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Dreamland Recap

Kirsten jerks in her sleep next to Cameron. He wakes her up to ask what she was dreaming, and Kirsten says that she hasn't remembered her dreams since she was a little girl. Cameron suggests that Kirsten see a top neurologist that isn't in the program, and she won't tell Maggie. Kirsten finally agrees.

Quincy is sleeping next to his ex-wife Stephanie, and she wakes him up and asks if they're doing great. She tells him that she got the job with the DOJ... in DC. Stephanie wonders if they're good enough to handle the move, and he looks at her without responding.

Ivy calls Linus and she says that something came up. She apologizes for blowing Linus off, and offers to make him breakfast. Linus says that he's busy but offers to come by for dinner that night and Ivy agrees. Once Linus hangs up, he knocks on Camille's door. When she answers, he tells her that she has to get over Amanda. Linus insists on taking Camille on a beach run, and she finally gives in.

In Soledad Canyon, a man lies dead on the ground.

Later, Quincy briefs the team on the dead man, Fred Overmyer. Camille identifies him as a member of a top-secret Air Force unit. The look on his face is terrified, and so far Amanda hasn't determined the cause of death. There are no forensics yet, and the Air Force isn't sharing any information about Fred's assignment. As the team prepare for the stitch, Maggie asks Quincy what the matter is. He explains that Stephanie is taking a job in DC and wants Quincy to transfer there. Quincy says that he's happy in LA, and Maggie offers to look into transfer options for him. Before Quincy goes, Maggie asks him to keep the information about Daniela and Ivy from the rest of the team and he agrees.

The team begins the stitch and Kirsten sees Fred in 1985, visiting a man named Rudy at his house. Reed is catatonic, and a woman tends to him. As Fred apologizes for surviving, Linus finds another memory hot spot. The next memory is of Fred in an Air Force tower control, tracking a pilot on radar. The pilot says that he's seeing a UFO, and then the memories jump to Fred and Rudy talking before the accident that injured Rudy. Rudy says that he saw the UFO, and Kirsten realizes that Rudy is the pilot who saw the UFO. Later, Fred tells a female officer that he wants to tell Rudy what he knows about UFOs.

Kirsten is pulled to another memory of Fred taking Rudy to a restricted area and showing him the body of an alien. Rudy touches it and the alien attacks him. Linus locks in on the death memory, and Kirsten sees him in Soledad Canyon. Fred is waiting for someone, and a series of lights flies overhead. A light shines down on Fred, and Kirsten bounces. She tells the team that aliens killed Fred. Cameron insists that aliens don't exist, and Cameron says that they'll try to identify Rudy from the ID Kirsten read on his badge. Camille figures that they should check for UFO spottings in the area and Linus agrees, He insists that Fred's memories were real, but Cameron figures that Fred was working on secret military technology

As Camille and Kirsten review UFO videos, Cameron tells them that he identified Rudy. He was discharged from the Air Force in 1985 after he suffered a nervous breakdown. Camille recognizes him as Rudy Grant, a major UFOlogist. Quincy has found a regular deposit of $1,000 each month for the last 20 years. Fred then paid half of it to a guy named Pog Newcomb with money orders. Cameron sends Camille and Quincy to interview Pog while he and Kirsten talk to Rudy.

When they go to Rudy's workshop, Rudy says that he and Fred were attacked by an alien at Roessell Air Force Base--"Dreamland"--in 1985. Rudy's wife Arlene--the woman Kirsten saw in the stitch--says that they didn't kill Rudy because he's too high-profile. When Cameron says that he's not a believer, Rudy admits that there's lots of hoaxers but insists that there's life on other planets. Their house is on a ley line, and Rudy says that it's been a couple of months since they last saw Fred at Rudy's book signing. He didn't say that he was working on anything, and Cameron asks if they can tell them where Dreamland is. Rudy agrees to do it for Fred, but warns them that if they aren't careful then the aliens or the Air Force will get them.

Cameron and Kirsten go to Roessell and Cameron gets a text from the neurologist at Kirsten's place. Kirsten agrees and Kirsten sees the hallway from the stitch that led to the alien. She insists on going in and Cameron goes after her. They walk into the restricted area and find an empty chamber... and a door on the other side. Kirsten and Cameron look in through the window and sees a flying saucer in the middle of a hangar. Soldiers come in behind them and order them at gunpoint to freeze.

An officer, Spencer, soon arrives and tells them that the fact they're with the NSA saved them. That, and the flying saucer they saw is a declassified military profile that is heavily documented. If it was classified then they'd be in trouble. The agents ask Spencer what he knows about Fred's death, and he says that it's a tragedy but he doesn't know anything. Spencer says that what Fred was working on was classified, and Kirsten asks him about the alien autopsy. She says that a friend told her and his identify is classified, and Cameron says that they think Fred may have been selling Dreamland secrets. Spencer insists that Fred would never do that, and Kirsten asks him for the name of the female officer that she saw in the stitch. The officer says that the personnel lists are classified, and warns that the next time they trespass, their NSA badges won't help them.

Quincy and Camille drive to a diner and Cameron texts Camille what they found out. She notices that Quincy is more reserved than usual and figures that there's something going on between him and Stephanie. Quincy tells Camille about the job transfer, and says that the team is his family. Inside, Camille and Quincy talk to Pog, the cook, and point out that he hasn't paid taxes on the money Fred sent him. Quincy threatens to close the diner down on health code violations unless Pog tells them everything, and Pog says that the cash was going to his sister Peggy. Peggy died a couple of months ago in an accident at the aerospace company where she worked. Outside, Quincy and Camille figure that Peggy was the female officer that Kirsten saw. Linus calls and passes on the tox results. Fred died from a lethal dose of an unknown neurotoxin, Cameron said that they'd pick it up in the morning because he had to be somewhere.

At the house, Cameron and Kirsten wait and Kirsten notices that Cameron is nervous. He insists that he isn't, and the doctor arrives. She introduces herself as Dr. Marion Goodkin: Cameron's mother. Marion starts analyzing him and knows that Cameron recently saw his father. She tells Cameron to get out so she can proceed with analyzing Kirsten. They hug and Kirsten assures Cameron that she'll be fine.

Once Cameron leaves, Marion figures that Kirsten and Cameron are dating because it's the first time he reached out to her for someone. She asks what qualities Kirsten likes about Cameron, and Kirsten says that he's loving and kind. Marion tells her that Cameron loves her, and asks if Kirsten loves him. Kirsten doesn't respond, and Marion admits that it's none of her business. She suggests that they go to office for some tests and Kirsten agrees.

The next day at the lab, Kirsten comes in and Cameron asks her how things went. Kirsten says that she liked Marion and Cameron is being too hard on her. Marion is going to analyze the tests and get back to her. Camille runs DMV photos of various Peggy Newcomb, and Kirsten picks out one of them. She worked in the Air Force Chemical Research Laboratory, and Cameron goes to find out more about her. Meanwhile, Maggie calls Quincy and tells him that the NSA won't budge on their hiring freeze and he can't be transferred. Camille hears him talking and asks Quincy if he's going to DC. Before he can respond, Cameron calls him into his office and shows him the file on Daniel meeting with Ivy. Maggie's notes indicate that Quincy knew about it, and Quincy tells Cameron not to tell Maggie because the last time he kept secrets from Kirsten, it almost ruined their relationship.

Cameron shows Kirsten the surveillance photos, and Kirsten says that she's going to make Ivy tell her what's going on. Linus and Camille both wonder what's going on, and Quincy and Cameron ask her not to tell them. Kirsten finally says that Ivy has been in contact with Daniel, and Linus insists that there's an explanation. Quincy tells them not to rush to judgment, but Kirsten points out that Ivy claimed she didn't know where Daniel was. Linus says that he'll talk to her, but Quincy and Kirsten both say that he can't do it and Kirsten says that she will. Cameron points out that they're currently working a case and they need to start the second stitch, and Kirsten agrees to wait.

The team begins the second stitch and Kirsten sees a memory of Fred going to Rudy's book signing. Arlene is there. Fred tells Rudy that he needs to know the truth: the alien attack at the base was a prank. Peggy pretended to be an alien, but she and Fred were guilty about what they did. Fred admits to Rudy that he gave half of the money Rudy was sending to him from the book sales, to Peggy. However, Fred insists that he can't take the money anymore because the story was a lie. When Fred says that Rudy is a fraud, Rudy attacks him until Arlene separates them.

The memories jump to when Fred died, and this time Kirsten sees the "UFO" gas Fred. She bounces and tells the team that the UFO was a drone and it sprayed the toxin on Fred. Cameron and Kirsten remember that Rudy said it would be easy to fake a UFO with tin foil and a drone. They go back to Rudy's house with Quincy and tell him that they suspect him of killing Fred. Rudy insists that he didn't kill Fred, and Arlene tells them to leave. The UFOlogist insists that aliens exist, and Kirsten reminds him what he said about someone faking a UFO with a drone. Rudy has a license to operate a drone, but Rudy says that he never flew them... but Arlene did. He realizes that his wife killed Fred, and Arlene tells him that she couldn't let Fred take away everything that Rudy believed in. Arlene found out where Peggy worked and when Peggy refused to give her the neurotoxin, Arlene killed her. The woman insists that she couldn't let Fred take away Rudy again, and Rudy says that all that matters is them. Quincy takes Arlene away.

Back at the lab, Kirsten tells Cameron that her test results came in and Marion wants to meet them at his apartment at 7. As Cameron leaves, he runs into Camille and asks if she still believes in UFOs. Quincy joins them in the elevator and Camille says that she's going to take out her frustrations in her self-defense class. She asks how Quincy is doing, and he says that he's going to go home and try to figure out the DC thing.

Once everyone leaves, Linus and Kirsten get together.

Quincy drops in on Stephanie as she packs. She says that she's sorting out their clothing for the transfer, and Quincy tells her that he couldn't get a transfer. Stephanie figures that she'll get something else, and realizes that Quincy is choosing work over them. He asks if she is.

Marion gets to Cameron's apartment and says that Kirsten isn't coming. Kirsten thought that it would be a good idea for the two of them to get together alone because she couldn’t stand by and watch the man she loves turn his back on his mother. Cameron figures that it won' change anything, and Marion agrees… and suggests that they have dinner together. He says that it's odd that Kirsten's test results haven't come in yet, and Marion says that she saw something that looked like a reflection on the EKG and sent it back for a check.

Kirsten and Linus enter Ivy's apartment using her spare key and Linus duplicates her laptop hard drive so that they can check it later for any references to Daniel. Kirsten finds a cigar box with everything Ivy saved from her life with Daniel, even though she says that she hates him. Linus finds a computer simulation of Young Cameron and they realize that Ivy inserted it into the stitch and almost killed Kirsten.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 1, 2017

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