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The Hunt Recap

Will leaves work at night and hears someone following him. Another man drops down on Will and drags him into the shadows, Will pulls free and realizes that it's his father, Bryton. Bryton says that he was just testing Will's reflexes, and a disgusted Will walks away. His father goes after him and explains that he was hired to photograph the white moss orchid. It blooms at night for week, once a year, and Will says that he's heard of the legendary orchid but no one has ever seen it.

In the swamp, Swamp Thing finds the white moss orchid and looks at it for a moment, then continues on.

The next day, Arcane and Graham go to the Houma Nursery. Arcane explains that he's going to destabilize a country's government with a plant and years of genetic splicing. The plant will produce enough defoliant to destroy a thousand acres of food crop. Arcane has discovered an antidote to keep it from spreading across the world, and plans to charge dearly for it. They find Abigail and Arcane asks her to take care of the scarlet moss orchid. Outside, Arcane tells Graham that night the orchid will kill every test plant surrounding it.

Abigail goes home to mix up some phosphate tonic and bring it back that night.

Bryton arrives at the Kipp house and greets his ex-wife Tressa. He kisses her and asks for a cup of coffee, and she kisses him back and asks if the coffee is really what he wants. Bryton says that he could use something a little stronger, and Tressa says that he looks a little shaky and should sit down for awhile. The couple kisses.

Abigail returns to the nursery that night and dilutes the phosphate, and the orchid starts giving off a gas. Swamp Thing senses the release of toxic plant fumes and goes to them.

When Abigail turns around, she sees the dead plants around the orchid. She inhales some of the fumes and collapses, coughing.

Bryton goes out in the swamp and easily hears Will following him. Will emerges from hiding and warns that things get dangerous in the swamp. Bryton assures Will that he won't get anywhere near the orchid, but Will refuses to help him and his father goes off on his own. Will wonders who is paying him, and Bryton says that he's doing it for the achievement rather than cash. After a moment, Will leads Bryton to the plant.

Swamp Thing finds the unconscious Abigail and figures that Arcane is responsible. He picks up Abigail and carries her out.

As they continue through the swamp, Will tells Bryton that he doesn't want anyone to hear them.

Swamp Thing takes Abigail to the Kipp home and sets her on the porch swing. Tressa calls out and Swamp Thing quickly leaves.

Will spots the white moss orchid, and Bryton shoves Will away, draws a gun, and shoots the flower. He says that he'll get $50,000 and part of it is Will's if he wants it. When Will objects, Bryton shoves him down and says that he can't keep Arcane waiting. He then takes the destroyed orchid and leaves.

As Will heads back, Swamp Thing comes back and says that he trusted Will when he showed him where the white moss orchid blooms. He thought Will was better than that, and warns that life is fragile. Will tries to apologize, but Swamp Thing tells him to get out of the swamp because he's no longer welcome there.

Tressa puts Abigail to bed, and Arcane arrives to pay his respects. He assures Tressa that they don't use any pesticides in his greenhouses, and leaves Abigail a red moss orchid as a "present" for her. He then goes back to his greenhouse and tells Graham what happened. Graham points out that they don't know what damage two exposures will do, and he's happy that the plant can incapacitate humans as well. Bryton is waiting for Arcane, and demands the money so he can leave. He refuses to tell Arcane why, and Graham gives him the money. Bryton hands over the orchid and leaves.

As Abigail lies in bed unconscious, the red moss orchid starts giving off fumes. As she coughs, Swamp Thing comes in via the window and takes the plant. As he goes, the fumes weaken him as well. Swamp Thing crushes it and gets out, just as Abigail wakes up. She goes back to sleep, while outside Swamp Thing collapses.

Will finds Bryton, who says that he's going to say goodbye to Tressa and then has another job. He admits that he hasn't been a good father, and tells Will to get it off his chest. Will refuses to be like Bryton, and when Bryton tries to slap him, Will catches his hand and says that he has a friend that needs him. Once he leaves, Bryton hits his truck in frustration.

As Will goes back to the house, Swamp Thing asks for his help. He explains that he needs the white moss orchid at Arcane's greenhouse, and it can save Abigail's life. Swamp Thing explains that he's contaminated, and moves back into the shadows as Bryton pulls up. Will says that he needs Bryton's help to help a friend, holds out his hand, and asks if Bryton is with him. Bryton shakes his hand and says that he's glad to be with him.

At the greenhouse, Arcane is preparing to send the orchid to a country when Bryton and Will come in. He offers the $50,000 for the white moss orchid, but Arcane refuses to sell it and sends his two guards to take them. Will and Bryton soon defeat them, and Arcane runs with the white moss orchid. Swamp Thing is waiting and tosses him into a dumpster, and then takes the orchid to Abigail to save her life.

The next morning, Hollister checks Abigail and confirms that she's recovered. She says that she dreamed of a green man outside of her window, and dozes off. Bryton arrives and says that he can't stay. Tressa admits that she hoped he would stay longer, and Bryton tells her that it isn't easy for him, either. She tells him to take care of himself and he leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 26, 2017

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