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Forever Mine Nevermind Recap

At the office, Waverly and Wynonna are sparring as Dolls gives Waverly tips. Wynonna takes Waverly down, and Dolls warns them that the Widows aren't playing games. Wynonna asks Dolls for the night off and the house, and Dolls says that everyone will have the night off... after they finish training.

Doc goes to an antique shop and saloon, and the shopkeeper notices his ring. He points out that it's a rarity and offers a good price for it, but Doc says that he's not selling. The shopkeeper shows Doc a painting of a girl with a porcelain doll standing in a field looking at a house, and a surprised Doc agrees to buy it and tells the shopkeeper to wrap it up. He leaves, unaware that the real owner is dead behind the desk, stabbed in the eye. The shopkeeper smiles as his tail waves and figures that he and Doc are nowhere close to finished.

Dolls goes to Rosita for his weekly checkup and dose of serum, He gives her g gift card to a spa as thanks for her services, and suggests that she take Doc there.

When Rosita goes upstairs, she chats with Wynonna about how she's going to handle her child birthing. Doc comes in with a cut on his face and says that he's having dinner at Wynonna's that night, and Rosita covers up her surprise. He tells Rosita to lock up early and leaves.

At the office, Jeremy and Dolls are watching cricket as Waverly looks on, and once they're alone, Jeremy tells Waverly that he's not a cricket fan but Dolls is so he's trying to get on his good side. When Dolls comes back, he hears them discussing Wynonna making dinner for Doc that night. Nicole comes in and says that a body turned up, and Waverly sarcastically talks about how Nicole hid heritage from her.

The team goes out into the woods to check the body, and find it badly charred. Dolls finds a finger on its hand identifying it as Tucker. Back at the office, the team calls in Beth to identify the body. She says that Tucker did it to himself and that fire was one of his darker proclivities. She describes how a childhood Tucker set the cat on fire, and asks when they can take the body home. Jeremy says that they need to perform an autopsy, and Beth asks to take the personal effects. Dolls tells her that they're evidence as well, and Beth conveniently fates in his arms.

When Beth wakes up, she finds Waverly with her. Waverly says that she understands what Beth is going through, and Beth asks how she's not bitter. Nicole comes in with a glass of water, and Beth says that in his own way Tucker loved Waverly despite his deviancies. Once she leaves, Nicole is angry that Beth tried to rationalize Tucker's behavior. Waverly points out that sometimes lying is a kindness, and Nicole reminds her that she tried that with Waverly and it didn't work. When Nicole reminds Waverly that Tucker kidnapped the girl and took her to Waverly's room, Waverly says that she'd never tell Nicole what to think or do and walks off.

That night at the homestead, Doc gives Wynonna the painting. She offers Doc a sample of her one-pot cooking, and he hesitantly says that it's scrumptious. As they sit down to eat, Doc explains that he checked on Constance to confirm that she was decapitated, and that's where he got the cut on his face. He switches topic to Wynonna's pregnancy, and admits that he thought that Wynonna brought him there to discuss the baby. Wynonna is still trying to cope with her motherhood, and figures that he got the cut fighting a demon. She explains that demons will keep coming for him because he has the third seal and they're trying to get it.

Waverly is at the bar drinking and Rosita joins her. When Waverly complains about how she's fighting with Nicole and can't go home because Wynonna and Doc are there, and says that she would do anything to get out of there for one night. Rosita remembers the gift certificate and gets an idea.

Wynonna serves her cooking, and doc would rather discuss the ring. She asks for the ring so that she can break the third seal, and that when Clootie rises, she'll break the curse as well. Doc refuses, saying that her plan is insane.

Rosita and Waverly go to the spa and soak in the hot tub. Waverly says that it feels weird relaxing when the Widows and the third seal are out there, and Rosita tells her to relax and take care of herself for once. She orders Waverly to close her eyes and take it in, unaware that someone is watching them.

Wynonna tells Doc what she saw in her vision quest, and doc explains that the ring is the key to his immortality. She figures that they'll figure out a way to kill Clootie when Wyatt couldn't,, and warns that the risk is too great. Doc insists that he made a vow to protect the Earps since he first saw Wynonna, and he can't do it if he's dead. Wynonna figures that he'll just start aging if he loses the ring, and then looks off as she hears something rattling. Returning to the conversation, Wynonna says that she knows that Doc chose to stay in the well rather than trade his freedom for Clootie's freedom, and Wynonna then says that Doc was selfish I the past and let Bobo die. Furious, Doc demands the car keys. When they can't find them, Doc angrily says that he'd rather walk back to Purgatory then stay with Wynonna.

At the Gardiner home, Beth casts a spell with the trinkets that she's stolen. They form into a small tower on the place on the map at the spot that she's looking for. Beth yells to Mercedes that she needs her sleep and advises her that she needs it.

Dolls and Jeremy go back to Shorty's basement to check the murder scene. As they check the crime scene again, Jeremy says that he's come up with a filter against the Widows' venom. Dolls finds Rosita's journal and finds the formula for the serum, and asks Jeremy if he can duplicate it. Jeremy refuses, and Dolls says that Rosita isn't what he thinks. As they go up, Jeremy gets something in his hand from the railing. When Dolls pulls it out, they discover that it's a fingernail and Jeremy points out that Beth had a bandage on her fingernail.

Wynonna blocks Doc from leaving, and he hesitates to take advantage of her in her condition. He finally explains that when he was 14, they kept him from his mother's side because she was dying of tuberculosis. Doc crawled into a space beneath the house under her room and listened to her cry and beg and pray. His mother died anyway, and Doc couldn't stand tight quarters since then. Her name was Alice. They hear something upstairs, and Wynonna insists on going along to investigate.

Rosita tells Waverly about her PhDs, and says that her family isn't around anymore. Nicole calls but Waverly refuses to answer it and complains that Nicole is so controlling. She says that the papers told her that her entire life had been a lie, which meant that the people who cared about her lied. Rosita admires Waverly's backbone, and Waverly texts back to Nicole that she'll talk back to her when she wants to and sends the message before Rosita can stop her. She says that Waverly showed a little too much backbone, and Waverly admits that she shouldn't have looked at the papers. As Rosita talks about the bubbles in champagne and how they represent defects that make it better, Waverly kisses her. She then pulls way and they point out that they're with Nicole and Doc. Rosita quickly leaves to get changed.

When Waverly goes to find Rosita and apologize, she finds tucker crouching over an unconscious Rosita. He explains that he put his ring on a hitchhiker to make it appear that he died, and got frostbite coming back to save Waverly from the Widows. =

Dolls goes to the Gardiner house while Jeremy waits in the SUV. Frustrated with Jeremy's constant talking, Dolls finally takes out the earbud and goes into the cellar.

Tucker covers over Rosita's body and says that she's in a better place, and tells Waverly that Rosita was trying to corrupt her. He insists that he and Waverly are good people no matter what the others try to corrupt them, and refuses to let her go.

Doc and Wynonna find no sign of an intruder, but Wynonna discovers that Doc took Peacemaker and put it in his coat. She insists that she can handle her job, but Doc points out that she's weeks from giving birth. Wynonna insists that she's the Heir and demands the ring, and doc invites her to come and get it.

Tucker says that being a Gardiner was suffocating, and one day Mercedes and Beth changed and gave him the freedom he wanted. He felt that he could be himself, and tells Waverly that now he sees how alike they are. Waverly points out that Tucker's sister think that he's dead, and they'll be happy to know he isn't. Tucker tells her that the things that look like demons took the place of his sisters but one is still hanging on.

Dolls finds Madison in the cellar, but her face is gone.

Waverly asks why Tucker faked his death, and he says that the Widows are fakers and liars. He promises that he's going to get Waverly out of there.

Dolls promises Madison that he's going to get her out, and moves on.

Tucker says that they don't need anyone else. Waverly warns that Wynonna won't stop looking for her unless she calls and says that she's leaving town. Tucker agree but warns that he'll be listening.

The Mercedes Widow arrives as Dolls searches the house. He offers to provide her sanctuary from her sister, but the Widow refuses.

Wynonna and Doc argue and Wynonna finally draws Peacemaker and tells Doc to hand over the ring. Behind her, a doll on the mantle looks on.

Waverly gets Wynonna's voicemail and leaves a message that she's leaving town to do some soul-searching. Tucker hangs up the phone and says that they should go, and he'll buy her some modest clothing. Rosita knocks him over the head from behind, and admits that she's a revenant so it's hard for someone to kill her.

The Widow says that when her husband rises, he will rule with her by her side and feed off the vassals bound to serve her. She attacks Dolls... and discovers that he's left a mirror in his place. When the Widow turns and uses her venom, Jeremy arrives and shoves Dolls away. He's wearing the vapor guard, but collapses anyway. Dolls catches him and discovers that the Widow has fled.

Doc tells Wynonna to kill her, and then takes off the ring and tosses it across the room. A life-size version of the doll from the painting catches it, and Doc shoots it without effect. Wynonna shoots it with Peacemaker, destroying it, and the ring rolls across the floor. Doc admits that demons are after the ring, and figures that the doll made them say what they said to each other. Wynonna says that she needs to do it on her own terms, and she won't break the seal until Doc is at her side. Doc picks up the ring and gives it to Wynonna. Behind them, the painting bursts into flame.

The next morning in the forest, Tucker calls to Waverly. Mercedes approaches him and says that it's time to come home. When Tucker admits that Waverly is his angel, Mercedes tells him that she's too special for an abomination like him and uses the venom. Once he collapses, paralyzed, Mercedes says that if he wanted a girl then she'll be his girl. She bites into his arm, feeding on him, as the paralyzed Tucker moans in pain.

Later, Mercedes goes to the well and performs the ritual with Tucker's body. Using her own blood, she casts a spell to reveal the location of the third seal. Once it's revealed on the map, Mercedes swears that it shall be done and laughs in triumph.

Back at Shorty's, Rosita pours drinks and tells Waverly to stop staring at her. Waverly finally offers a toast to Rosita for saving her life, and says that Rosita's an awesome person. Rosita asks if Waverly is going to give her a head start before she tells Wynonna, and Waverly says that she's not going to say anything. She figures that she's half revenant, and then figures that Nicole needs space. Rosita tells her to make things right, and for Waverly to meet with Nicole.

Nicole hears knocking and opens her door... and finds Mercedes there.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 5, 2017

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