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The Lion's Den Recap

Noah, Quentin, and Taylor run for it as Renautas security guards search the area. Noah figures that Erica has the answers to what Molly meant when she said 7 billion people were going to die, and Taylor agrees to take them to her mother.

Malina and Farah walk to St. Pierre, Quebec, and Farah tells the girl that it is a step along the way to her destiny. Malina says that she knows how important her destiny is to save the world, but doesn’t know how to do it. Her mentor assures her that when the moment comes, she’ll know. They go to an abandoned building and Farah tells Malina to stay there while she meets someone.

Erica watches the Evernow fans gather outside the building, and Harris explains that they’re on a scavenger hunt that Japanese gamer Ren set up. The CEO realizes that Miko is there for the sword and set the hunt up as a diversion to get the sword. She tells Harris to take the sword to her house, and complains that without EPIC, they’re falling behind. Her security chief assures her that the EPIC units are still useful in close proximity, and have been distributed to law enforcement. He wants to arrest them for trespassing, but Erica warns that if they take extreme measures then it would go viral to all of their customers and ruin business. She tells Harris to get Miko and the intruders, and dispose of Molly’s body. Harris cuts off a finger tip and it grows into another clone.

The Harris clone goes to the gate and tells the guards to let the Evermore fans through. Miko and Ren are among the crowd, and Miko recognizes Harris from Tokyo.

At the police station in Carbondale, the police book Tommy as an Evo, take blood samples, and insert a satellite tracking device. The doctor warns that if he goes outside the radius then “they” will respond in less than ten minutes.

Carlos drives back to the garage in his modified car and finds a box on the floor. There’s no sign of his nephew Jose, and the El Vengador mask is on the seat of one of the cars.

Taylor leads Noah and Quentin into what they realize is a large seed bank. Noah figures that Erica is planning to repopulate after an extinction event, and Taylor admits that Noah and Molly were right. The trio hides as technicians load up the seeds for transport, and Noah tells Taylor that she’s going to mend fences with Erica.

Luke drives to his family home in Rochester, NY, and goes inside after drawing his gun. Joanne isn’t there. He goes to the kitchen and looks at the photos of him and Joanne together, and their son Dennis

Farah waits at a rendezvous spot but there’s no sign of her contact. She calls Casper and says that her contact hasn’t arrived, and then walks off, turning invisible as she goes. One of the Harris clones spots her using the EPIC eyeware and identifies Farah as an unregistered Evo. He calls it in to his security team.

At Renautas, a Harris clone scans the crowd and Miko and Ren realize that they’re searching for her and it might be a trip. Miko figures that the sword is the key to finding her father.

Luke goes to Dennis’ room and looks at all of his son’s things just the way he left them. There’s a birthday card from Dennis to Luke on Luke’s birthday, and Luke breaks into tears as he reads it.

At the station, Agent Cutler points out that Tommy has had five aliases in the past. He asks what Tommy and Anne are running from, and insists that normal people like him need the Odessa Protocols to protect them. The agent says that he doesn’t know what will happen to Anne until they get a few things cleared, and asks for Tommy’s real name. When Tommy gives him his last name of Clarke, Cutler asks for his name before he was adopted. Tommy doesn’t know what he means, and Cutler explains that Anne isn’t Tommy’s birth mother. They need to know Tommy’s parents so that they can register them. Meanwhile, he logs his abilities and his tracking number, just as Tommy teleports away. As Cutler makes a call to lockdown the hospital, Casper comes in and holds up a penny.

Farah returns to Malina and says that her contact never showed. She’s sure that someone is tailing them, just as Harris and his hunter team arrive. Harris tells her to hand over the baby. When Farah turns invisible, the clone tracks her with the EPIC glasses and fires a warning shot. Another agent attacks Farah, and Malina summons a blast of wind to knock the agents back before running off with Farah.

Carlos goes to the police station and demands to see Dearing, accusing him of kidnapping Jose and Mauricio. The officer goes to get Dearing, and Dearing says that he’ll be there in a minute. Meanwhile, the other officers get a shipment of EPIC goggles. Dearing tries to leave but the officers detect that he’s an Evo and one of them shoot him with a tranq dart. Carlos sees the fight and leaves.

At Renautas, Erica goes to a secure part of the facility and meets with Richard Steckman, the man in charge. He’s supervising the loading of the seeds into a secure container, and asks Erica if she’s okay. She says that Richard creating the next Big Bang without the mess is Godlike. They teleport the container out and Erica admits that the Evo powering the teleporter is critical to their operations. Taylor calls Erica and apologizes, claiming that she’s trying to get back at Erica for what she did to Francis. She asks to talk to Erica privately and says that she’s at the house, and Erica agrees to meet her there. Once she hangs up, Taylor tells Noah and Quentin she’s always been an excellent fake cryer.

Miko and Ren follow the Harris clone in. He grabs Katana Girl cosplayer and scans her, and Miko and Ren jump out of sight. Ren spots a poster with Erica on it and says that she’s the one who stole the sword. Miko assures him that their mission won’t fail because it’s honorable.

Tommy teleports home and finds the landlord kicking them out. He says that he’s throwing them out because they didn’t register, and gives Tommy 30 days to comply.

Once they get clear, Farah tells Malina that the agents are with Renautas, and intend to make sure Malina doesn’t complete her mission. She tells Malina that she doesn’t have to save the world alone and leaves.

At home, Luke watches video of Dennis building a sailboat. He calls a woman, Marcy, and says that he needs to see Don right away.

Farah tries to call again and gets no answer, just as the hunter team spots them. The two women run into a warehouse, and Malina turns to fight. There’s a girl in a hoodie with them, and she generates shadow tendrils that negate Malina’s winds. As they run, Harris shoots Farah in the back. Malina gets her to cover, and Farah gives her an envelope and says that the answers he needs are in the envelope. She then tells Malina to run as the girl’s shadow tendrils reach out. Malina slips out and hides on a lumber truck.

Tommy teleports to Emily’s bedroom and tells her that he’s learned that he’s adopted. Emily doesn’t see the problem and says that he needs to talk to Anne and get her side of the story.

Miko and Ren spot Harris Prime taking the sword to a SUV. Ren runs over and puts his iPhone in the gas cap bay, and then tracks it on his computer.

The two detectives put a sedation harness on Dearing and drive out of the parking garage. The lights go out and they call it in, just as El Vengador throws flares on the hood. When the detectives pull to a stop, the vigilante punches one of them unconscious through the window, and knocks out the other one when he tries to run. El Vengador rips the doors off of the SUV and easily subdues Dearing. He then tells the former captain that he can either lead El Vengador to his friends or he’ll leave him there. Dearing quickly agrees and El Vengador tosses him in the trunk of his souped-up car and then drives away.

Erica returns home and finds Taylor waiting for her. She says that she wanted answers, and points out that Erica locked Francis up. Erica says that Francis agreed to sacrifice himself to save the world, and refuses to discuss Molly. She figures that Taylor is using, and Noah and Quentin step out. Noah greets Erica by name, and Quentin asks where Phoebe is. He doesn’t believe her denials and Noah escorts her into the next room so they can talk privately. Erica says that she had nothing to do with Claire’s death and Hiro died at the summit on June 13. As for Molly, Erica says that she was part of something larger than herself and couldn’t get past her fear. When Noah wonders what is so important that it’s worth the lives of the captive Evos, Erica says that she’ll do what she has to to give mankind a future. She tells Noah that he chose to forget by wiping his memory to protect what’s going on.

Harris comes in with the sword, gun drawn, and orders Noah to surrender. Erica takes the sword and Harris says that he brought company.

Luke’s partner Don comes over and Luke asks how much he’ll pay for his share of the practice. Don agrees to buy him out and asks if Luke is making a change or retiring. Luke looks at a photo of Dennis and says that he’s atoning.

Erica tells Harris that Richard called with an emergency. As a Harris clone brings Quentin and Taylor in, Miko slams through the window. Noah attacks his captor, while Miko knocks out the other clone and grabs the sword. Two of the clones get Erica out, while the third one demands the sword. Miko draws it and disappears, and Quentin knocks the clone out from behind. He searches for Erica as Miko teleports to Ren. He hugs her and then apologizes, and Miko thanks him for his help. She then draws the sword and then teleports into Evernow as Ren gets out his game controller.

Tommy teleports to the hospital and demands answers from his mother. She mutters the name “Nathan,” and Tommy asks where he came from. Anne insists that Tommy is her son, and promises to tell him everything. Casper comes in and asks if she’s ready to tell Tommy everything.

Quentin ties up the clone as Noah returns. Quentin demands to know where Phoebe is, but Noah tells him to calm down.

Casper says that he’s been around for a year, and Anne tells Tommy that he’s not his father. The man says that Tommy is important, and Anne says that she took Tommy away because if he found out who his father was, he’d try to save him. Casper says that she shouldn’t have run, and tells Tommy that he has a destiny: to help save the world. Tommy refuses and teleports away.

Luke goes through Dennis room and finds a photo of Joanne with their son. He picks up the photo and sets it on fire with his powers. And then throws it on the floor. Luke takes off his wedding ring, picks up Dennis’ sailboat, and walks out as his home burns up.

Malina takes out the envelope and cries as the truck drives away.

Erica and the clones return to Renautas, and Richard tells her that things are happening quicker than they anticipated. He brings up a simulation of Earth’s magnetic poles reversing. The sun will soon eject a coronal mass, and the polar reversal will leave them without protection. The mass will wipe out 965% of all species on Earth in a matter of days. Erica says that starting over is never pretty.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2015

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