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Sister Mercy Recap

At a cult farm, Karen--Sister Mercy--is among the women working in the fields. Once they're done singing, Father Daddy says that he is filled with exuberance because the Harvest is upon them, and the Harvest is all that they have. While Father Daddy chastises a man who left too much corn silk on the corn, Sister Harmony tells Sister Mercy that after lights out, they're leaving. Sister Mercy points out that it's against the rules, but Sister Harmony tells her that Father Daddy is a monster. Father Daddy asks why Sister Mercy has stopped shucking her corn, and Sister Mercy goes back to work.


Owen insists that they have to get off the island before they the pirates take their kidneys. Danny suggests that they find some liquor and drink hard, destroying their kidneys. The others point out that it's a terrible idea, and he's talking about livers, not kidneys. Danny asks Steve if he learned anything important in the pirate's camp, and Steve says that he was mostly in the Barracuda's tent having non-stop crazy sex. He finally remembers that there's a gun box near the tree line that only has two guards. The key is I the Barracuda's tent and she'll be there. They take the boat and then they control the guns and the boat, controlling the island. The survivors work out who does what, and Karen says that she'll take out Father Daddy. They have no idea what she's talking about.

Owen and Danny will go for the guns, and Owen wants to take Florence as well. Todd figures that he'll go after the boat once he works out what is what in the diorama. Bruce says that he'll take care of the pirates and asks if he has a license to kill. They head out and Karen stands alone.

As Danny and Owen head for the guns, Danny complains that they're taking Florence with them. There's only one guard at the gun box, and Florence insists on taking off her bra and then running by the guard and yelling that she's lost her bra. Owen knocks him out with a rock, but there's a combo lock on the box.

Steve prepares to get into the pit, and looks up to see Karen there. He explains that he's going to hide because he came up with the plan, but Karen insists that he'll come with her.

Todd, Jess, and Pack discover that Tank Top is guarding the boat. Jess says that she'll kiss him and then they conk him over the head. Todd and Jess go over and wonder why they have to wait on the boat to have sex. Tank Top asks if they're trying to get him killed when he's on the clock, and says that it sounds hot. He tries to kiss Todd,, while a shocked Pack looks on.

A pirate comes out and sees Owen and Florence standing over the guard, but his tongue is cut out so he can't yell for help. He runs off and Danny goes after them.

The Barracuda is in her tank when Karen shoves Steve in and says that she caught a rat. She tells the Barracuda that Steve spilled the beans, and she wants to be on the winning side of the uprising.


The sisters get to the truck, but they can't wait for Sister Mercy. When they get the headlights on , Father Daddy says that the combustion engine doesn't work without the plugs that he took out. He tells them that Sister Mercy told him about their plan, and Sister Mercy stares at them.


Karen wonders how much a human kidney goes for on the black market, and says that if the Barracuda gives her passage on her ship then she'll offer her services. She slaps a boar heart down on the table and explains that she cut it out herself, and it's no different with humans.

Danny catches up to the pirate, who throws a spear at Danny, misses, and tackles Danny.

Jess kisses Tank Top while Todd signals to Pack to conk Tank Top on the head. The pirate notices that Todd seems distracted, and realizes that Todd is limp. Pack hits the pirate over the head but it doesn't knock him out, and he punches both men in the groin. Jess grabs the rock and knocks Tank Top out, and Pack demands to know what's going on.

Danny finally fights back and makes mean quips. The pirate leaps at him and when Danny flips him over his head, the pirate apparently disappears. Danny goes to look for him and discovers that he threw him in the pit. Laughing in triumph, Danny runs off.

Steve begs Karen not to do it. Karen says that she doesn't have friends and he shouldn't have trusted him, and the Barracuda wonders how she can trust Karen. Karen proves her loyalty by stabbing Steve in the stomach and saying that they should get the island back.

Bruce and the others capture the pirate, and Karen and the Barracuda watch from the shadows. They figure that they have to take the boat to the ship, and wonder where the keys are. Steve shows up with the keys and explains that Karen stabbed a boar bladder, not him.


Father Daddy says that an example must be made of the sisters. He tells Sister Mercy that he's going to return them to the earth from which they came, and Sister Mercy was helping him, not them. Sister Mercy can only watch as they're taken to the corn.


Karen says that she let some friends down and swore it wouldn't happen again. The Barracuda hits him in the face, grabs the keys when Steve drops them, and runs off. Karen goes after her, while Steve goes to the Barracuda's tent and finds Danny's gun.

The survivors try to get the box open without success. Karen runs up and asks where the Barracuda is, and the Barracuda says that she's right behind them having picked up a guard's gun. Steve arrives with Danny's gun and tells the Barracuda to toss down the gun. She doesn't believe that Steve will shoot her after everything that they've shared, and insists that they're the same. The Barracuda is going to kill everyone just like Steve killed Turdhole. Owen insists that he doesn't hate Steve, but Steve points out that he says it all the time. The Barracuda tells Steve that if he leaves the island then he'll go to jail, and she loves him. She sets down the gun and says that she trusts him, and Steve switches the gun back from her to the survivors.

Karen tells Steve to point the gun at her, because she knows how he feels. The Barracuda makes Steve special but she only cares about herself. Karen explains that her name was once Sister Mercy, and she had a Father Daddy and worshipped the harvest. She admits that she was in a cult, and Father Daddy told her that she had no friends or family. Karen tells Steve that they're his friends and family. Danny says that Steve killed a Nazi and saved them from Turdhole, and everyone quickly agrees. Todd insists that Steve is a hero, and Karen tells Steve that he can start over. The Barracuda goes for the gun, but Steve steps on it and says that he and his friends are going home and everyone cheers

The next morning, the survivors load up the boat. Todd is jacked up and proposed to Jess, and then realizes that he's serious. He drops to his knees and proposes to her, and she accepts.

Danny is telling Owen about the fight, but Owen goes to Florence and they kiss. They all realize that it's definitely the end and get in the boat.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 26, 2017

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