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Two of a Kind Recap

Yancy arrives at the club and bids a good evening to Goldy. He orders a champagne cocktail for the two of them, while Francine comes down. A woman, Romilly Vale, comes in and asks for Yancy. Francine points him out and she draws a gun and shoots at Yancy. Romilly hits his champagne glass, and Yancy dives over the bar to take cover. Pahoo comes in and prepares to shoot Romilly, but Yancy yells at him not to and Francine takes his shotgun and knocks Romilly over the head. Yancy tells Francine that he's never seen Romilly before, and he carries her to the back parlor.

When Romilly wakes up, she explains that Yancy came to their plantation along with Yahoo. He posed as a friend of her dead brother, and then bilked her father of a fortune. The fake Yancy claimed that he was going to marry Romilly, and then disappeared. As she looks at Yancy, she realizes that he's not the man she met. Romilly apologizes for her mistake and Yancy says that he'll look into it. She explains that she met then up-river and Amos tracked them to New Orleans for her. Yancy escorts her to her hotel and assures a dubious Francine that he'll be right back.

As they go to Romilly's carriage, the fake Pahoo watches them from a national bank window. He goes to notify the fake Yancy, who is working on the safe. After Romilly leaves, Yancy and Pahoo hear a gunshot. They go back to the bank and see the imposters inside running out the back. The two men go in and find a dead guard. A man comes in with his gun drawn and orders them to surrender. He puts Yancy and Pahoo under arrest, and says that he's Amos. Yancy says that they have a witness, Romilly, but Amos claims that he's never heard of her. Pahoo and Yancy have no choice but to go with him.

Later at the calaboose, the Jailer sends the guard away and apologizes for locking the door. He warns Yancy that he's being held incommunicado and gives Yancy a bottle of wine. Amos comes in and says that a bank was robbed in Vickburg and Yancy was in town at the time. Yancy admits that he was there on the Sultana, and Amos says that one man was killed and another one wounded. There was another robbery in Natchez when Yancy was there. Witnesses at both crimes report seeing men who looked like Yancy and Pahoo. Amos says that it's a military district and there will be a court martial, and there's no Romilly registered at the hotel. He tells the guard to keep the Jailer out because he doesn't trust him and leaves.

Francine is at the club when Jody tells her that Yancy is in trouble. She leads him to the back parlor, and tells him to hand over the wallet he stole from a patron. Once Jody does so, she returns it and they go to the back. Jody tells her that Yancy is in the calaboose, and insists that Yancy didn't do it. Francine figures that it's the impersonators, and Jody doesn't know where they are. John is out of town and no one will believe Jody. He figures that there's a reward and followed Romilly. Francine tells him to check on Romilly while she changes and meets him at the hotel.

When Francine arrives at the hotel, Jody tells her that Romilly isn't registered there and has disappeared. They go to the calaboose and Jody stands watch while Francine whistles and gets Pahoo's attention. He brings Yancy over, and Francine tosses him a pistol and misses. Jody catches it and throws it up, and Yancy grabs it. Yancy then puts on his coat and hat, draws the gun on the guard, and has him let them out. Pahoo knocks the man out and then leaves with Yancy. Yancy takes out the other guard and the Jailer hands him his gun and apologizes for keeping him. He asks Yancy to punch him and Yancy obliges before departing via the window.

Later, Yancy and Pahoo enter the back parlor via the window. Jody brings Romilly in and explains that she was at the hotel using a different name. Romilly claims she was trying to spare her family disgrace, and Yancy asks why her carriage was near the national bank. The woman says that she hoped to make a quick escape after she shot "Yancy", and Yancy wonders if it's coincidence. Romilly says that she heard some gunfire, and confirms that it happened just as she was leaving so Yancy couldn't have been responsible. Yancy explains what happened, and Romilly offers to testify. He says that Amos claims that he never met Romilly before.

Amos and two soldiers arrive at the club. Goldy greets them and Amos says that he's searching for Yancy. She warns Francine as Yancy, Pahoo, and Jody duck out the window. Amos comes in and introduces himself, and she draws a gun on him and tells him that he needs a search warrant from John. Goldy escorts Amos out, an d the men come back in. Romilly says that she's never seen "Amos" before, and Yancy has Jody follow the fake agent and then meet him at John's box at the opera. There's no performance there so no one will think to look for Yancy there. Yancy has Romilly stay with Francine.

Later at the opera, Jody and Pahoo meet Yancy. Jody says that the fake agent went to a house. They go there and break in, and find the real Amos tied to a chair. They introduce themselves and Amos says that the imposters have gone back to the bank for another try because they didn't get the money the first time when Yancy and Pahoo surprised them. Now they'll blame it on Yancy and Pahoo since they've escaped jail, and the fake Amos will pull the guards from the bank.

The three men go to the bank with Jody, who quickly leaves. The fake Amos spots them and opens fire, and Amos shoots him. Yancy and Pahoo enter the bank and take on their imposters, soon knocking them out.

Later, Yancy returns to the club with Amos and they meet with Francine and Romilly. Romilly recognizes Amos, and Yancy recommends Amos for membership in the club. He then thanks Romilly for her help and offers her services. Romilly says that she has to be on the first train back home, and leaves with Amos. Francine suggests Yancy start with her rather than Romilly, and they kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 24, 2017

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