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Waiting for the Man Recap

A man goes up his bedroom and tells the three women in the bed that it's his wedding night. They smile as he admires them.

A girl, Vesta Whitney, is walking through the darkness and comes to a carousel in an abandoned park. An old homeless man appears and tells her that she's going to die, but three young women dressed in white arrive and order the old man off. They then go to Vesta and asks if she's all right, and assures her that there's nothing to be scared of. The women ask if she's lonely, and Vesta says that she snuck out after she argued with her mother. They say that The Man lets them do whatever they want, and they're all married to him. When Vesta says that she stole her mother's wedding ring, they show her the rings of bruises on their necks and ask Vesta if she wants to marry the Man. Vesta agrees and they lead her off.

The Man is watching from his truck and smiles in approval. A security guard comes over and The Man says that his battery is dead. The guard agrees to help him and goes back to get his jumper cables, and The Man walks up with his own set of jumper cables and strangles him to death.

Corrigan later calls Constantine and Zed in to see photos of the victim, Detective Clement Dupree. Dupree was mummified, and before his death he was working on a case involving three missing girl, and had a theory that they were tied during the nights of the blood moon. The last blood moon is that night, and Zed notices a brand on Dupreee's body. Constantine says that he has to go see the body.

The Man walks around his victim's home and says that the man has a nice place. He gets a blowtorch and some branding irons and tells the sobbing guard not to make so much noise as he heats up the brands.

As Constantine breaks into the vault holding Dupree's body, Corrigan flirts with Zed. As he touches her hand, she gets another vision of him covered in a glowing green shroud. He helps Constantine remove Dupree's body, and Constantine uses holy water to reveal that Dupree was branded with "the Devil's branding irons." Constantine warns Corrigan that the girls were taken by a Satanist, and the killer will sacrifice them during the blood moon. As Corrigan takes a call, Constantine asks Zed if he's okay. The corpse suddenly comes to life and says that he's Gary's spirit, in the corpse, and warns Constantine that there's a price on his head.

At his warehouse, Papa Midnite has a man named Dwayne brought to him after he accidentally kills his wife. He tells Dwayne about the bounty on Constantine and says that he needs his help. Dwayne eagerly agrees and Midnite's men string him up and the voodoo priest stabs him in the chest.

Vesta wakes up in a room as the sun comes up

Corrigan takes Constantine and Zed to Vesta's mother Anna Kate. She reported Vesta missing and figures that she went to find her father, Anna Kate's ex-husband.

Vesta explores the house and finds Satanic symbols drawn on the well and the smell of rotting flesh. The three wives come up and ask for her name, and then take her with them.

Zed examines Vesta's objects and tries to get a vision without success. She finally asks what he's going to do about Gary's warning, and Constantine figures that none of them can escape their fate. He realizes that something is wrong, and Zed admits that she saw Corrigan dead. Corrigan comes in and asks if they've had any luck, while Zed checks on Anna Kate. Manny appears in Anna Kate's body and says that on some level she asked for him to come. Zed explains about her vision of Corrigan and wonders if she should warn him that he's going to die. The angel says that they have rules but she doesn’t, and that's her gift.

Constantine finds Vesta's hairbrush and toothbrush, and then performs a ritual using a lamp. He sticks his finger onto the contacts and gets a vision of where Vesta was through her eyes. He snaps out of it and tells Zed that he was desperate and pierced the veil by inducing a cardiac attack, and he knows where Vesta was taken from.

The Man's wives prepare a wedding dress for Vesta, who notices bloodstains on it. She worries about her mother, but the wives tell her that she doesn't have to worry about anyone once she's married to The Man. As Vesta mentions the smell, the wives draw back momentarily. They then assure Vesta that she won't notice it once she's married.

At the warehouse, Dwayne breaks free, his eyes white with the possession of the loa. Midnite stops him with a gesture and tells him that the loa have given him another life for the life he took. He then blows dust in Dwayne's face and tells him to reduce Constantine to dust, and Dwayne leaves.

Constantine, Zed, and Corrigan drive to the abandoned amusement park and in Constantine's vision. They find the security guard's car and as Constantine goes on ahead, Corrigan tells Zed that she can talk to him about anything. He wonders why she can barely look at him and takes her hand, and Zed sees the green shroud again.

Up ahead, Constantine hears something moving in a funhouse and goes inside. Dwayne attacks him and throws him to the floor. Midnite speaks through Dwayne's mouth, saying that killing him brings him no joy. Constantine fights back and slams Constantine into the wall, but Corrigan arrives and shoots Dwayne in the back. The zombie drops and Constantine tells Corrigan that it was Midnite and they need to find Vesta quickly. He tells Zed to push past her distractions and get a vision, and she concentrates. Zed gets a vision of The Man's house and sees blood everywhere. She finally sees the guard sitting in a room, who sees her and writes an address in the dust. The Man shoves a branding iron into him, and the vision ends. Zed writes down what she saw and they realize where they can find Vesta.

Midnite recovers from the shock of Dwayne dying why he was linked to him, and blows dust on a crow. He then frees the bird and it flies off to find Constantine.

As they drive to the address, Corrigan asks if Zed's visions have ever failed. She admits that they haven't and Corrigan nods.

The wives take Vesta down for her marriage to The Man.

The trio pulls up at the address and Constantine notices a crow sitting nearby on a fencepost. He ignores it and they go to the front door, and Corrigan discovers that it's unlocked. There's fresh blood on the rug, and they hear something moving upstairs. Going up, they find the security guard strung up dead in the attic. Constantine says that he deserved to be found, and Corrigan says that there's a traffic cam monitoring the only way in and out of the area. Looking out the window, Constantine sees the crow and tells Zed and Corrigan that there's bounty hunter trouble coming and they have to leave him. As they go, Constantine tells Corrigan to keep Zed safe.

The Man returns home and finds Vesta and his wives waiting for him. He assures her that she's the prettiest girl he has and he feels like crying, and asks if she will marry him and stay forever. Vesta says that she will, and The Man leads her off. As she looks behind her, Vesta realizes that the wives are gone.

Midnite pulls up to guard's house, holding a rifle, and goes inside. Constantine comes up behind him and Midnite shoots him down. Constantine says that Midnite has given up his honor, and tells him that he's the only chance to find the missing Vesta. He wonders if Midnite can bear the stain on his soul, and Midnite says that if he kills Constantine then the Brujeria will free his sister's soul. He figures that no one can deny them and shoots Constantine in the head... and realizes that it's the guard's corpse. Constantine jumps down and knocks him down, and explains that he combined a glamour spell with a reanimation ritual. Midnite says that Constantine had better kill him, but Constantine knocks him out.

Constantine calls Zed and she says that Corrigan got a hit on a man who killed his wife six years ago on their wedding night. He claimed that Satan told him to do it because she wasn't a virgin bride, and Zed texts the address to Constantine.

The Man takes Vesta to his Satanic altar and tells her to kneel down. She refuses at first, but The Man orders her to come over and she finally does. As he starts to put a ring around her neck, she panics and runs, knocking a kerosene lamp over. Vesta runs out and yells for help.

Constantine pulls up to the address and, carrying Midnite's rifle, goes inside. He makes his way upstairs and finds the corpses of the three wives, long dead and lying in a bed together.

The Man chases Vesta to the park and walks past where she's hiding.

Constantine goes downstairs and searches the house, and Corrigan and Zed arrive. They confirm that the house is clear and start searching the grounds.

Vesta leaves her hiding place and tries to run, but The Man grabs her and says that she's his forever. As he drags her back to the house, Constantine sees him and orders The Man to let Vesta go. He runs off, and Zed hits him with a shovel and keeps hitting him until Corrigan stops him. As Zed leaves Vesta off, Corrigan handcuffs The Man, Constantine asks what would happen if The Man tried to run away. Corrigan says that he's a man, not a demon or a ghost, but Constantine asks if he's sure. After a moment, Corrigan removes the handcuffs from The Man, takes out his gun, and tells him to run. The Man runs into the forest.

As Zed leads Vesta away, they hear gunshots.

Later, Constantine performs a ritual freeing the girls' spirits.

Anna Kate, crying, holds her sleeping daughter.

The police enter the guard's home and find Midnite lying on the floor.

At a bar, Corrigan drinks and Zed asks if he believes in fate. He figures that what's meant to will be, and Zed finally tells him that she saw him dead. She figures that he deserves to know and it's her responsibility to tell him. Zed warns that she doesn't know when or where it will happen, or if they can change it. Corrigan says that he's going to make every moment count and kisses her. Constantine comes in and Zed looks over and sees him. He nods to her and then walks outside, lighting a cigarette.

Constantine walks to an underpass to urinate, and hears Manny appear behind him. He says that he's been around, and Constantine realizes that Manny was with Zed earlier. The angel knows about Corrigan and figures that Constantine is jealous. Constantine says that he hopes Zed is strong enough to deal with what happens to Corrigan. Manny figures that there's more, and Constantine says that they've seen what happens when the Darkness meets the evil in humanity. The angel insists that what they're doing is winning, and Constantine agrees. However, he admits that he's worried about how he'll spend his days after he's driven all the demons away. With that, he walks off into the night.

The police officers transporting Midnite pull over and then freeze. The car door opens and Midnite gets out, demanding to know who is there. Manny appears and says that he's Midnite's savior, and frees him from his handcuffs with a gesture. Midnite wonders what the catch is, and Manny tells him that he's canceling the contract on Constantine. He says that the Brujeria work for him and flies off.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2015

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