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No Future in the Past Recap

A young Willa throw Waverly's doll out of the frozen-over lake.


Waverly and Wynonna look at the pond and Waverly remembers what Willa di. She figures that Willa hated her, and their parents never did much for her when it was a kid because she wasn't an Earp. A truck pulls up to take Wynonna to her appointment, and Wynonna asks Waverly who pulled her out when she fell through the ice. Waverly tells her that she did.

Juan Carlo pulls up to a stranded car and offers to help. Mercedes Mercedes turns to him, and Juan Carlo says that he thought he put both widows in box. When he says that he'll die before he tells her, Mercedes tells him that he'll do both and Beth comes up behind Juan Carlo sand bites him on the shoulder.

At Shorty's, Rosita comes downstairs and Doc says that he has an errand to attend to. Mildly miffed, Rosita says that she has her own plans, and Doc insists that Wynonna is fun and Waverly is fun, and they're both friends. He says that he's going to the salt flats and leaves.

The OBGYN examines Wynonna and question her about her personal and health issues. Wynonna jokes about them, and the doctor insists that the pregnancy is serious. Wynona talk about how a "friend" is concerned that she might be adopted and wants to know where she came from. The doctor shows Wynonna an ultrasound of the baby, and Wynonna is shocked at how large it is. As she starts to go, the doctor tells her that Wynonna is a few weeks due. Wynonna leaves without wanting to see it, going out past Dolls who brought her there. The doctor gives him Wynonna's confidential file, and he runs out in time to see someone taking Wynonna off in a truck... and blood on the ground.

Dolls goes to the sheriff's office and tells Neadley what happened. He asks her to run the truck's plate. The sheriff discovers that it's not in the system, and has Dolls describe the truck. When Dolls does, Neadley realizes that it belongs to Juan Carlo, and warns that he's hard to find. Juan Carlos is chief of the fire brigade, and Dolls realizes that he's connected to the Order.

At Shorty's, Waverly and Nicole are playing pool. Nicole points out that Wynonna remembers Waverly coming home from the hospital, and asks who she trusts more. She asks if Waverly wants to know if she's really an Earp, and Waverly insists that she does. Rosita comes over and says that they should throw a baby shower for Wynonna. When Waverly points out that Wynonna isn't big on parties, Rosita says that Doc mentioned that Wynonna was worried about becoming a mother, and Waverly and Nicole agree. Once Rosita leaves, Waverly takes in the fact that "they" are doing it.

Dolls brings Evan in and tells him what happened, and asks why Juan Carlo did. Evan figures that Wynonna went with Juan Carlo of her own free will, but Dolls tells him that it's bad. Dolls' phone rings: it's Wynonna, who says that Juan Carlo had some things to discuss with her. She says that she's at a cross roads, and Juan Carlo takes the phone away from her when she tries to tell him that she's at a church. Meanwhile, Dolls realizes from Wynonna's clues that she's at a church, but Evans doesn't care. He says that the Order has only been tasked to protect the Triangle from demons. Dolls insists that the Order will need allies, and Evan finally gives him the address of the church near Juan Carlo's chops hop.

At the church, Juan Carlo tells Wynonna about Waverly's text that she wants Wynonna at Shorty's. Wynonna draws Peacemaker on him, and he points out that she came with him voluntarily. He explains that he can't tell her answers because of his curse to survive and witness, but never decide. However, he can show Wynonna wants to know but she must go willingly. Juan Carlo tells her to go into the church with Peacemaker and a badge, place it in the center of the mark he made, and read the words on the badge the sun sets. He says that the Earp sisters will be reunited before sunset, and tells her that it will show her a shitload of things.

Wynonna enters the church and performs the ritual. There's a sudden wind but nothing else seemingly happens. She goes to Shorty's and sees Doc at the bar. Wynonna starts to tell her about her OBGYN visit, but Doc walks away. Looking around, Wynonna smells horses and looks outside. She realizes that she's in century Purgatory, She goes back inside and tries to talk to Doc, but he doesn't see her or hear her. Wynonna realizes that she's on a spirit trap and no one can perceive her.

A spectacled Bobo comes over and calls to Doc by name. He says that came from Wyatt, who received another letter from Doc and Wyatt is upset. Doc insists that Wyatt doesn't get upset. Everyone laughs as Doc insults Bobo, who introduces himself and says that the sheriff in Purgatory is a madman. Wyatt wants Doc to ride with him to Purgatory, and Doc says that Purgatory is a lost cause. He tells Bobo to go to hell, and Bobo says that he would ride to hell and back for Wyatt, and once Doc would do so as well. Bobo walks off, and gunshots ring out. Everyone goes out to see what happened, and Wynonna wonders if she should risk going as well. She finally chooses to go out, and sees a horseman ride off.

A school teacher is telling a townsperson that she saw Wyatt shoot Sheriff Clootie in the heart and ride off. Wynonna realizes that's where it all began, and follows a blood trial down the street and wonders where it ends. She goes to the church and Bobo in one of the pews. Constance is there with the Widows and demands to know where her husband is, and Juan Carlo steps out dressed as a priest, introduces himself, and knocks out the Widows.


Waverly decorates Shorty's, and Rosita shows them the baby piñata that she bought. Nicole says that the Earp party is hard to crash, and Waverly promises to try and go along. Rosita serves up babytinis, and when Waverly cheers up, says that she likes the new Waverly.

Dolls drives to the church and draws his gun on Juan Carlo. Juan Carlos teleports it to his hand and tells Dolls that Wynonna is a willing participant. He reminds Dolls that he brought him back to Purgatory, and says that Wynonna is fine but waking someone up before she's finished her vision quest could kill her. Juan Carlo tells Dolls that Wynonna needs to see the past to save the future. Dolls goes in and tells the comatose Wynonna that he's there.


Juan Carlo and Constance put the widows in a box and seal it shut. Constance says that she has priorities and if her demon husband gets then she'll be running for her life. She explains that with the use of her wedding ring, they can create the seal and tells him to put it on holy ground and it will keep her husband locked away. The three of them leave, and Wynonna follows Constance.

Dolls goes out and asks Juan Carlo how long it will take. He says that he was granted immortality like and got a few other perks, and isn't allowed to interfere. Juan Carlo is interfering now, and reveals that his arm is infected with gangrene. He can't survive it, and there's no time for him to get to the hospital. A Widow is nearby, looking for the seal, and Juan Carlo says that he doesn't know where it is. Dolls goes after her, and Juan Carlos yells at him not to let her get near Wynonna.

Dolls confronts the Widow, and her and her sister attack Dolls. He dodges aside and prepares to shoot.

Wynonna reappears back in the church, and sees a mortally wounded Bobo. Constance comes in and Bob says that Wyatt promises to come back and set it all straight. Bobo says that Constance's husband used him as a shield between him and Wyatt. He told Wyatt to take the shot, and the bullet went through him and into the demon's heart. Bobo says that Doc has gone missing and Wyatt went looking for him, and Constance explains that Bobo gave up his soul. Her husband cursed Wyatt and all those killed by Wyatt. They'll be resurrected after each Earp's debt to torment the Earp line. Bobo insists that he's a good man, but Constance tells him that Hell will burn it out of him. He begs her for help, and Constance says that there is a way but he needs to bring her the bones of the soul. Bobo refuses at first, but finally gives in.

The Widows teleport finally get the drop on Dolls and prepare to eat him.

Dying, Juan Carlo lies on the church on the steps.

At Shorty's, Waverly and Rosita drink and talk about never seeing the ocean. Once Rosita goes off to get Pregnant Pictionary, Waverly tells Nicole that Rosita is fun and she's happy for her and doc. She finds Nicole's purse with her DNA test inside, and realizes that Nicole opened it. Nicole says that she was trying to protect her, but Waverly insists that she doesn't need people to make decisions for her and figures from the look on Nicole's face that she isn't an Earp.

Constance leads Bobo to the well where Doc is trapped. He begs them for help, and Constance tells Bobo that her vengeance on Wyatt means that she made Doc immortal and trapped him to suffer. Bobo wonders where she brought him there, and Constance says that the seal is in her will. Bobo can rescue Doc and reunite him with Wyatt, but it will break the seal.

Constance disappears and Bobo lowers a thread and tells Doc to tie the ring to it. Once Doc does, Bobo will lower him a rope. Doc refuses to trust him, and Bobo walks away. Constance reappears and says that she'll find something to convince him to get the bones of her sons eventually.

The widows feed on Juan Carlo.

Doll remembers his past with Wynonna and wakes up out of the coma that the Widows put him in. Summoning his dragon self, he shakes off the rest of the spell, goes to the church, and drives off the Widows. Juan Carlo begs him for death, and Dolls shoots him and then goes into the church. He barricades the door and then collapses in pain from the aftereffects of the spell. Clutching at his head, he tells Wynonna that it would be a good time to wake up.

The Widows realize that Dolls has claimed sanctuary and they can't open the door. They set the church on fire.

Bobo lies in the church, dying, and Wynonna can only watch. He sees her as he dies, and believes that she's his guardian angel. Wynonna coughs and hears Dolls yelling at her to wake up. Bobo begs her to save him, insisting that he's a good man, and Wynonna points out that he left Doc to suffer in the well. She figures that Bobo was jealous and left Doc to rot, and Bobo confesses but says that it was a moment of weakness. Wynonna calls him Bobo, and says that will be his name when he's resurrected from Hell as a revenant. She sees Peacemaker lying nearby and aims it at Bobo, and the barrel glows. Bobo recognizes it as the gun that killed him, and Wynonna lowers the gun and says that she's trying to remember how much Bobo loved Wyatt.

Wynonna continues coughing and Bobo figures that she's dying because of him. He holds her, able to touch her because he's dying, and promises that he'll never hurt her no matter what form he takes. Bobo asks what his angel's name is, and Wynonna says that it's "Waverly." He promises that he'll remember, and Wynonna passes out. Bobo runs to the church bell and rings it.


In 2017, the firemen try to put out the burning church while Dolls begs Wynonna to come back to him. She finally starts breathing, and Evan says that the firemen came when they rang the bell. Wynonna says that it was Bobo.

The next day, Waverly stands by the frozen pond and looks at the DNA report. She remembers that it was Bobo that rescued her from the frozen lake when she was a child.

Later at the homestead, Dolls and Wynonna lie in bed and Wynonna says that Doc's ring is the third seal. She explains that Clootie the demon will rise if the Widows break the third seal. Dolls points out that she clinically died for 77 seconds, and Wynonna says that she saw Bobo when he was a man. She wonders if the curse was renewed when she died, but laughs off the idea because she was dead so briefly.

Out in the wilderness, Bobo emerges from his grave.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 29, 2017

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