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The Waiting Room Recap

Kevin drives through the mist as best he can, and Bryan moans in pain at his leg wound. They reach the hospital and take Bryan to the doors. A nurse lets them in and the waiting people ask if anyone is coming. They take Bryan to Dr. Bailey and he has Kevin, Mia, and Adrian wait outside. Mia says that if Bryan dies it's because of Kevin. Kevin insists that he didn't shoot Bryan, but Mia says that there's not a difference anymore.

The trio goes to the waiting room to wait. Bailey finally comes in and tells them that Bryan lost a lot of blood but should pull through. Mia goes to see him, and Bailey says that they're running the lights on the emergency generators. He warns that they're running out of food and medicine, and the mist is in the entire east wing. Kevin asks where he would go if his wife and daughter were there.


Eve returns home and discovers that Kevin has finished bringing the boxes in to their new home. He shows her around and leads her to Alex's room filled with balloons. Touched, Eve hugs Kevin and thanks him for everything. Kevin says that he'd do anything for her. Eve tells that she's never been happier. However, she's never been less herself. Eve then says that they should unpack before Alex gets home.


Kevin shows photos of Eve and Alex to the staff, and no one has seen them. Kevin sits on a bed by himself and breaks into tears, His brother is in the next bed and says that Kevin has never stopped crying. When Kevin wonders what happened, Mike shows him the rebar embedded in his stomach. He explains that he was outside when the mist came, and three kids came toward him. They beat him and one of them pushed the rebar into his stomach before he crawled into the hospital. The kids said that they knew Mike and it was for a kid Mike beat up inhigh school. Mike figures that whatever is in the messes with people's heads,. Kevin assures him that he's real, and Mike tells him to prove it. When Kevin says that Mike is a pretentious asshole, Mike realizes that he's real and says that they're dying, or at least he is. According to Bailey, Mike is just waiting for an infection that's going to kill him.

As Mia and Adrian sit with Bryan, Bryan grins and sits up. He takes Mia's hand and Adrian, seeing, quickly leaves. Bryan strokes Mia's hair, and she pulls away and says that she's not ready for him to be nice to her. She tells him to get some rest.

In the hallway, Adrian sees one of the football players, Tyler Denton, and they nod to each other. Adrian continues on and finds Kevin, who explains that his brother is there and he's bad. The teenager wonders what to do, and Kevin says that they should stay there for now. Adrian points out that Alex told him that they weren't close, and Mike admits that they weren't but they used to be.


As Eve puts her books away, Kevin asks her what she meant when she said that she didn't feel like herself. They talk about how she dated bad guys before she met Kevin, and she isn't that girl because she met Kevin. If she hadn't then she'd still be going from guy to guy and no one thought she had anything to offer except Kevin.


Kevin brings Mike some water, and Mike moans in pain when he sips it. He tells Kevin that Bailey gave him the last of the meds and there's nothing left for him but pain. Kevin explains that Eve and Alex are at the mall, and Mike hope that Alex will be okay. He sees the gun in Kevin's belt and points it out, and asks if he shot anybody. When Kevin says that he doesn't want to shoot anyone, Mike figures that he won't make it and tells him that he should practice. Sobbing, Mike says that he's in pain and begs Kevin to kill him.

Kevin refuses, and asks him if he remembers the man in the woods who wanted to be blood brothers. The man took his knife and cut his own arm, saying it was just blood. Mike grabbed Kevin and they ran away. Kevin insists that there's always a way, and Mike tells him that he can't save everyone even though he tried.


Kevin watches Eve set up the dock outside the house, and Mike arrives. A minute later, Eve hears Kevin and Mike laughing and goes inside. They're drinking beer and Mike says that he should head home. He says that he didn't see Eve settling down and leaves. Later, Kevin and Eve make love in their new bedroom and she tells him to go harder. Afterward, Kevin wonders what brought that on. Eve says that she was just in the mood.


Kevin asks Bailey for his help with Mike. Bailey says that the OR is in the east wing and they can't reach there. The rebar is in Mike's liver and the only thing keeping him from bleeding to death is the pressure the rebar is exerting on the blood vessel. Kevin sys that he'll go to the ER but Bailey points out that he can't take Mike with him. After a moment, Kevin asks if Bailey could talk him through it. Bailey warns that without a sonogram, there's no way to anticipate all of the variables. However, he admits that Kevin will die from infection and Kevin says that he has to try.

Mia goes to the abandoned gift shop, picks up a teddy bear for Bryan, and sets down some money on the counter. She goes back to the nurse's station and Nurse Nelson tells her where they moved Bryan. When Mia goes in, she finds a different man there that she doesn't recognize. He says that he's Bryan Hunt.

Adrian watches Tyler go into the restroom and follows him in. He asks what Tyler is doing there, and Tyler calls Adrian a faggot. He then says that his mother had a panic attack and he brought her there, and goes to wash up. Adrian stares at him and then comes over and kisses him. After a moment, Tyler punches him in the face and then beats him. Adrian crawls to his feet and kisses Tyler again. This time Tyler kisses him back.

The new Bryan hunt says that some guy attacked him up at Arrowhead. She says that she's helping out the nurses and came to see if he wanted anything. Mia pours him some water and asks if he knows who attacked him. Bryan says that Jonah Dixon attacked him, and describes the Bryan that Mia knows. He refuses to say why Jonah attacked him, and Mia leaves.

Adrian is trying to get food out of the vending machine when Kevin gives him the truck keys and tells him to go to the mall if he doesn't come back.


Eve lies in bed next to Kevin. He asks what was going on down in the kitchen, and Eve tells him that it's nothing to worry about. She breaks into tears, and then says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Kevin insists that he wants to hear about it, and Eve tells him that Mike call her the town slut when Kevin isn't there. When Kevin says that he's going to beat Mike and that it's his job to protect Eve, Eve tells him that she was weak but she's not anymore. She insists that she needs him but she doesn't need him to save her.


Kevin prepares to move Mike and says that he's taking him to the hospital's east wing.

Mia finds Adrian sitting by himself and asks how he got beaten up. He says that he had sex, and asks her about the teddy bear she's holding. Mia says that doesn't like hospitals and talks about how she was an only child. Her mother spent a lot of time in the psych ward there because she was bipolar, and Mia tells Adrian not to get attached to anyone. She hands him the teddy bear and goes out to the truck and drives away.

Jonah wakes up alone in a hospital bed. He limps out and finds Nelson at the nurse's station, crying. He asks about Mia, and Nelson says that she went down to her other friend. Jonah goes there and finds Bryan sleeping. He sees Bryan's name on a medical report, and Bryan looks at him.

Kevin wheels Mike to the door to the east wing and tells Bailey to keep the walkie talkie close to him. He then wheels his brother into the mist filling the wing/ They get to the ER and Mike says that he can't feel his face as blood leaks from his fingernails. Once they're inside, Kevin has Bailey walk him through the operation. Mike says that they were all in love with Eve, and talks about what a strange creature she was. Then Kevin came along and reached her, and Mike hated Kevin for that.

Mike tells Kevin to do it, and Kevin follows Bailey's instructions. Once the area is numb, Kevin cuts with the scalpel and uses the retractor to pull it out. Kevin has Mike hold on to the retractor while he pulls out the rebar. Bailey talks Kevin through applying the clotting sponges and the bleeding finally stops. He then uses staples to close the incision while Mike gasps in pain, and Bailey tells him to come back with Mike.


That night, Eve joins Kevin on the couch. He asks whose Alex's biological father is, and makes eve promise not to tell Alex that it isn't her. Eve agrees, and Alex comes in with Benedict. They take their daughter in and Kevin tells Eve that he's not going to see Mike again. Eve thanks him and Kevin says that he'd do anything for him.


Kevin wheels Mike back through the mist and Mike starts coughing up blood. as they go down the hallway, Kevin trips and Mike falls off the gurney. Leeches rain down from the ceiling and some crawl into Mike's incision. Kevin tries to pull his brother away, and Mike tells him to go so that he doesn't die as well and gets back to Eve. As Mike dies, Kevin draws the gun, apologizes, ad kills Mike. He then runs back to the others, closing the door behind him.


Kevin assures eve that he would do anything for her.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 21, 2017