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Drop It Like It's Hot Recap

A reporter outside Reiden Tower talks about the hybrids spotted in the city.

The jet flies out to the Atlantic with the hybrids bashing into it, and Jackson and Abe try to work how to block the signal without diverting the hybrids to another city. Mitch calls to tell them that they've got a problem, and Abe tells him that they're going to fly back to Mexico and drop the beacon in the volcano. Mitch tells them that Logan shot Abigail but she got way, and he arrested Jamie for killing Leanne. He's at the precinct trying to sort it out, and Mitch tells her that Clementine is still in New York.

The power short=circuits, and the electronic lock on Mansdale's cell goes out. He slips out and goes upstairs, and then heads to the cargo bay. When he hears the trio coming, he hides in the nearby car as they approach the volcano. Mitch figures that they need to weigh the drone down with something a thousand pounds heavier, and sees the car.

Logan brings Jamie into the station, and Mitch tells her to wait until he can call a lawyer. She says that she needs Mansdale

The trio attaches the drone to the car, and they open the cargo door as Jackson puts the car into neutral. They all shoves the car out the door.

Jamie tells Mitch to bring Mansdale there.

Mansdale screams in terror as the car plunges into the volcano. The hybrids follow the drone into the lava and die.

Once they discover that Mansdale has escaped, Abe calls Mitch with the news. He plays back the video and realizes that Mansdale was hiding into the car. Mitch says that he'll figure something out and Logan tells him to leave. The pathologist refuses to go without Jamie, and insists that she didn't kill anyone. He asks to talk to Jamie, and figures that Logan has had it out for Jamie ever since she dumped him. Mitch refuses to back off, and tells Logan to let him in or he'll tell Logan's captain how Logan disposes of evidence using a drone.

Jackson confirms that all of the hybrids flew into the volcano, and says that they should back to New York. Abe insists that they need to rescue Isaac and explains that the boy is in Reiden's custody. Jackson says that they'll go after him together, and admits that back in Portland Logan confirmed that Abigail is Jackson's sister. He vows to stop Abigail even though he couldn't stop his father. An SOS comes in from someone on the mountain, and Jackson insists that they can't let anyone die because of Abigail. Afterward, they'll get Isaac. Abe agrees and Dariela tells her husband that Isaac knows they're coming for him. He tells her that he's thankful that they didn't trade Clementine for Isaac and put another man's child in danger.

Once she's alone, Dariela calls Erica and tells her that the deal is off. Erica ignores the call and tells Clementine that they have a deal with Reiden. Clementine says that she didn't steal anything from them, but Erica doesn't believe her. Their deal was with Leanne and she's dead, but Erica figures that they can come up with a better one once she figures out what makes Clementine special. The mercenaries prepare to torture Clementine using a car battery, and she finally says that she's pregnant. Erica tells her people to call the Gentlemen and walks off.

Logan and Mitch talk to a handcuffed Jamie, and Mitch tells her that Mansdale isn't going to make it. Jamie says that she's representing herself and is appointing Mitch her co-counsel. Mitch warns her against it but reluctantly agrees. Once Logan leaves, Mitch asks Jamie if she really killed Leanne.

The trio drives to the volcano and the SOS signal. Tessa comes out Mitch explains that they heard her distress call. He introduces the others, and Tessa explains that they closed the camp in Portland and they got word that people there needed evac. Dariela confirms that her radiator hose gave out and they can fix it, and Tessa says that the nearby villagers say that they haven't seen hybrids because a witch in town keeps the hybrids away. The witch refuses to go, and Jackson wants to talk to her. He tells Dariela and Abe to circle the plane and he'll radio them in ten minutes, and then he and Tessa head to the village.

Jamie says that Leanne, aka the Falcon, has been trying to kill her for years. Mansdale has access to the file that prove Jamie's claim, and Mitch tells her that Mansdale is dead. She figures that they can get them from Reiden Global as evidence in the investigation. She says that she needs someone who knows her as a lawyer.

Mitch leaves and calls Clementine. He gets her voice mail and says that he's still in New York.

The mercenaries take clementine away in the back of their SUV.

As Jackson and Tessa drive to the village, Jackson tries to make small talk. She says that she understands why Jackson lied to her, and admits that she was hiding as well. Ever since she was a little girl, Tessa dreamed about being a mother. When Robert dropped the TX gas, she tried to forget her dream and moved to Portland to help people in other ways. Being unable to have a family hurts every day, and Jackson says that he had a family once. They were in Nairobi and stopped at a gas station, and he was inside when a truck slammed into the car with his wife and child. No one outside Jackson's family knew, and Jackson tried to move on with his family. He tells Tessa that if they can stop Abigail then they can find a way to reverse the TX gas. Jackson insists that he won't give up on giving Tessa a family.

At the jet, Abe figures that Jackson and Tessa needed some time alone. Isaac calls and Tad with him explains that Isaac and the other children have been integral to their efforts to solve the TX problem. He says that all children will be returned to their family in the next few weeks, and Tad has Isaac say how much fun he's having. Tad breaks the connection and Abe figures that Reiden won't give the children back.

Jackson and Tessa arrive at the witch's camper and discover that the ash hasn't fallen in the area. They go to the door and find the disc symbol on the door. The "witch," Anna Pinedo, comes out and asks if Jackson is Mr. Duncan. He claims that he is to find out what she knows.

Logan tells Mitch that Jamie confessed and the case is closed. Mitch doesn't believe her, but Logan says that Jamie changed in ten years and she murdered Mansdale two years ago. The pathologist explains that Jamie has been holding Mansdale prisoner and it's not murder, and points out that if Logan was a better cop then he'd know that. Logan finally points out that they'll figure out who is right or wrong if they work together.

In Hudson, New York, Abigail gets out of her stolen taxi, checks her gunshot wound in the side, and walks away, leaving the dead cab driver in the front seat.

As they work, Logan asks Mitch if he and Jamie are going to pick up where they left off. He tells Mitch that he has no idea what happened, and finds an encrypted letter. It can only be viewed by one specific device, probably Leanne's tablet, but it's bioprotected and won't unlock without her fingerprints. Mitch points out that they have Leanne's finger on the premises. Logan warns that he needs a court order to get the body, and Mitch asks him how badly he wants the truth.

Abe prepares to find Clementine and discover what she has that she supposedly stolen from Reiden. He figures that if they have it then Reiden will talk to them again.

Anna says that she's taking Jackson and Tessa to Abendegos, explaining that he's been waiting for Mr. Duncan. Abendegos ' men draw guns on the trio, but Anna explains that Jackson is Duncan. Once Anna leaves, the head soldier tells Jackson and Tessa to leave the guns on the table. They do so and go into the nearby trailer, and find a chained-up baboon hybrid inside. It lunges at them but comes up short, and says Jackson's name.

Abigail walks into the forest and takes out a locket.

Abendegos repeats Jackson's name, and Jackson uses the clicker from his lion controller to create something shiny enough to attract the hybrid's attention.

Abe and Dariela search Clementine's cabin, and find the prenatal vitamins that Clementine has been taking. Clementine's shirt is on the floor, covered in blood from when she was shot, and Dariela has Abe examine it.

In the police morgue, Logan and Mitch go in when the attendant goes on break. When Mitch figures that Logan couldn't win Jamie back, Logan tells him that Jamie got angry at the world and he left when he couldn't help her. Now Logan feels responsible for every Shepherd that she kills. The men find Leanne's body and Mitch uses her fingerprint on the tablet. When it doesn't work, he sticks her finger in his mouth to warm it up. They turn on the tablet but it doesn't decrypt the file. Leanne's eye lights up, and Mitch removes the glowing contact lens. They figure it's some kind of bioprocessor, and Logan reluctantly puts it in his eye. It has the decryption program, and Logan discovers that it's a record of Reiden buying Melvatox Corporation, a pharmaceutical company.

Abe checks Clementine's blood and confirms that she's pregnant. Dariela figures that Reiden knew that clementine was pregnant, and are using them to find her. She tells Abe that it's too late.

Jackson tells Tessa that they're going to tow the trailer back the plane.

Abe yells at Dariela to get out of his lab, and she leaves.

Jackson and Tessa slip out the back of the trailer, but Anna sees them and fires a warning around as the guards arrive..

Mitch and Logan tells Jamie what they've found, and Logan has learned that the corporation only had one product, a migraine drug. The drug had severe cognitive side effects, and Leanne bought it cheap. Jamie says that she didn't kill Leanne at all: she was dead when Jamie found her. She confessed to get the file. With Leanne dead, the only way to get the file was to confess to the murder, because Reiden would have been forced to release the evidence. If Jamie had said she was innocent, the two men would have wasted time looking for the real killer.

Dariela calls Mitch and he steps outside to take it. Jamie tells Logan that she's never crossed Shepherd, and figures that the Shepherds will kill to keep the drug safely.

At the facility, Tad gives pills to Isaac and the other children, claiming the pills are candy.

Dariela tells Mitch that he's the only one who can save Clementine. She explains that she's pregnant and Reiden found out.

Anna is furious that Jackson isn't Duncan. He tries to explain that Abigail is his sister, and Tessa warns them that they're no longer safe and they can take them all to safety. Anna insists that Abendegos can't be moved, and a guard pistol whips Jackson. Mountain lion hybrids emerge from the jungle.

Hybrids approach Abigail. She holds up her hand and they stop.

Jackson holds up his hand, and the hybrids stop their advance.

Abigail tells the hybrids to take her home and then passes out from blood loss. The creatures drag her away.

Dariela tells Abe that she traced where the mercenaries took Clementine and told Mitch. She admits that what she did was wrong, but she did it for Isaac. Dariela points out that he considered turning Clementine in, and she can live with sparing him the guilt of that decision. When the mission is over and Isaac is safe, she thinks that they should get a divorce. Abe says nothing, and Dariela tells him that it was his chance to disagree. After a moment, Abe tells Dariela that he separated the child's DNA from Clementine's. The child isn't just a miracle, it's their salvation. It shares the same hormone as the hybrids, and is the key to solving the TX sterility. Abe turns to Dariela and says that Clementine and the child must survive because if they die, all of mankind dies with them.

Doctors wake up Clementine and tell her that she's okay. They show her an ultrasound of her baby--a boy—while outside the auctioneer says to tell the Gentlemen that the bidding will begin at $80 million.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 28, 2017

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