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The Blood Tax Recap

In New York, Raul wakes up and watches TV with his flatmates. Megyn Jones comes on the TV and talks about the Partnership. Raul goes to a Freedom Center and works at his new job producing food, then makes a blood donation while watching Desai's promotional video about the future of humanity making blood donations to the strigoi.

That night, Raul heads home and his cousin Gus grabs him and jokingly reminds him that he told him to watch his back. Gus says that he needs his help getting into the building when no one is around, and says that he's "reallocating" rather than stealing. Raul worries that he'll get caught, and Gus assures him that nothing will happen to him... and they have to take care of each other.

At a Partnership medical facility, Dutch is undergoing an ultrasound. Afterward, the OBGYN says that she's healthy and asks if she's eating enough and getting enough rest. The OBGYN says that perhaps the next cycle will be enough and they'll do their very best. Dutch goes back to the ward where the B-positive pregnant women are gathered, and Nurse Greenwood notices her. Desai is up above watching from his office, and a woman comes over to Dutch--using the name Miranda--and tells her that sometimes it just takes a while.

Three Months Earlier

Dutch and Abraham meet with Gus, who is now working with Creem. Abraham remembers Creem, and Gus says that they either allied or their gangs would kill each other. Abraham points out that he still has the Lumen while Creem lost his 4323 million, and insists that the Lumen is still of vital importance. Gus gives Abraham some pills, and Abraham tells him that when the time comes, they'll need experienced fights like Gus. The gang leader says that he's already had enough experience.

As they leave, Abraham says that Gus is capable of so much more, but Dutch notes that they can't force someone to fight if their heart isn't in it. They return to their building and realize that the strigoi are warning it. Abraham insists that they can't let the Lumen burn, and begs Dutch to get it. she finally agrees and tells Abraham to stay out of sight.

Dutch goes up the fire escape into a strigoi confronts her. She kills it and goes into the apartment, but it's filled with flames. She gets the Lumen from its hiding place and gets out, and another strigoi comes after her. Dutch runs to the roof and leaps to the adjoining building, and the strigoi comes after her. She turns and cuts off its head when it gets too close, and hides the Lumen in an AC unit. When Dutch continues down, the strigoi surround and capture her. The strigoi put Dutch on a bus with the other prisoners, including Abraham.

Sitting with Abraham, Dutch listens as Abraham says that everything they gained could just as easily be lost. She says that the book is safe and they'll go back and get it, and Abraham tells her that he means humanity. They're taken to a Freedom Center and the strigoi lead the prisoners off the bus. As the guards beat the prisoners and feelers sniff at some women, Abraham says that he's seen it before. When the guards take one woman away, Abraham goes forward and the guards easily subdue him. A feeler sniffs at Dutch and then howls, and the soldiers take her away.


A woman, Sherry, offers Dutch some pineapple. She refuses and watches out the window as workers unload blood supplies into the building next door. Sherry comes over and Dutch asks if she wants to get out with her, and Sherry declines. She says that after six tries, she's pregnant and safe. Sherry insists that at least in the facility she can pretend that she's normal, but Dutch says that she can't pretend.

In Philadelphia, Eph tends to Alex's brother, who insists that his wound doesn't hurt at all. Alex asks Eph if there's anything else he can do, and he says that without antibiotics all they can do is wait and save. Eph asks about the fertilizer bombs that Alex has stored, and she says that they plan to take out multiple buses and multiple strigoi. He points out that she'll kill humans as well, and warns that she's pushing her luck. Alex doesn't see an alternative, and points out that too many people sat back and hoped for the best but it didn't come. Eph agrees with her.

As Gus and his men arrive at the factory, Raul greets them and he points out the door that's the way in. He points out the strigoi sentinel, and Gus goes up on the roof to take care of him. It hears him and turns, but Gus hides and then ambushes it. Once he kills it, he tosses it down to the street below and they go in using Raul's key card. Raul leads Gus to the fruit supplies and explains that the Partnership grows it in hothouses. A guard, Eddie, comes by and Raul recognizes him as a friend. He tells the others not to shoot, and says that he and Eddie are cool. When Eddie says that he's got to report it, Gus tells him that there are a lot of things that they can offer him in return for his silence. Creem shoots Eddie, who runs off and disappears into the shelves.

Creem and Gus go after Eddie, and the alarms go off. They spot Eddie and shoot,, but he makes good his escape. The gangers head for the exit, and Raul tells Gus that they have to find Eddie before he reports him. Gus tells his cousin that he's coming with them.

Gus takes Raul to the place where they live and tells him to make himself comfortable. As Raul goes the bathroom, Creem complains that there wasn't as much food as they thought and Raul should have known. Gus insists that Raul had no reason to, and he should have done the recon. Creem says that Raul can stay there that night but then he's gone. Gus points out that Raul doesn't have a job anymore because of them, and insists that Raul is family and stays.

The next day, a guard Jeremy delivers food to the medical facility. Dutch approaches him and asks if he's ready for the escape the next day. Jeremy tells her that he wants to help her, and Dutch assures him that they'll never suspect him. he refuses, and Dutch says that he knew he'd turn on her after she slept with him. if Jeremy doesn't go through with the escape then she'll tell everyone what they did in the medical storage room.

One woman, Marta, complains that one of the women, Krystal, has disappeared after her fifth insemination and all of her things have disappeared as well. Marta reminds the women that they're there because the strigoi like the taste of B-positive and breed for it. If they can't breed, then they're no good to them. Dutch whispers to her not to talk about it, and nurses come in and tell Marta to calm down. Marta tells her to stop lying to them and shoves her away. Desai taps on the window, and the guards come in. Dutch whispers to Marta that they don't want to go where they took Krystal, so Marta shouldn't make scenes.

Sanjay complains to Greenwood that if she can't handle the disturbances then he'll have to. Dutch tells him that everything is fine and everyone agrees... even Marta. Disgusted, Sanjay tells Greenwood that one of her patients has done her job for her, and takes Dutch to his office. Once they're alone, Desai says that he can see Dutch is frustrated. That she's being used as a baby vessel. He talks about how he is grateful to the people who saw his potential, and wants Dutch to work as his liaison between himself and the ward. Dutch says that she knows all about the special facility that the infertile women are taken to, and asks what will happen to the babies. Desai insists that they're of unbelievable value to the Partnership. He then says that it's time to cut the bullshit and the people that resist are delusional and selfish. Desai asks Dutch if she's going to help him, and she refuses. Chuckling, Desai says that he hopes she ends up on the right side of things, and warns that the delusional people don't thrive in the new world.


Eph tells the brother that he's out of the danger zone, and Alex thanks him for his help. He asks for the food and supplies that Alex promised, and she leads him to their storeroom. She asks if supplies are the only reason Eph came with them. Before he can answer, one of the resistance fighters--Roach--arrives and says that he and his partner Wilkins got attacked by the strigoi after the bomb went off. They just drained Wilkins, and Eph says that once they've turned him, they'll have access to all of his memories... and know where the fighters are. He tells them that they have to leave, and Alex gets everyone moving. Eph says that he has a place they can go and Alex agrees. When Roach says that they need to take the bombs, Eph tells him that there isn't enough time and he'll handle the strigoi.

As the fighters get out the back, the turned Wilkins and the strigoi break in... and find a bomb set to blow up. Eph hits the remote and they explode. He then goes back and shoots two burning strigoi as they stumble out. Alex stares at Eph in admiration.

At the facility, Dutch goes into the restroom and hears Sherry sobbing in a stall. Sherry finally comes out and says that she's bleeding, and it's the second time for her. If Desai finds out then she's gone just like Krystal. Sherry tells Dutch that her exam is in less than a week, and asks for help.

Dutch leads Sherry to a medical storage room and meets with Jeremy to the box that he's prepared for Dutch's escape. She tells him that he's taking Sherry, not her, and he'll take Dutch next week. Jeremy refuses to do it next, but Dutch threatens to tell Desai and Jeremy caves. As they take Sherry out, she opens the box and says that she can't breathe. She tells Dutch to go, and Dutch tells her that it's her last chance. Jeremy tries to go and spills the contents, and as he tries to put them back in. A guard comes in and calls in the incident, and Greenwood arrives. She demands an explanation, and Jeremy says that he didn't touch them. Dutch refuses to confirm his claim, and the guards take Jeremy away. Greenwood then tells the two women to come with them to Desai.

Eph takes the freedom fighters to a high school and explains all of the vantage points. He wishes Alex luck, and she invites him to help them. Alex figures that he's a fighter, and Eph says that fighting cost him his entire family. He figures that fighting back won't do any good, and tells Alex that she's not going to win. Alex insists that they need to inspire people to fight back, and Eph tells her that she needs to think bigger and go after the Partnership buildings. He explains that he saw them pumping blood into the Partnership buildings, and says that she should poison thousands of strigoi instead of picking off the buses. Impressed, Alex agrees that they should do that.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 24, 2017