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Over the River and Through the Woods Recap

Kevin and the others try to get into the psych ward as the Mist closes in. As Tyler runs up, an orderly--Nash--asks who they are and wonders if they're part of the Mist. Mia says that she was Anna's daughter and she was there, and Nash lets them in. He leads them to a room and Kevin collapses because of the drugs that bailey gave him. The orderly says that there aren't many people left, and there are beds for anyone who wants them. He apologizes to Mia, saying that there was nothing bad in Anna.

Jonah walks way and Mia goes after him. He reminds her that she took off, and goes into a room and closes the door shut behind him.

At the mall, Eve sees Alex and Jay together. She goes over to Kimmy, who has been watching them and assures Eve that the two teenagers didn't touch. Kimmy warns Eve that they'll need the bullets if the other mall group is throwing people out of the mall. Eve has found some battery-powered walkie-talkies and hands one to Kimmy.

Ge hates the song but his wife loved it. Gus is sitting in his office eating some hidden candy when one of the others knocks on the door. The manager quickly hides the candy and tells the man to come in, and the man says that they have a problem. Gus goes downstairs and finds several members of the group fighting. One woman explains that Kyle went berserk and skipped the rations. Gus warns that they only have two days of food left, and they might as well eat since the military is on the way. Eve comes in to borrow some board games, and several group members tell her that she has no business there. After secretly planting a walkie-talkie, Eve leaves.

At the church, a doctor tends to the injured Nathalie. Nathalie hums a song and explains that her sister used to play it when their father beat their mother. Connor hears her and says that mother used to play. He then asks Romanov if he gets a lot of men there who beat women and the priest absolves them. The sheriff says that there's nothing worse than a man beating a woman, and the only thing he's good at is realizing when people are hiding things. Connor points out that Romanov hasn't touched his food, and figure that he's guilty. As Romanov walks away, Connor says that the one worst thing than a woman beater is a coward who gets someone else to do it. The sheriff beats Romanov while Nathalie watches and hums her song.

Mia goes to the pharmacy and finds the drug that she's looking for. She then goes to Jonah's room and tells him that he beat up the real Bryan and stole his clothes. She met Bryan at the hospital and that's why she took off. Jonah says that he didn't know his name, and Bryan tried to kill him. He asks Mia where she went, and she explains that she ran away to her mother's house and Anna was there and wanted to help Mia die. Mia realized that she didn't want to die, and that she has something to live for. She tells Jonah that she believes him and wants to be someone that he can believe in. Mia explains that she's going to do rapid detox. She takes opiate blockers and after a few hours, she'll be clean. Mia needs Jonah to tie her up and not let her out, because the blockers are usually administered under general anesthesia because of the pain. Jonah reluctantly agrees to do it and Mia says that they'll go to a room far away because there will be lots of screaming.

In the loading dock, Alex is sketching and looks over at Jay. Eve comes over and tells Alex that she can't trust Jay. Alex asks her what her qualifications are for knowing who she should trust, and Eve says that she's her mother. When Eve threatens to kick Jay out of the building, Alex threatens to go with him if she does.

Adrian and Tyler lie on separate beds in a room. Adrian asks Tyler what the worst thing is that he's ever done, and Tyler talks about beating up a gay boy after he smiled at Tyler. He wanted the boy to beg him to stop, but he didn't, and then Tyler pissed on him. Tyler respected that the boy never told anyone. He says that he's sorry, and Adrian forgives him. Tyler comes over and lies down next to Adrian, holding him.

Nash stands in the hallway outside and looks at the door.

Jonah ties Mia to a bed and tells him not to let her go no matter what. She starts moaning in pain as the blockers kick in.

Romanov goes to the tower door and thanks Link for his sacrifice, and says that it will not be in vain. Now the priest knows what he must do. He goes downstairs to Nathalie and finds her reading the Bible. Nathalie explains that she's never read it. She asks if Romanov believe sin all of it, and he says that he does. Romanov warns that she's leading the people astray, and admits that he knew what Link was going to do and allowed it. He doesn't know if God will give him forgiveness, but he did it to save the people there. If he doesn't continue to try then he has no reason to stay alive. Nathalie wonders if he intends violence, and Romanov explains about trial by ordeal. The proof of innocence is survival, and Romanov suggests that they walk into the Mist together. Whoever dies, it will provide an answer for the others. Romanov says that he's willing to give his life to provide an answer, and asks if Nathalie will do the same.

Tyler wakes up and discovers that Adrian is gone. He runs out and finds Kevin, and Nash comes over and says that Adrian isn't a good person. The orderly explains that he sees people and if they're good or evil. Kevin and Tyler go off to find Adrian, and they find blood leaking out from under a door. They open it and two corpses fall on them. Nash comes over and says that he told the doctor that he couldn't see evil when he was on drugs, and they had evil in all of them. When Nash says that he's not done with Adrian, Kevin comes after him and Nash runs down a hallway and into the pharmacy, locking the door behind him. Adrian is tied up on the floor.

Mia begs Jonah to let her go, and he reminds her that she told him not to. When he refuses, Mia says that Bryan told her more about Jonah. Jonah comes in and demands the answers, and Mia refuses until he releases. He doesn't believe her and turns to go, and Jonah remembers being strapped to a table and subjected to electroshock.

Kelley and the others give Eve the walkie-talkie. Shelley is talking about how Eve may be lying, and the loading dock group raided the stores before they started looking. Gus offers to ask, but Shelley says that Eve and Alex are both liars. The manager tells her to shut her mouth if she can't get over her anger about what happened to her daughter. Shelley walks away and Kyle tells Gus that he didn't have to do that. Eve tells her group that they're only nine meals away from anarchy.

Kyle goes after Shelley and tells her that she's not alone. She hugs him, sobbing.

Nathalie and Romanov tell the others their plan. Connor wonders if they're both wrong, and Nathalie says that if one of them survives then they'll know who to follow and that person can save them. Romanov asks for a few moments alone so he can pray, and one woman tells him that she believe sin him. Once he's done, he knocks on the door of the room that Nathalie has gone into. She comes out naked and the two of them walk to the front door.

Romanov and Nathalie go out into the Mist, and the others close the door behind them. They wait in the Mist, and the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride toward Romanov. They stop and consider him, and then one of them draws a bow and kills him. The Horsemen turn and ride off, dragging Romanov with them via the rope on the arrow. Nathalie calmly turns and walks back to the church.

Nash tells Kevin that the pharmacy door is the strongest one in the psych ward. Kevin says that he has to let Adrian go because he's just a kid, and Nash says that Adrian has to die.

Jonah remembers how they kept him locked up, and a female doctor came and started saying random words to him. The words took him through the pain, and Jonah tells Mia to listen to him as he recites the words.

Connor brings Nathalie a blanket, and she says that she just stood in the Mist with her eyes closed. She heard Romanov die, and he was in so much pain. But it sounded different in the Mist and it was beautiful. Nathalie tells them that she felt Nature take Romanov like the others, and she knows that Nathalie is her messenger and no threat.

Kevin asks Nash how it works, and he explains that the evil travels from person to person. It's his fault because the nun at his school showed it to him. She asked Nash to beat it out of him, and he did and let it out. Kevin insists that the evil isn't in Adrian, but Nash says that he can see it because he let it out. As Nash advances on Adrian, Kevin says that he can prove that Adrian isn't evil... because he is.

Nash demands proof, and Kevin tells him to let him in and he'll show it. He tells Nash to look him in the eye, and Nash does so but still doesn't believe him. Kevin tells Nash to kill Adrian so he can see him suffer, and Nash asks what else he wants. The writer says that he wants to find the boy who raped his daughter and then reach down his throat and pull out his intestines so that he suffers forever. Kevin wants the boy to beg and then learn that there will be no salvation. Nash says that Kevin can come in.

Once the pain passes, Jonah unties Mia and helps her up.

Nash drags Adrian over to the door and opens it. He tells Kevin to go to the other side of the room, and then lets Adrian go. Adrian runs out of the room, and Nash attacks Kevin. The two men fight and Kevin finally beats Nash. Nash says that the evil is in Kevin, and Kevin grabs c chair leg and beats Nash's skull in. he then walks out, tells Adrian and Tyler that he's finding Jonah and Mia, and then they're going.

In the atrium, Kyle asks Gus if he has a plan. Gus says nothing, and Kyle figures that they're going to die there. Shelley points out that everyone who has gone into the Mist died except for Alex, and figures that something is wrong with Alex and Eve. It started when Alex lied about being raped, and Shelley says that they need to find a solution or they're all going to die.

Adrian tells Tyler that he's never held a guy's hand and always wanted to. He thought Nash was going to kill him, so he promised himself that if he survived he would hold a guy's hand. After a moment, Adrian takes Tyler's hand. Kevin returns and asks if they're coming, and Tyler says that he's going to stay there. Once it's over, he can go back to being normal. After a moment, Adrian goes with Kevin and the others. Tyler sits and cries.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 4, 2017

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