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The Prometheus Parabola Recap

A man punches a number into a keypad.

In the swamp, a storm strikes and Swamp Thing holds on against the strong winds.

Graham tells Arcane that their water has been tainted by a toxic reaction. A lightning bolt strikes nearby, and Arcane identifies it as the Prometheus Parabola but insists that it's impossible.

Swamp Thing looks at the devastation and realizes that someone is attacking Arcane and destroying the swamp.

Abigail sets some appetizers for Tressa's blind date. She assures Tressa that she looks beautiful, and she's been told that Hollister blind date is a world traveler and a bit eccentric. A horse neighs outside, and Tressa and Abigail go to the window. Tressa's date, Malcolm Nettington, rides up. He introduces himself and offers to get hot sauce for Abigail's appetizers. Once he goes, Tressa tells Abigail that Malcolm isn't her type.

Hollister arrives and says that Malcolm was in an accident and won't be coming. "Malcolm" comes out and shoots Hollister in the shoulder, and says that his name is J.J. Dax. He handcuffs Abigail to the unconscious Hollister and tells Tressa that they're going for a stroll through town

Arcane brings up the file on Dax, and explains to Graham that Dax's brother created the Prometheus Parabola. The scientist "appropriated" it from the brother and thought that he had killed both of them, and tells Graham to find and kill him.

In Houma, Dax takes Tressa says that he's at war against Arcane. He explains that Tressa's house was in the perfect location, and he's going to lure Arcane out. Dax laid the real Malcolm up for a day or two, and is going to take Tressa out for a fine lunch. When Arcane hears about them and shows up at Tressa's house, Dax will kill him.

Abigail tries to get to the phone, dragging Hollister. The line is dead, and Abigail begs Hollister to wake up.

Swamp Thing confirms that the swamp can't survive the damage that the Parabola did. He figures that Arcane will get his revenge and the swamp will suffer the most.

That night, Dax continues walking Tressa around the block. Will approaches them and says that he's been holding a table for them, and Tressa angrily tells him that if she doesn't like her rules then he can pack up and move out. Dax takes her away, warning her that he knows what she's trying to do and will kill her the next time she tries to give a warning. Graham comes out of the restaurant and sees Dax, and goes to warn his boss.

Arcane is practicing his shooting when Graham reports to him, and the scientist figures that he has a second chance to obtain the Parabola. He says that the Parabola changes form to fit any container, and wonders how Tressa's house will hold up to a full-out assault.

Back at the house, Dax ties up Tressa, and tells her and Abigail that they're nearing the endgame. He doesn't care if Hollister dies, and insists that they're all in a war against Arcane. Dax shatters the lamp as a boat pulls up to the dock and Arcane's sentry-hunters move in. A watching Arcane orders them to open fire, and Abigail and Tressa take cover as bullets tear apart the house.

Dax calls to Arcane from an upstairs window and then returns fire. Arcane tells Graham to sneak in and find the Parabola, Swamp Thing arrives and sees Dax.

Will sneaks into the house and frees Tressa. He and Abigail carry Hollister out, and when a sentry prepares to shoot them, Swamp Thing knocks him out. Swamp Thing then takes out the other sentries, and Graham gets into the boat and yells to Arcane that he's "retreating" and will pick him up later.

Dax yells that Arcane is down to one man, and Arcane tells him that it's all over and he should say where he's hidden the Parabola. When Dax fires at him, Arcane tries to shoot back but discovers that his laser pistol has jammed. He picks up an assault rifle and returns fire until he runs out of bullets, and then prepares to drive away on his motorcycle. Dax steps out and fires, but Arcane drives away just in time. Swamp Thing watches as Dax rides after Arcane.

In Houma, Arcane goes down to the docks to meet with Graham, and Dax dismounts and follows him. He takes the saddle with him, and activates the Parabola hidden inside of it. Swamp Thing shoves Dax away, and Dax figures that he's one of Arcane's weapons. He tells Dax that he and Arcane are both blind to the casualties of their war, chokes him, and says that another blast will destroy the swamp forever. The Parabola activates, and Swamp Thing tries to smash it. Dax grabs the saddle instead and it explodes, killing him and knocking Arcane into the water.

Swamp Thing finally pulls Arcane out of the water, and promises that if he kills him it will be on his own terms. He says that Arcane's war is over, and both he and Dax lost, and then walks away.

The next day, Will is at Tressa's house playing guitar as Abigail takes care of Dax's horse. Tressa is repairing the house and tells them to help. Hollister arrives and tells Tressa that he had good intentions. He introduces her to the real Malcolm, and Tressa rides off rather than let Malcolm see her in her work clothes.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 2, 2017

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