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Sokosha Recap

A man meets with a couple and explains the deal, and the wife asks if it will hurt. Her husband tells her not to worry about it, and the Technician assures her that the procedure doesn't hurt. Some donors complains of fatigue and minor headaches, and says based on thousands clinical trials, there are no long-term effects. The husband says that they don't have time to think it over because the mortgage company is breathing down their necks. The Technician says that the husband won't even miss it, and the husband signs the papers.

The Technician opens a case and asks the husband if he's ready. Once he is, the Technician inserts an electrode into the husband's arm and tells him to be as still as possible. He guides the prove in and extracts a white fluid. The Technician gives the husband a mild sedative, and hands the wife a check for the promised amount. Outside, guards unlock an armored truck and the Technician gets inside.

The guards stop to get some food and then drive to an estate. The Technician goes inside and meets with another client, Richard. Richard admits that he started to have second thoughts, and then asks an old woman, Millie, if she's ready. The Technician gets something personal from Millie to confirm that it's a match. Once he does, he says that he turns the white fluid into a consumable. He uses a centrifuge to make it into a white pill and has Millie swallow it. After a few seconds, her Alzheimer's fades away. Richard pays the man, and the Technician gets back into the armored truck.

Jesse is showering and then brushes his teeth. Meanwhile, Cassidy hears Denis coughing as he tries to bind his teeth. Cassidy tries to help him, but Denis shoves him against the wall and yells at him and French. He then walks out through the kitchen where Tulip is cooking pancakes. Jesse comes in and says that he loves her cooking. He and Cassidy sit down to eat, and Cassidy apologizes for being such a bastard at Victor's. Jesse tells him not to worry about it, and Cassidy asks if he has anything to say to him. The preacher says that he's forgiven, and Tulip joins them. Cassidy wants to go to a place where they pay people to be shot, but they settle on searching for God.

Someone comes in the hallway leading up to the apartment.

The trio discusses their plans and Jesse mentions Lara. Jesse says that she's the lounge singer, and Cassidy remembers that Jesse was excited about her. Jesse insists that he was excited about the lead she gave him.

The Cowboy and Allison come up the stairs.

Jesse tells Tulip that Lara was in trouble and he helped her. He figures that they need to zoom in on the serial numbers of the gun in the video tape and trace it back to the owner. Tulip sarcastically says that it's good to help lounge singers, and then demands to know what happened with Lara. Jesse tells her that he didn't marry her.

Allison points out what apartment Jesse was in, and she runs off as the Cowboy bursts through the door. A man inside aims a gun at the Cowboy, and the Cowboy grabs his hand and breaks his arm. He then draws his revolver and asks where the Preacher is. The resident doesn't know, and the Cowboy kills him.

Down the hallway, the trio doesn't hear the shot.

The Cowboy goes back out into the hallway, draws his sword, and starts searching the apartments for Jesse... killing everyone in his path.

Jesse goes to the refrigerator and opens it, and discovers a bullet that came through it.

The Cowboy comes to the trio's apartment and bursts into the kitchen. They're gone out the window, and the Cowboy sees the half-eaten pancakes on the table.

Out on the street, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy and Jesse makes a call. He tells the others that Fiore's dead after a cowboy shot him and he didn't come back. Jesse figures that the Cowboy will eventually find them, and insists that he needs the Word to find God so he can't stop using it. He figures that the Cowboy made a deal for something he wanted in return for destroying Genesis. They figure that they just need to find the Cowboy's weakness, and Jesse says that they do it by reading.

At the library, the trio goes through the old books. They find a reference to the Saint of Killers, who was a man in the Confederate Army in 1861. He was dubbed the Butcher of Gettysburg, and he fell in love. They married and had a daughter, but the cowboy lost his wife and daughter to disease. His soul scattered and hate coursed through his veins, and he became the Saint of Killers. He sought revenge on the town and then died in a tornado in 1881. God banished the Saint to the netherworld, forced to live his worst memories over and over.

Tulip figures that the Cowboy lost his family, and Cassidy remembers Denis.

Denis is returning home when his phone rings. It's Cassidy, who tells him not to go back to the apartment. The Frenchman ignores him and goes in, and finds the Cowboy there. Jesse takes the phone and says that he's there, using the word. As the Cowboy prepares to shoot Denis, Jesse says that he's coming.

Jesse returns to the apartment and finds the Cowboy holding Denis. The Cowboy tells Jesse to say his prayers, and Jesse tells him that if he kills him then the deal is off. Jesse says that Fiore told him about the deal, and Denis doesn't matter now. The Cowboy drops Denis, who quickly runs out, and tells Jesse to talk quick. Jesse says that God won't give the Cowboy anything because he's gone. After a moment, the Cowboy lowers his gun and tells Jesse to prove what he's saying.

The two men go into the living room and watch the video of the God actor being shot. Jesse explains that he doesn't know where God is, but he knows that the Cowboy wants to go to Heaven. God won't get him there, but if the Cowboy leaves him alone then he can. He explains that he has a power that rivals God in him, and he can call upon the angels and send a man to Hell if he wants. Jesse tells the Cowboy that he can send him to Heaven, and the Cowboy asks if Jesse knows what he needs. Jesse says that he can get it, and the Cowboy will have to trust him. The Cowboy draws his sword, considers, and then hacks the TV apart and tells Jesse that he has one hour. As Hesse goes, the Cowboy tells him that there's one more thing.

Tulip, Denis, and Cassidy ae waiting downstairs, and Jesse tells them that they'll have to wait with the Cowboy while he gets a soul. The Cowboy orders them to come upstairs, and Jesse tells Tulip that he can do it. They go upstairs, and the Cowboy reminds Jesse that he has one hour.

Jesse goes to a voodoo shop and tells the owner Papa Bene Junior that he needs a soul to buy. Papa claims that he has no idea what he's talking about, and Jesse points out that he has the equipment in his shop. He knows that the shop has been selling souls for over 150 years, and Papa wonders who he is. Jesse gives his name and Papa quickly closes the shop and Jesse puts the Cowboy's bullet on the counter and says that he'll need a match for it. He demands to see the inventory, and Papa tells him that the Japanese pushed him out. They went high-tech and take fractions of souls for all kinds of applications. The Japanese buried all of the shops except or Angelville, and that's hanging on by a thread.

The Japanese armored truck parks across the street, and Papa says that there are souls inside. Jesse goes over and calls to the Technician inside. The Technician can't hear Jesse or the Word. Tulip calls and asks how it's going, and Jesse tells her that he's pretty close. She warns that Denis is pretty sick, and Jesse asks her how to break into an armored truck. Tulip asks if he has any fertilizer, and Jesse sees a hardware store and tells her that he can get some.

Jesse collects the necessary components to make a bomb and attached it to the truck's rear doors. It drives off and Jesse uses a cell phone to trigger the bomb. As the truck pulls over, a police car pulls up and Jesse tells Tulip that he'll call back.

Cassidy sits with Denis, and Tulip figures that Denis is Cassidy's relative. The vampire says that Denis is his son, and Tulip goes to the Cowboy and says that Denis is sick and needs medicine. She tells the Cowboy to let Denis go, but he ignores her. Tulip tells the Cowboy that she read about his little girl, and asks what he would do. The Cowboy grabs her by the throat and lifts her into the air, and says that if the preacher isn't there by 3 then medicine won't help. He tosses tulip aside and sits back down. Tulip goes back to Cassidy and says that the Cowboy touched her.

Jesse uses the Voice to command the police to have the guards open up the truck. The policeman does so and soon, Jesse talks to the Technician and says that he needs a soul that matches the bullet. The Technician says that it's rare, and Jesse tells him to do it as the truck drives to the apartment. Jesse asks if they can use a soul that doesn't match, and the Technician warns that the body will reject a soul if it's not the right type. Undeterred, Jesse checks his type and discovers that it's not a close match. Tulip calls and Jesse says that he almost has it. She figures that he isn't going to make it, and Jesse says that he's on his way. Once Tulip hangs up, Jesse asks the Technician if his soul will work. He gives the Technician a lock of his hair to sample, and it turns up a match. The truck arrives at the apartment and the Technician tells Jesse that the least he can give is 1% and he won't even miss it.

Jesse has the Technician extract the 1%, takes the vial, and orders the Technician and his men to get lost. He then runs inside.

The Cowboy goes into the next room, grabs Tulip, and says that time is up. He prepares to kill her, and Cassidy grabs the Cowboy's sword with his hands. His fingers come off, and Jesse comes in and tells the Cowboy to stop. Cassidy tapes his fingers back on and Tulip wonders how Jesse knows about soul extraction. He says that it's the family business, and Tulip ells him that she has to get Cassidy and Denis to the hospital. She and Cassidy take Denis out, and Jesse gives the soul pill to the Cowboy. The Cowboy figures that it's Jesse's, and then swallows the pill. Jesse tells him to get on his knees because he's going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. When the Cowboy refuses, Jesse orders him down using the Voice. The Word didn't work on the Cowboy before because he didn't have a soul, but now he does. Jesse tells the Cowboy that he belongs right back in Hell, and that's where he's going to send him. The Cowboy tells him send him there along with Jesse's soul, and Jesse says that they'll go for a drive.

Jesse puts the Cowboy into the armored truck and drives out of New Orleans. He then wedges the gas pedal with a rock and sends it into the swamp. As the Cowboy screams, the truck sinks into the swamp.

At the apartment, Cassidy has Denis tie his shoes because his fingers are still growing in. He bought an entertainment station for his son, and Denis flips it over to cartoons. Cassidy asks Tulip if she's all right, but tulip doesn't answer.

In the bathroom, Jesse hides the Cowboy's revolver beneath the tiles. Once he's done, he looks at himself in the mirror and stares.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 25, 2017

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