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Skin Recap

A transformed Hairy woman runs down the street as men chase her. As they close in on her, Koen attacks them from behind and soon defeats them. One of them cuts his hand, and it quickly heals as the Hairy woman looks on. Koen tells her that she should go as sirens sound in the distance, and Koen leaves as well.

Tim drives to Waruu's house and tells Nerida that Alinta is inside. Once Tim leaves, Nerida knocks on the front door. Waruu answers the door and Nerida says that she's there for Alinta. He invites her in but she refuses, and Alinta runs up. Waruu asks his daughter to give them a minute alone, and once she leaves he asks Nerida where she's been. He says that he could have protected them both, and Nerida points out that he didn't at the Zone. Waruu invites her inside to get a shower and some rest, but Nerida pulls away and says that he's not the man she married. She tells Waruu that he abandoned them, and Waruu tries to drag her in. Nerida pulls away and Waruu says that he can give Alinta more than she can. He tells her that it's her choice, goes inside, and shuts the door. When Alinta calls to Nerida, Waruu tells his daughter to go to her room. He then calls the CA and says that a Hairy sympathizer is making a scene outside of his house and he needs it handled without making a scene.

Araluen and Boondee lie in bed together, and Araluen listens to her sleeping husband breathe. She strokes his cheek, and then gets up and leaves the apartment.

Tim picks up Waruu's call and realizes that it's where he dropped Nerida off. Outside the house, Nerida calls to Alinta. Tim pulls up and tells her that Waruu called the CA and she needs to come with him. Waruu watches from inside as Nerida gets in the van and Tim drives away.

An out-of-uniform MacIntyre visits Boondee at his apartment. He says that one of Boondee's clan took something belonging to Jarrod, and they're going to get it back.

At the government building's parking garage, Koen confronts Waruu. He says that Waruu is just another slaver, and a black one, and Waruu is out for himself. Koen tells Waruu to shut down the Initiative or he'll do it for him, and Waruu says that the only reason the government hasn't caught Koen is because of him. He grabs Koen by the throat, lifts him into the air, and asks if his scar has healed yet. Koen breaks free and Waruu gets into his car and drives off.

Alinta finds Jimmy's journal and finds the story of the Sun and the Moon. She remembers telling the story to Waruu, and his hugging her.

Latani goes into the forest and collects berries to eat.

At the clan camp, Charlotte watches the Hairies. Two of them, a boy and woman, come over. The boy, Daku, asks his aunty Harah if she can teach him how to speak English. Harah tells him that only those chosen for council are taught, and translates for Charlotte. She says that Charlotte and her child will learn the Hairy language.

At the lab, Mitchell tells Jarrod that they've been unable to reverse the sap's decay. Jarrod tells him to do what needs to be done, gets a text, and goes to where Marion is waiting. Marion confirms that MacIntyre has been reinstated but warns that she won't forget about Jarrod's aggression. She gives Marion the strand of Waruu's hair and asks Jarrod to test it genetically. Jarrod agrees to keep it between the two of them, and says that he'll be in touch.

Nerida waits at Tim's home as he patrols the streets.

Waruu confronts Marion with a media release that she already sent out. She says that people are avoiding the Included and the housing is driving down the property rates, so they're addressing the concerns. Waruu wonders why he's not credited as executive director, and insists that the Initiative is his creation. He insists that the Initiative is the only hope for asking peace, and Marion points out that he hasn't made the Initiative acceptable to the voters yet. She dismisses him and as Waruu leaves, he gets a call from Jarrod.

At the lab, Jarrod shows Waruu the liquefied black sap and puts several drops on Jimmy's nulla nulla. They burn through it, cutting it in half, and Jarrod explains that the gateway between the real world and the Dreaming has been disturbed. If they control Koen then they control the gateway... and the Dreaming. Jarrod warns that they still need to test if the sap will remain liquefied, and warns Waruu that the two of them must meticulously design their self-preservation. He says that he's created a unique cellular combination of human and Hairy DNA to fight the wrath of a dying planet.

Marion meets with Lucia and says that she doesn't treat Waruu. She wants to see the Inclusion clinic for herself, but Lucia advises her to keep her concerns to herself for now. Lucia tells her superior that they should concentrate on allaying the public's fears.

At the sanctuary, Koen returns and finds Audie. She wonders what's next, and Waruu says that he's going to deal with the Initiative and it's none of her business. Audie asks if she can help, and Waruu tells her that she can't. She wonders why, and Aunty comes in and asks what they're talking about. She tells Koen to keep Audie close because she's seen something in her, and once Aunty leaves Koen tells Audie that she's driving and that's it.

Jarli walks through the forest.

Latani sits and waits.

Boondee leads MacIntyre through the forest, and MacIntyre trips and drops his gun. The former Hairy picks it up, and after a moment hands it back. They stop and Boondee whistles. MacIntyre, suspecting a trap, holds his gun to Boondee's head. Jarli and Latani both hear the signal, and go to investigate. Meanwhile, Boondee tells MacIntyre that it's been twenty years since he was last there, and he needs to honor the lore of his people. He says that no one is listening but his ancestors, and continues on.

As the two men continue on, Jarli throws a spear through MacIntyre. Boondee calmly watches him die, and Jarli and the other Hairies run up. Jarli asks if Boondee is Bindawu, and Boondee nods in agreement as Latani arrives and recognizes her father. He hugs her and cries in relief.

At the Inclusion clinic, Marion, Lucia, and two soldiers arrive and Marion's college friend Sarah Gottlieb comes up and greets her. Sarah has been working out of the Hague exposing human rights abuses by British forces. She accuses Marion of stripping the Hairies of their rights and castrating an entire race. Marion insists that the Initiative is about integration, giving Hairies the choice to live among them. Sarah points out that bald heads are just as conspicuous, and warns that Marion is on the wrong side of history. She gives Marion her card and leaves.

Inside, Marion watches a mother and daughter receive the treatment. The mother thanks Nurse Robert, who comes over and greets Marion. He assures her that he hasn't had any issues with the Hairies, and says that he listens to their stories of the land over centuries. When Marion tells him that it's good that he listens, Robert wonders why he wouldn't. Marion looks around for a moment and then leaves.

Jarli takes MacIntyre's corpse back to the camp and dumps it on the ground. Darana demands to know what's going on, and Charlotte says that she knows MacIntyre. Boondee tells them that Jarrod forced him to leave MacIntyre there, and Charlotte warns that none of them are safe as long as she's there. She tells the Hairies that if she can talk to Jarrod, she can convince him that he's wrong and then she'll return. Harah warns that it's too risky, and Jarli says that he will go back to the city and kill Jarrod. Darana warns that it will just provoke the humans, and Charlotte insists that Jarrod won't hurt her or the baby.

Araluen goes to the clinic for treatment.

Audie drives up to the clinic and Koen tells her to drive off if anything happens. Koen slips in via the boiler room and comes up in the conversion room. Robert is preparing Araluen for the next stage, and goes to get her IV unit.

Koen goes to the storage room and finds the case of IV units. He smashes everything with his nulla nulla.

Audie sees a CA officer going by and hears him called in via the radio. Instead of following Koen's orders, Audie runs in.

Koen goes to the conversion room and sees Araluen. He approaches her and says not to do it, and she's proud of who she is. Araluen says that she needs to look for Latani on the streets, and it's the only way. She says that if Koen shuts it down then she'll go back to being hunted on the streets. As Araluen runs off, the CA officers come in and Koen attacks them. As he knocks them out, Audie arrives and leads him out.

At the lab, Mitchell reports that the hair comes from a Hairy. However, the cellular structure is not the same as the others that they've worked with. Jarrod tells Mitchell to run a DNA check on the hair, and it comes up with Waruu's name. Seeing it, Jarrod leaves.

Waruu watches a video of the masked Koen's attack on the clinic. Jarrod calls him and Waruu says that Jarrod withheld the sap from him so he couldn't stop Koen. The CEO says that they will find Koen and overpower him, and that he knows Waruu is transforming. He threatens to expose him, and Waruu tells Jarrod to remember who he is now. Once Waruu hangs up, Jarrod calls Marion and tells her that the hair belongs to a human.

At the camp, Darana demands to know why Boondee came back. Boondee says that he had no choice, and Jarli asks if they're going to send Boondee back to the people who transformed him. The warrior says that change is there.

As CA officers check everyone's IDs and genetic structure, Waruu's interview where he says that humans and Hairies can live side-by-side continue broadcasting.

A Hairy is spotted going into the sanctuary, and the CA officers move in with orders to shoot to kill. They open fire on the Zone survivors,

Jarli takes Charlotte back to the city and when they reach the road, Charlotte thanks him in his own language. The warrior goes back to his cave and finds Darana waiting for him. He tells Jarli that he disobeyed them and must leave. Jarli says that when his generation becomes the leaders, things will change because they have to. The older Hairy orders Jarli to remove his tribal garments.

That night, Nerida is drinking in the darkness when Tim comes home. She tells him that her two most important people have been taken from her because of him, and Tim asks if Waruu hurt her. Nerida ignores his question, and Tim says that Latani was never processed and he's trying to find out what happened to her. Angry, Nerida tells Tim that Latani should have been scare of him and walks out.

Audie and Koen take refuge beneath an overpass, and Audie wonders how it all works. Koen says that it's the nulla nulla, and Audie tells him not to feed his doubt. She comes over and strokes his face, and when Koen takes his hand he has a vision of the future and Audie walking away from him. He dismisses it as nothing and kisses her.

Charlotte goes the Slade lab for the first time and finds Jarrod there. Relieved, he hugs her and asks if the baby is okay. Charlotte tells him that she's not staying, and it all has to stop. As they talk, Charlotte sees a display of the baby's development. Shocked, she tries to leave and Jarrod grabs her. He says that they need to get the baby out of her, and drags her to a chair. Jarrod tells Charlotte that when she wakes up, it will all be over. She grabs a scalpel and stabs Jarrod in the neck, and he collapses to the floor. Charlotte goes to him and holds him in her arms. Waruu comes in looks at them.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 27, 2017

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