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New Horizons Recap

In Manhattan, Desai takes his wife Selah to an expensive restaurant. Selah She says that she's not hungry, and Desai asks her to pretend that she's having a good time during the one normal hour of the day. She points out that there's nothing normal about having armed guards watching them eat, and Desai insists that it's the safest room in the city for humans. Eichhorst comes in and insists that Selah stay there and tells them to eat. He then says that he was surprised that Desai was at his office, and asks if everything is in order. Desai assures him that they've taken every step to ensure the safety and well-being of the mother. Eichhorst asks what will happen afterward, and says that everything is going to change the moment the first child is born. Desai doesn't say how things will be different, and Eichhorst suggests that he take something important from Desai so he'll better understand. When Desai insists that they're delivering the first baby nine months to the day, and Eichhorst suggests that he harvest the babies a month or three earlier.

Selah tries to leave, and Eichhorst snaps at her to sit. He says that if Desai shortens the delivery time than each mother could have two babies a year. Desai warns that it's outside of the margins for safety, but admits that it's possible. Eichhorst tells him to look around and realize that every person who eats there serves a purpose. If Desi can't fulfill his purpose then he will find someone who can. Desai says that he understands.

At the Partnership medical facility in the Bronx, Dutch talks with Sherry and points out that one of the guards has a security guard that opens every door in the facility. Sherry wonders how Dutch is going to get it, and Dutch says that she's working on it. Desai calls her in and tells her that Sophie is going in for a C-section Dutch asks what he's going to do with the baby, and Desai admits that the babies are raised by non-B-positive people. He wants Dutch to calm Sophia down when she realizes that they're taking her baby. Dutch refuses to lie for Desai, and Desai warns that there are places on the outside world far worst. He makes it clear that if Dutch turns her down again then that's where she's going.

Later, Dutch asks Sherry what she should do. Sophia tells her that she has to do it, and Desai is going to find someone else to do it if Dutch doesn't. The woman insists that Dutch only has to do it long enough to get a key card.

At the underground base in Philadelphia, Eph figure that the strigoi are onto something big. Jason insists that they have them on the ropes, Alex comes over and tells Jason to have some breakfast, and sends him off. She then asks if Eph has found anything, and Eph says that there's a shipment that he wants to see. Alex insists on going with him.

A sentry spots two trucks approaching and hits the fire alarm. The resistance members evacuate while the strigoi charge into the building. They meet heavy gunfire but soon overwhelm the resistance fighters. Meanwhile, Eph, Alex, and Jason, are caught by another wave of strigoi and Jason is stung. Alex kills her brother's attackers, and Jason tells her to kill him as well. He tells her that it's okay, but she can't do it and Jason looks at Eph. Eph shoots him in the head and leads Alex off as more strigoi move in.

Once they get way, Eph and Alex break into an abandoned design gallery seeking refuge. It's near the shipment site so they can watch the place. Alex breaks into tears and Eph holds her.

Gus and his cousin Raul are checking guns, and Gus warns Raul that he shouldn't point the gun if he doesn't intend to shoot it. When Raul wonders if there are any other rules, Gus warns him that the rest of the gang will give him shit so he should keep his head down, and to use his head. Gus spots one gang member eating the merchandise, just as a wounded ganger Rafi comes in. He explains that he was making his deliveries and got jumped by another gang. They said it was their spot now and took his stuff. Rafi dies, and Gus and Creem look at each other. They discuss the matter and figure that they have to find the rival gang's HQ and burn it to the ground.

Later, Gus and Raul check with their customers and head out to look for the new sellers. They find him and Gus says that he'll follow the man back to his base while Raul reports to Creem. Gus follows the ganger and sees him meet with two others. He spots a nearby tunnel grille and goes into their base HQ via the tunnel and then climbs up an air shaft. Gus finds the room where the new men are counting up their supplies, and realizes that they're ex-NYPD.

Dutch agrees to do what Desai wants, and Nurse Greenwood tells her to answer Sophia's questions and tells her to say that everything is going to be fine. Once Dutch is alone with Sophia, Sophia complains that Weiss hasn't talked to her and it's like they don’t care about her anymore. She knows what they're doing to them, but wants to make sure that the baby is okay. Weiss come in and abruptly tells Sophia that they're going ahead. Once she leaves, Dutch talks about how her grandmother was a cold-hearted bitch as well. Sophia discusses baby names with her and says that she's going to name the baby after her mother.

A woman, Marta, is in the waiting room watching sitcoms. Dutch leaves the ward and says that greenwood gave her a few minutes. Desai asks how Sophia is doing, and Dutch says that she's scared and emotional, but is going to be fine. He assures Dutch that it's for the greater good, Dutch sits down next to Marta, who says that Dutch is chatting Desai up and she must have an in with him. She asks if it's worth the rug burns, and Dutch insists that she's trying to help. Marta tells her that the only person she's helping is herself, and Dutch walks off.

Eph tells Alex that the strigoi are emptying the building. Alex finds whiskey and drinks, and invites Eph to join her. Eph says that he can't, and she realizes that he's an ex-alcoholic. He explains that he's been sober ever since Illumination Day, and he doesn't deserve a drink. Eph warns Alex that drinking won't help and he's been through the same thing, and describes how she's feeling guilty and angry at herself, and is wondering what the point was of any of it. He says that she and Jason relit his fire, and admits that there's a lot that he hasn't told her about. All of it happened because of Zach setting off the nuke because he was angry with Eph. The boy disappeared in the aftermath, and Eph doesn't know if he's alive. Eph admits that he sometimes thinks that Zach would be better off if he was dead.

That night, Eph says that he can get Alex partway out of the city. She says that Jason wanted to make them pay, and she plans to. They go to the building and Eph explains that the strigoi were moving the people out of the building in a calm, orderly fashion. They find a flyer about the Partnership getting people out of the city, with the name New Horizons. There's also a train schedule, and Eph figures that they've been shipping people out of the city. Alex wonders where, and Eph figures that it doesn't look like the picture on the brochure.

Gus returns to his gang and tells them what he found out. He warns that they're ex-cops, and there's six totals. Creem figures that they can take them, but Gus warns that the fact they're ex-cops makes them difficult. Gus shows them the route he used to get in, but Creem refuses to crawl in and insists that they go in the front door like men. The others agree, but Gus warns that they have no idea what traps the ex-cops set. No one volunteers to find out, and Creem agrees to go in through the tunnels. The others give in, and Gus assure them that they'll be set for a long time and get the people who killed Rafi.

Later, Gus and the others go in through the tunnels and up the air shaft. However, they send Creem to a nearby rooftop and he takes up a position overlooking the front door. When the time comes, Creem takes out one guard but the other escapes. The ex-cops inside run out, and Gus and his team climb out. A man comes back for his gun, and Gus kills him. The other ex-cops return and open fire. The two sides take cover and exchange shots, and Creem runs in and finds an automatic rifle and takes them down. Gus comes over and tells his shocked cousin that he did what he had to do, and one ganger congratulates Gus for coming up with the plan.

Weiss prepares to perform the C-section on Sophia as Dutch and Desai looks on. Dutch comforts Sophia as best she can, and asks her to describe her kitchen when she was growing up. Sophia does so, and describes the smell of vegetable soup and how her mother always played music. The doctors remove the baby but it doesn't cry and Sophia wonders what's happening. The baby finally cries, and Sophia demands to see it. The nurses take it out, and Weiss tells Dutch to leave. The nurses try to lead her out and Desai comes over. Dutch grabs him and holds a scalpel to his throat, and takes him out into the hall. Using him as a shield, Dutch orders the guard to let them out using his key card, and the alarms go off. Dutch is distracted, and Desai manages to grab the scalpel. He starts to say that he wasn't going to let her live, and Dutch knocks him out and runs off.

Dutch flees through the building and runs into a room filled with all of the people that they've been taking away... and the blood-processing factory. A strigoi brings the baby in, and others close in on Dutch.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 7, 2017

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