knows that Chris is with Aki, and says that Aki is watching them. He waves to Aki and then easily slams Chris to the floor and walks out.

Arthur wakes up tied to the hood of the Camaro. The Amazons are towing the car in and their leader, Carolina, introduces herself to a tied-and-gagged Grace. Carolina explains that they're entering Majora, their home. She says that the Seedmakers abandoned the former resort because it didn't make enough cash for them. The Amazons take Grace away and untie Arthur, tasing him until he goes where they want.

Carolina takes Grace to where the Amazons are pampering themselves. Grace says that she needs to find her real sister, but Carolina tells her to take a seat and relax. When Carolina gets back, she says that they'll have a long chat about why Grant can't stay in paradise.

Chris pretends to be on guard duty in the Hall when a courier comes in. She goes into a door and comes out with a canister, and Chris quickly blocks the door when she comes back through. Inside, Chris finds a featureless white room and tries to locate a door. Aki, watching, decides to perform corrective action. Chris vomits multi-colored goo and promises to never enter the hall again.

Cliff and Domi continue through the Savage Lands, and Domi asks if he read any of the books she gave him. She insists that they don't work if he doesn't try, and says that he's emotionally immature. Cliff insists that the books are a scam and Domi tells him that she wouldn't have to tell him what to do if he knew how to be a man. Her husband tells her to let him out even though it will kill both of them. When he says that he was stupid enough to marry her, the engine shuts down and Domi says that she won't cross the finish line with a loser like Cliff. Amazons come over and circle the couple's car.

In his cell, Arthur gives water to the male prisoner in the next cell. The man, Matt, thanks god that he has seen another man at last and uses a tool he stole to open the door between them. Matt grabs a beer and says that he has no idea how long he's been there and the Amazons keep him there for semen. He tells Arthur to look out the window, and Arthur sees the Amazons extracting semen from another male prisoner. Matt says that it's not so bad and he's glad that there's another bro there. An Amazon shoves Cliff into a cell, and he asks for a beer.

The Amazons take Domi to the spar where Grace is and give her a wax. Grace warns that they'll lose the race and their head explodes while she works at her bonds. She gets free and attacks their guards, but Carolina and her men easily recapture her. Carolina tells her to tear down her resistance and be free, and wonders if Arthur is Grace's male. Grace insists that he isn't and they're heading to Claireville. Carolina says that they were prisoners there and the guards tortured them, but they escaped and burned the place down. When Grace mentions Karma's name, Carolina recognizes it and says that Karma has been with them since the beginning. Grace tells Carolina to take her to Karma.

Cliff asks for a beer, but Matt claims that they're all out. Arthur wants to get out but Matt figures that they're living the dream. An Amazon comes in to take Arthur to the milking machine, and Arthur gives Matt a hug... and shoves him into the Amazon. He runs out but the Amazons easily recapture him.

Julian meets with the network execs Garrett and Stacey and listens to their notes. They figure that the drivers aren't cool and should have sunglasses and cigarettes. Julian insists that his Strategic Dismemberment Counts are 38% above target, but the survival rates are too high and there are too many typos in Julian's report. When they complain about his use of the Oxford comma, Julian throws a knife into the male exec, Garrett. Old Man Heart finally interrupts to say that the bottom line is that Julian has lost control. Blood Drive is going world-wide and airing worldwide... without Julian. Julian insists that his work needs a strong voice and refuses to compromise his vision. Old Man Heart says that they don't need Julian, and says that he wants him to die.

Carolina tells Grace that Karma lead the revolt and made them all brave. She takes Grace to a shrine dedicated to Karma and explains that she fell in the revolt, surrounded by her sisters. Grace insists that she's Karma's sister ad she should have been there, and tells Carolina that she needs to be with Karma alone. Carolina tells the Amazon worshippers to leave, and then asks Grace why the two sisters parted ways. Grace says that it's complicated, and explains that a man was responsible. Carolina tells her that men took Karma away from both of them, and Grace tells her to go.

Outside, Carolina goes to where Arthur is on the ground. He says that what she's doing is immoral, and Carolina insists that the Seedmakers are beasts and that's all that they need. She orders the guards to kill Arthur and then Cliff. Cliff watches from his cell, and Matt tells him that Domi won't save Cliff. Cliff takes off his wedding ring and taps on the metal bars in Morse code. Domi hears the tapping, and Cliff taps that he wants to apologize and work things out. He tells Domi that if he's going to be killed, she should be the one to do it. Domi kills the women with her and says that it's time to see herself out.

Chris returns to the lab and tells Aki that relationships are work. He asks if she installed oms software to see what he's seeing as well as a puke cannon. Aki takes his hand and says that she couldn't trust him otherwise. The door seals shut, and Aki says that one of her jobs is to control Heart assesses. She tells Chris that she has no emotional directives. The sexbot says that Chris has only been manipulating himself if he thought he was manipulating her emotions, and insists that she feels nothing. Chris figures that they should keep it carnal and she's just a sex object.

Grace looks at Karma's lockets and realizes that she was too late and all the o=people she killed didn't matter.

The Amazons hook Arthur's arms and legs up to their motorbikes and prepare to draw-and-quarter him. Grace hears him screaming, picks up Carolina's spear, and goes to investigate.

Cliff sits in his cell and Matt suggests that they sneak into the seeding room and milk themselves. Domi breaks in with the keys and greets Cliff.

Carolina tells Arthur that there's no Grace and no mercy. Arthur insists that he's trying to help Grace, and prepares to kill him. Grace comes out and holds an Amazon hostage, and Carolina says that the only way to be free is to watch Arthur die. Before Grace can respond, Domi fights her way through the Amazons. Carolina tells her sisters to defend Major. Arthur asks Grace to free him, but she says that she's got it and attacks Carolina. Carolina insists that the Seedmasters have brainwashed Grace, and Grace says that she's done fighting. The Amazon leader hits her with her taser spear, and Grace tells Carolina that she blames the world for her mistakes. Grace says that they both failed Karma, and what Carolina has been through doesn't justify hurting people. She says that Arthur taught her that, and Carolina tasers her again and then kicks her.

Arthur manages to pull his arms down to grab Grace's discarded spike. Meanwhile, Grace laughs and Carolina figures that she wants to be punished for her guilt. He uses it to cut himself free, and Carolina says that she did the same thing to Grace that they did to themselves. She walks away, and Arthur runs over to the unconscious Grace.

Cliff and a bloody Domi drive away and Cliff tells his wife that solving problems together is when they're at their best. Domi says that they have a little project that they can share, and Cliff takes out a cleaver and starts chopping on the tied-up Matt in the back.

Arthur drives the Camaro down the road, and Grace stares off into space. He finally offers his condolences about Karma, and admits that he doesn't know w to bring Heart down without her. Arthur figures that they need to work together for Karma and all the rest. Grace just stares off into space.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2017

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