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Muya Recap

Waruu stands out on his porch, holding Koen's nulla nulla. He then goes back inside to his half-brother's corpse, kicks it to make sure that Koen is still dead... and Koen knocks Waruu to the floor, grabs the nulla nulla, and runs out.

Koen runs down the street and examines his throat wound in a windshield reflection. Once he confirms that it's healed, he moves on.

The next day. Jarli take Charlotte out into the forest. When she can't go in, the Hairy threatens to carry her. Charlotte insists that she can walk.

Jarrod and McIntyre examine the security footage of Jarli's attack and figure that it wasn't a random attack. The CEO tells McIntyre not to involve the police, and that Charlotte can't go to a hospital and tested when recovered. He orders McIntyre to remove the footage from the CA systems, and gently touches Charlotte's image on the monitor.

Jarli takes Charlotte to his cave and gets his clothing. They continue on and Jarli finally stops for a break. While Charlotte sleeps, Jarli brings Darana back and explains that Charlotte said she was carrying a Hairy child. Charlotte wakes up and asks for food and water, saying that she's worried about her baby. Darana says that they'll get her some water, and then warns Jarli that Charlotte has seen too much. He tells Jarli to kill her and walks off.

In his office, Waruu takes out the tin of sap and Jimmy's journal. Marion comes in and asks if there's anything that he'd like to report about Koen. Waruu points out that he didn't kill either of the men, but insists that he will find a way to stop him. Marion notices the tin and casually picks it up, then puts it back and leaves. Once she leaves, Waruu looks at the hair growing on his arm.

Koen returns to the sanctuary and tells Harry that Waruu tried to kill him. Harry explains about the Initiative, and Koen says that they need to stop him. He finds Aunty and confronts her privately about what he discovered of her killing his parents. Koen asks if she set the whole thing up, and a crying Aunty apologizes. She has nothing else to say, and a disgusted Koen walks off. He goes back downstairs and Audie asks him what happened. She says that Aunty is sick but Koen ignores her and leaves, while Audie goes to Aunty.

Once he's alone, Koen calls to Jimmy and demands to know how many more people knew about the accident. There's no response, and Koen says that they all lied to him.

At his home, Jarrod finds the genetic tester showing that the baby is subhuman. He goes to Slade Industries to check with McIntyre, who says that they lost Jarli and Charlotte after they left the city. Jarrod is relived that Charlotte is alive, and McIntyre shows him footage of the mountainous area that Jarli was going to.

Boondee and Araluen wonder what happened to Latani, and hope that she found a way out. He says that he has to go, kisses his wife, and explains that they forced him to take the treatment. Boondee insists that he never would have chosen it, and leaves.

Marion approaches Waruu and shows him the polling results. They've dropped and it's in response to Waruu's appointment and performance. She tells him that he needs to change people's perception of him right away, and tells Waruu to convince her to trust him.

Nerida, Alinta, and Latani flee through the city but the CA finds them. Latani attacks the two officers and then joins Nerida and Alinta, and Nerida tells both girls to run. She draws her gun but the CA quickly subdue her. Tim and Hendricks move in on Latani and Alinta, and one of the men shoots Latani with a tranq dart while Tim subdues Alinta.

Aunty visits Koen and realizes that he's been with Jimmy. Koen says that Jimmy also told him that anyone who gets caught in the blue blast loses their "muya." Aunty realizes that she wont be reunited with her ancestors, and Koen agrees.

Tim and Hendricks load the three refugees into their van, and Tim apologizes to Nerida before closing the door. He then tells Hendricks to let them go, but Hendricks insists that they're animals. Tim admits that Nerida is the woman he told Hendricks about, and Hendricks draws a gun on Tim and orders him to get into the van.

Jarli considers what to do next, then goes back to the cave, ties up Charlotte's hands, and walks away.

Hendricks drives to a street, then tells Tim that he can have just Nerida. Meanwhile, Hendricks will take the girls in for prisoner. If Tim doesn't take the deal, then Hendricks will report him. Tim drags Nerida out despite her objections, puts her into his van, and tells her that they have to go.

Jarrod shows Marion the footage of the attack, and explains that it's been edited into a package for broadcast. Marion points out that it's a terrorist attack and would be a criminal act if he disseminated the footage. In return for keeping the footage unaired, Jarrod demands full clearance for McIntyre. She refuses to work with Jarrod, and he shows her the footage of Koen. As he leaves, Lucia comes in and Marion tells her to give full access to McIntyre... and the source of the footage no matter what it takes. She tells Lucia to start with Waruu.

At home, Waruu is shaving off the hair.

Latani and Alinta sit in their separate cells. Tim comes in and discovers that Alinta was processed alone. She's being interviewed and Tim can't speak with her, and he leaves.

Aunty asks Koen if Jimmy mentioned a way to get her muya back. He thinks that it can't be regained until the person is dead, and Aunty tells Koen to kill her and bring her back. Koen admits that he doesn't know if he can bring her back, and says that he can't heal right anymore. The scar is still on his throat, tinted with black, and Aunty figures that it was Waruu. She figures that she's condemned to live alone for eternity, and assures Koen that things are as they should be. Koen tells her that they have nothing to lose if they give it a try.

Hendricks takes Latani to an underpass and releases her. He tells her that Tim gave her to him, and says that she's the worse kind of Hairy because she sells humans a sob story. Latani says that she isn't afraid of him, and Hendricks tells her that he doesn't plan to touch her. He tells her to run, and she recites her family's names. Hendricks puts a gun to hear and counts, and Latani turns and slams him down. She promises that they will survive and kicks him unconscious.

As Koen and Aunty go to where Mungo died, Koen hears the sound in his head. Aunty hears it as well, and Koen unleashes the blue energy. He sees the muya of Aunty and the two men, steps forward to draw in Aunty's muya. Koen then goes back to her she nods to him, and he strangles her to death. Once she's dead, Koen cradles her body in his arms and breathes the muya into it. Aunty comes back to life and Koen hugs her in relief.

Latani runs into the forest and out onto a cliff.

Darana and his people return and discover that Charlotte is still alive. Jarli says that they have to protect Charlotte's baby, and it is innocent. Darana then tells Charlotte that she will stay there as long is takes and walks away.

Araluen goes to Yani's apartment and Yani says that one day Araluen won't come back from searching for Latani. She says that sometimes they have to learn to live without their loved ones, and Araluen says that she'll die before she lets the CA gets Latani. Yani points out that Latani won't know that she tried, and she has none left. The first day she walked without fear was the day she walked out of the clinic.

That night, Waruu watches video of Koen blasting the men over and over. He gets an idea and calls to tell Jarrod that he has something he's interested in. Marion comes in and Waruu tells her that he knows someone who can help but refuses to say who. Once he leaves, Marion notices a bit of Hairy hair that Waruu shed.

At the lab, Waruu meets with Jarrod and they figure that Jarli is from the same clan as Boondee. Waruu sees Jimmy's nulla nulla and tells Jarrod that it's useless without the Cleverman. Jarrod explains that one drop of Koen's blood activated it and now nothing can damage it. Waruu shows him the sap and says that it can damage the nulla nulla. He explains that it was liquid when he took it, but now it's petrified. Waruu gets a call and tells them not to do anything until he gets there. He ask for the sap but Jarrod reminds him that they're working together and promises to bring it back. Waruu suggests that he turn it into its original form and leaves.

Waruu goes to the CA processing facility and demands to see his daughter. CA officer Farugia tells him that she committed a serious offense, and points out that her information isn't in the system. They only know Alinta is Waruu's daughter because she told them. Waruu tells her to release her to him under house arrest and he'll deal with the charges later, and Farugia takes him to Alinta.

Alinta stares at her father as he hugs her, and says that she doesn't know where Nerida is. She insists that she has to find Latani, and she's not going home with Waruu. Farugia fits her with a security tag and Waruu takes her home.

At the sanctuary, Audie tells Koen that he might be such a prick and whatever he said to Aunty worked.

Waruu and Alinta arrive at Jimmy's house and go inside.

Koen tells Aunty that he hasn't found out anything about Nerida and the girls. She points out that he forgave the unforgiveable, and admits that she loved Koen's father--her husband--too much. Aunty drove at them and pulled Koen's mother from the wreckage when she saw she was in labor. Koen admits that he thought it was his fault that his mother died, and Aunty tells her that it's all on her. Hew says that they're even, and Aunty tells Koen that he has to start looking like a leader.

Waruu takes Alinta to her new room and tells her that if she tries to leave, the tag will alert the CA and they'll come for her. Waruu goes to make dinner, and Alinta looks around the room.

Koen puts on the Cleverman face paint and dons his new clothing, and covers his face.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2017

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