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Everybody Knows Recap

Wynonna and Dolls break into Tucker's home and yell for him to come out. They hear a woman calling, and go into the next room where Mercedes and Beth are locked up. They say that Tyler waited until they were asleep and then locked them up, and Wynonna tells them that Tyler abducted a woman and broke into Waverly's room. A clearly suspicious Wynonna asks them about the Widows, and Dolls says that they'll be watching the house. Once they leave, Mercedes and Beth glance at each other.

As Wynonna and Dolls leave, Wynonna says that Mercedes wasn't acting normally. Dolls warns that he doesn't have enough resources to cover the place 24/7, and Wynonna wavers due to her pregnancy.

Inside, Mercedes and Xxx figure that Wynonna is on to them. They complain that Tucker killed one of the two people who knew where the third Seal was, and throw Constance's head into the fire. The Widows prepare to work fast before Wynonna catches onto them, and they watch as Constance's head moves.

A young messenger boy wakes up an older man, Reeves, and says that he's done it. Reeves is surprised, but says that it's worth the risk. He tells the messenger boy that it's been a long time but it's worth it, and Doc will hang for his crimes.

At the homestead, Jeremy tells Waverly that the Widows are unclassified entities that were released when Doc se off the dynamite at the BBD place. They were sealed in a shipping container for over a century, and didn't know about their paralyzing venom. Wynonna is eating ice cream, and Waverly tells her sister that she's translated some of the wording on the seal fragments "Let Thee Rise." She wonders how the Widows recruited Tucker, and Wynonna figures that Madison and Beth had something to do with it.

Dolls and Doc bring in an OBGYN to check out Wynonna's condition. She checks Wynonna out and complains that Doc and Dolls all but abducted her. Wynonna assures her that they're just over-protective, and admits that she's been drinking. She wants to use genetic testing to find out who the father is, and the OBGYN says that she'll need blood from Wynonna and the possible father. The OBGYN goes, tells Doc to smoke outside, and Dolls takes her back and takes Jeremy with her to stake out the Gardiner house.

Waverly tells Doc that the baby will be strong, and he should go outside to smoke and shoot things. The messenger boy approaches him and asks if he's really Doc, and then disappears and reappears on Doc's other side. Doc wonders how he's on the homestead if he's a demon.

Waverly tells Wynonna that Doc figures that he's the father. Wynonna explains that Xxx needs blood samples, and admits that she's terrified. She admits that Doc might not be the father, and Waverly wonders who is.

The messenger boy says that he's just a messenger, and says that a warrant was filed against doc in Colorado in 1882. He teleports behind, Doc, jams a gun into Doc's shoulder, teleports away again, and says that Doc has been marked for fire and execution. He walks away, saying that "he" is coming for Doc.

When Wynonna tells her that Doc will freak out when he learns that he isn't the father. Wynonna doesn't see the problem, and figures that they can be grownups. Waverly doesn't believe it, and says that she'll be there when Wynonna talks to Doc. Doc comes in and Waverly quickly leaves. Wynonna tells Doc that they need to talk, and thanks him for his note. Doc asks her if she's doing all right, and tells her that he'll be involved if she wants him to be. Doc insists that he just wants her to be happy, and will give anything to ensure that. Wynonna tells him that he's an asshole, and tells him that Xxx wants them to do blood tests. Doc gently puts his hand on Wynonna's stomach and then leaves.

Waverly is waiting outside, and Doc refuses to talk to her as he gets in his car. As he drives off, Waverly calls Nicole and says that she needs a favor.

Beth is sweeping her porch and waves to Dolls and Jeremy watching the house. Jeremy points out that the ban on co-worker hook-ups is over, and assures Dolls that he's not talking about them. He makes it clear that he's talking about Doc and Wynonna, and rambles about being the many. Dolls tells him to shut up, and figures that there must be an easy way to get the Gardiner sisters to reveal themselves. Jeremy shows that he found a piece of cloth that fell off of one of the widow's dresses when Wynonna shut them. Dolls sees it and tells Jeremy o run an analysis of them in the hopes that they can find out something.

Wynonna prepares to leave and finds Nicole waiting outside. She realizes that Nicole sent her to "mommysit," and she'd rather piss off Wynonna or Nicole. Wynonna tells her to come along because she has some drinking to do, and she's going to a different bar than Shorty's.

At Shorty's, Waverly finds Doc loading his guns. She hopes that he doesn't plan to shoot any man who has looked t Waverly, and Doc tells her that he has other things to do. Waverly says that he's part of the family even if the baby isn't his, and realizes that Wynonna didn't tell him. He simply says that Wynonna could be better off without him and walks out.

Wynonna takes Nicole to a strip bar, Pussy Willows, and one of the bartenders calls Wynonna Aphrodite. She tells Nicole that she came there when she got so drunk even Shorty's wouldn't sell her. She glances over at a young drunk bartender, Nicole realizes that they're to tell him that he's the father, and Wynonna says that she's going to buy him the drink and then Nicole will steal his sleeve and they'll run a genetic test on his saliva. The bartender, Jonas, grabs a troublemaker and his eyes turn black. Wynonna realizes that she had sex with a revenant.

Nicole drinks Wynonna's drink and tells her to breathe, and Wynonna explains that after she killed the last of the Seven, she dealt with it by binging. She just wanted to be touched and feel something, and Jonas was nice. Waverly calls Nicole and wants to know where Wynonna is. She hears the bar music in the background and figures that she's at a strip joint, and demands to know which one. Wynonna throws the phone in a beer pitcher, and tells her that the next time she shouldn't tell Waverly that they're in a strip joint. Nicole says that she'll drag Wynonna out of her current situation. Jonas comes over and Wynonna says that it's been 28 weeks.

At the office, Dolls finds Doc preparing guns. Dolls congratulates him about Wynonna, and hopes that they'll be adults about how he was with her. Jeremy comes in and tells them that she found traces of a powerful toxin on the cloth. Doc isn't interested in helping them, and Dolls says that he isn't taking their weapons. Doc reluctantly agrees to help if they let him take the guns.

A drunken Nicole starts rambling, and drinks with Wynonna and Jonas. Jonas figures that Wynonna is there to kill him.

Jeremy explains that he can develop to a vaccine to the toxin, making them immune to the widows. He talks Dolls and Doc through helping him capture the toxin. Dolls realizes that he's accessing a binding spell in the BB archives, and his interruption means that he released the spell instead of binding it. Doc walks away and can't, and dolls realizes that the binding spell bound them all together.

Wynonna complains that Jonas didn't tell her what he was before they had sex, and assures him that she just came there to have a drink. He says that he has a lot of friends there and will surround Wynonna before she can get off a shot. Jonas explains that he wants to gloat and then wants a second date out back. Wynonna is less than thrilled, and realizes that she's pregnant. Nicole finally finds her gun, and Wynonna elbows Jonas in the face while Nicole shoots out the bar sign.

As the three men go to the computer, forced to stay a few feet together, Reeves throws a rope around Doc's neck and rags him up. Jeremy goes up into the air again, and Reeves tells them that they can go while he deals with Doc. Dolls points out that they can't as he supports Jeremy. Jeremy falls and throws a gun through Reeves, and they realize that he's a phantom. Reeves says that Doc is the one who disappeared on him. Doc is unable to touch him, but Dolls can even though he doesn't know how.

Wynonna and Nicole head for Nicole's car, and she tells Wynonna to drive. Nicole figures that Jonas will come for the Earp hybrid that Wynonna is carrying, just as Jonas comes out and says that they've started a new race.Wynonna draws Peacemaker and Jonas takes fire just as Waverly pulls up and slams her car door into him. She complains that she had to check out several other strip clubs before finding them, and Nicole explains that Jonas might be the father. Wynonna says that they'll take him for a ride.

Reeves flees and Doc tries to recall why someone in Colorado 1882 would want him. He figures that it was the wrong woman on the right night--twice--and Dolls says that he's the most selfish man he knows. Doc says that he was going to face his demons on his own, but Dolls says that Wynonna and the baby need Doc and he's going to be a father. While Doc says that it's possible that he's not, Jeremy determines from the texts that the spell should wear off after one day... or a year. Reeves returns and Doc holsters his gun. Jeremy runs outside and Doc and Dolls are forced to go with him. A dozen ghost gunfighters appear, guns aimed, and the three men have no choice but to surrender. Reeves tells Doc that his personal things will be given to his next kin, and figures that it's a waste since Doc served with Wyatt.

The three women lock Jonas in the trunk and drive off into the woods. Wynonna points out that if they let Jonas know then all of the revenants will know she's pregnant, and doesn't know what to do... but figures that Jonas might.

The ghosts lead the three men off, since Jeremy and Dolls are forced to go with Doc. Doc tells Reeves to let Dolls and Jeremy go, but Reeves says that they made them accomplices and they'll die as well. He reads the sentence for fornicating with Justice Stanley Parker. Dolls says that Doc is a pain in the ass, but also one of the most solid and loyal men he's ever met. He insists that doc has redeemed himself and is proud to call him a brother. Dolls slaps Doc on the shoulder on the brand mark, and realize that the brand patterns forms a five-sided star: a U.S. Marshals' badge. He realizes that Reeves is the legendary Bass Reeves, and says that he's a Marshal as well. Dolls takes out his ID and explains that Doc is his deputy. Reeves realizes that Dolls outranks him, and Dolls relieves them of their duties. The ghost marshal hands over the warrant, and Dolls tears it up and says that he's pardoned. The marshals give them back their weapons and go off to get some rest, and Doc asks if dolls meant what he said. Dolls says that he was just buying time and smirks.

Wynonna and Jonas talk, and Jonas says that revenants and an Heir have had a baby before all. She agrees to release him as long as he doesn't tell anyone, and Jonas says that he remembers the night that she came into the bar. Wynonna performed lap dances for all of them there, but Jonas was the only one who knew. He describes how she came onto him after he flashed her a smile, and a disgusted Waverly tells him to shut up. Jonas tells her that Wynonna beat herself by letting one of them inside of her. Wynonna tells him that he's a boring cliché, and says that she'll raise their child to be everything that Jonas isn't: an Earp. With that, she sends Jonas back to Hell. Waverly comes over and hugs her sister…z and wonders what the baby is. All Wynonna will say is that it's theirs.

Back at the office, Jeremy sleeps and Doc takes off the body armor that dolls gave him. Dolls figures that it would have absorbed the marshals' old .45s, and he could touch the ghosts because their marshals. He gets two beers and tells doc that he's the baby's father because they need a father. Doc tells him that he was in the well a long time, and there's someone he needs to visit. Dolls figures that the spell has already worn off, and Doc and Dolls share a beer.

Back at the homestead, Wynonna says that she's not going to do the genetic test. Waverly admits that she talked to Doc, and Wynonna admits that she chickened out about telling him. She insists that all that matters is that the baby is an Earp. Waverly breaks into tears and points out that she doesn't think that she's Wynonna's sister or even an Earp at all.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 22, 2017