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Just the Two of Us Recap

Kristin comes out of the stitch and looks around... and discovers that the lab is empty. She looks around and finally finds Cameron unconscious on the floor. Kirsten slaps him awake, and Cameron notices a smell. They figure that they were gassed, and the two of them search the lab for the others. The monitors are displaying static, and there's a cup of hot coffee on the counter. The corpse isn't in the tank, and Kirsten doesn't remember who it was. Cameron tries to call out but the landline is dead and they get nothing but voicing messages on Cameron's cell phone.

They figure that it has something to do with the stitch, and Kirsten brings up the files. According to the computer, their last case was Jake Rowland, which they closed. Kirsten hears something and says that she feels like they're being watched. No one responds, and Kirsten says that they should head back to her house. When they arrive, they find no one there and there's a cup of hot coffee on the table. Cameron tries to comfort Kirsten but refuses to touch her. She goes to Camille's room but there's no sign of her. Cameron calls the NSA and they told him not to worry and they should stay put because "Mother" is looking out for them. He has no idea what it means, and Kirsten figures they could be referring to her mother. Kirsten tells him that Camille has blackout curtains on her window, and says that there are things between them that she doesn't want to deal with. However, she figures that they should stay together there.

Cameron makes penne for dinner and neither of them remember the case. He figures that it's out of their hands, and Kirsten asks what Cameron's mother was like. He says that he never knew what to make things better for her because of his condition, and he worked through the frustrations in other ways. After his dead left, Cameron's mother met a man named Bill, but he and Cameron didn't get along. Bill told her to send Cameron to school or they're break up. Cameron assures Kirsten that it's fine and thanks her for listening, and reaches for her hand. She pulls away and says that she should go to eat, and Cameron can use Camille's room. As Kirsten goes to her room, she sees a female figure outside the window and yells to Cameron that someone is watching them.

Cameron checks outside but finds no one. Kirsten wonders if was "Mother," but Cameron figures that it's a side effect of the knockout gas. He suggests that they both get some rest, and Kirsten asks him to sleep in her room on the bed. They set up with pillows separating them, and Kirsten finally says that they can't stop thinking about the two of them. She's surprised to learn about his relationship with his mother, and Cameron says that he knows everything about her. Kirsten keeps asking him about her life, and he reveals things that she never told him and then dozes off.

The next morning, Kirsten wakes up and discovers that Cameron is gone. She finds him in the kitchen but refuses to say that she missed him. Cameron hasn't heard anything from the NSA, and Kirsten insists on going back to the lab. There's still no one there, but the same coffee cup is there and the coffee is hot. They hear something rattling in the cup, and find a key with the word "Euro" on it. Kirsten sees a face in the monitors' static, and Cameron rigs something to bring it out. While he works, Kirsten looks around to see if anything else is changed. She finds a puzzle piece in Cameron's locker, just as the lights go out. Kirsten calls to Cameron and uses her phone to light her way. Cameron is bringing up the emergency lights in the lab, and tells Kirsten that if they hit the images with the right light, they can filter out the static.

Cameron switches the light color and brings out the image. There are the faces of people showing different emotions, and Kirsten says that the images are for people with autism to help them understand emotions. She thinks that "Mother" is trying to send a message to them. Kirsten switches the light color to bring out a different: arrows pointing to a jigsaw in the tank. She shows him the puzzle piece she found, and Cameron points out that he's been with her the entire time. Kirsten undresses and gets into the tank, holding the puzzle piece. She puts it on the bottom of the tank and asks Cameron what it means. He looks at the puzzle on the underside and tells Kirsten that she needs to see it. It's a picture of a house with an address: 5915 Gelson Street.

Kirsten and Cameron go to the address, and there's no one outside or in the house. They check the garage and find a vintage '65 falcon. Cameron explains that he was obsessed with the car when he was a kid, and Kirsten realizes that the engraving on the key says "Ford," not "Euro." They get into the car and Cameron finds a Rubik's cube in the glove compartment. There's no registration or insurance, and they key stats the car. It won't shut off, and the garage fills with carbon monoxide. The garage door is locked, and the other door is locked from the outside. Kirsten takes a crowbar out of the trunk but the window won't break. Cameron collapses and Kirsten tells him that he can do it. Together they manage to break the door down.

The couple go to Cameron's apartment and Kirsten takes a show. Cameron goes to the kitchen to make supper and gets an idea. He goes into the room and Kirsten complains that he came in when she was undressing. She insists that things haven't changed between them, and Cameron says that the Rubik's cube is a clue. He tries to solve the cube but someone has tampered with it to make it unsolvable. Cameron says that working on the puzzles with her hasn't been the worst time of his lie. Kirsten agrees and Cameron says that they've missed working together. She figures that something is deliberately pushing them together so that they'd have to get over their baggage.

Back at the lab, Cameron and Kirsten discover several puzzles on stands that weren't there before. Kirsten figures that it's Daniel, but Cameron figures that "Mother" is the clue. She wonders why Cameron was the only one there and wonders if he and the NSA set the whole thing up to get her to trust him again. Cameron says that the whole thing is a mistake and he's never been able to connect with people. Kirsten tells him that he's one of the most outgoing people she knows, and Cameron tries to work out how the monitors go together. He says that they'd do better working alone, and Kirsten reluctantly agrees.

Kirsten goes to the office and finds a color-coded keypad. She brings up the current case that they're working on, and gets a file on Tom Dewitt. He's a severely autistic man who was found dead in his garage, an apparent suicide from car exhaust inhalation. Tom was also an empath, and he could feel other people's emotional states. Cameron thought the file was deleted, but Kirsten points out that she didn't have a chance to check it out until now. She realizes that Cameron isn't real, and figures that she's stitched into Tom right now. Cameron doesn't believe it, but Kirsten points out that they just jump from place to place like moving from different memories in a stitch. Neither one of them can remember their trips, and Kirsten figures that they opened up a pathway to Tom's empath abilities. She's experiencing Tom's thoughts through the filter of her emotional state, and Cameron is a reflection of her feelings about him.

Cameron takes out a gun and puts it into Kirsten's hand, and then tells her to shoot him. When she objects, he says that if he's a figment of her imagination then it won't make a difference. Kirsten says that she can't stand the thought of losing him even if he's imaginary. Cameron figures that he loves her and reaches for the gun. When Kirsten puts it in his hand, it goes off and the bullets hit him in the chest. He dies and Kirsten looks up at the ceiling. When she glances down, Cameron's body has disappeared and she realizes that she was right. She yells to Cameron, explaining how Tom's pattern isolated her in the stich. Kirsten hopes that Cameron can hear him because she can't hear him.

Kirsten puts on her suit and starts to get back into the tank. She tells Cameron that she's going to make the bounce, and Jake walks into the lab. Coco Soo and Steven Benning come in, and then all of the other people that Kirsten has stitched into. She tells them that she wants to speak for Tom the same way that she spoke for all of them, but she can't do it alone. Ed tells her that she can and Tom needs her, and he's the most silent of all of them.

Everyone disappears, and Kirsten picks up the Rubik's cube. She realizes that there are nine squares on each side, and nine monitors. Kirsten calls out to Cameron that she's not bouncing, and wheels all nine monitors together. She figures that anything out of the ordinary coming from "Cameron" is coming from Tom, which means that the story about the mother and Bill must have happened to Tom. Tom experienced life through puzzles because he needed them to focus. "Mother" was Tom's mother, and he knew that she would always look after her.

Once Kirsten has put the monitors together, she looks t them from the catwalk and finally realizes that they form a face that she recognizes. Kirsten then gets into the tank and bounces. The team is there and Kirsten tells them that she solved it. She says that Bill Kurland killed Tom. Quincy notes that Bill was at work when tom died, and Kirsten explains that Bill locked Tom in the garage and started the engine. Tom's mother kept the car key in an old coffee cup, and Tom had a heat sensitivity so he'd never touch the car. Bill gave Tom a Rubik's cube that had been tampered with, and Tom was so focused on trying to solve it that he wouldn't yell for help. The mother was so devoted to Tom that she wouldn't leave him, so Bill killed tom to free her from the burden.

Kirsten goes to the tank with Tom and thanks him for talking to her. Cameron asks if she's okay, and says that she was only in the stitch for three seconds. Kirsten figures that was all the time she needed, and kisses Cameron.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 25, 2017

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