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Holes Recap

In Hell, Eugene is exercising in the common room. Once he's done, he takes a Zagnut from the machine. Jennifer comes in and writes down some notes, and drops her pen. Samurai guy instinctively picks it up, and then denies that it was nice. Jennifer tells her hell guard to take Samurai Guy to the hole, and Jennifer leaves. The prisoners complain, and when the Caveman grunts, Tyler and the other prisoners grab him and shove his head into a nearby fire. The Caveman finally stops wailing, and Hitler glances over at Eugene. Eugene asks what he's looking at, and then shoves him to the floor and glances up at the surveillance camera.


During the day, Cassidy goes to the hospital maternity ward where his son Denis is with the other newborns. He sings a ditty to his son and then tells Denis that he'll be the best daddy that he's ever seen. Cassidy takes out a flask and takes a drink, then puts it away and looks at his son.


Denis is on the couch sleeping and Denis sits, looking at him. After a moment, Cassidy covers him with a blanket and asks if he can get him anything. Deni asks him again to turn him, and Cassidy refuses.

Tulip is in the kitchen reading when Cassidy comes out. She says that the fridge is busted, and asks if Cassidy wants to gout. She doesn't know where, she just wants to go out and get drunk. Cassidy says that he should stay there with Denis, and asks if she wants to go with Jesse. Tulip tells him that he's out on his God thing, and reconsiders going out. She says that she's going to bed, and Cassidy leaves.

Later, Denis gets up and yells. Cassidy eases him down, and the Siri translator repeats what he said in English: "bite me."

The next morning, Jesse gets up and starts dressing. Lara and Hoover are in a nearby apartment, running surveillance. Hoover wonders when Starr will get there, and Lara says that he's on his way.

Cassidy calls in a doctor to check Denis. Jesse comes over and asks Cassidy how it's going, and Cassidy says that it was a rough night and the doctor can't do anything for Denis. When Cassidy asks where he's going, Jesse explains that he's going to Circuit Works to see if they can enhance the image on the video. He admits that it's all he's got and starts to go. Cassidy asks if Jesse would use the Voice to stop Denis from dying. Jesse doesn't know if Genesis could help, and even if it could he doesn't think that's what it's for. Cassidy drops the matter and Jesse goes downstairs. Tulip is coming in and tells him that she was at the Hurt Locker. Jesse asks if she's okay, and Tulip indifferently says that she is. He explains that he's going to Circuit Works to have them blow up the image and trace the shooter, and Tulip asks if she can come. Jesse immediately agrees.

At Circuit Works, Jesse asks the clerks about blowing up the image. They agree to take a look at it, and Jesse warns that they might find what's on the tape confusing. They assure him that they won't and go to work. Jesse discovers that Tulip is looking at a refrigerator, and when he comes over she tells him that they need one. She asks if Jesse needs her help.

Jennifer tosses Samurai Guy back into the common room and says that's how good behavior will be dealt with. She tells the prisoners that they've discovered the source of their technical difficulties and should have them back in their cells in a short time. The reason the system broke down is because when there are more prisoners than there should be. Jennifer wonders who is there who shouldn't be, but Eugene doesn't speak up. The other prisoners all say that they don't belong there, and Jennifer realizes that they're all lying. Hitler notices Eugene starting to raise his hand and then putting it back.

After Jennifer leaves, the prisoners argue about how they don't belong there. Eugene is playing basketball with a flat ball, and Hitler comes over and says that it's him. Eugene figures that he's the evilest person there other than Hitler, and finally says that he took advantage of a girl by kissing her. Hitler tells Eugene that he doesn't belong there, but Eugene says that he doesn't deserve to get out. The older man explains that when he first arrived there, they had high hopes for him and they made him a custodian. Hitler learned things, and warns Eugene that hell is more than Zagnuts and flat basketballs. There are other places that they can put Eugene, and Eugene is fine with that since he deserves it.

A woman walks by and Hitler trips her. Eugene instinctively helps her up, and Hitler says that it was nice of him. Eugene glances up at the camera, and Jennifer comes in.

The delivery man brings in the new refrigerator, and Tulip sees the hole in the wall behind it.

Denis spits up blood and Cassidy tends to him. Cassidy takes the bloody sheets and goes out in the kitchen, and compliments tulip on the new refrigerator. He asks her if she ever want to be immortal like him. She says that it'd be cool, and Cassidy tells her that things still hurt. He talks about how he used to love the beach in the summer, but as a vampire he can't go out on the beach. Cassidy talks about the boredom and how everyone he ever cares or loves just dies. Tulip admits that it sucks and Cassidy goes back to Denis.

The clerks explain that the serial number was scrubbed off of the gun barrel. They figure that Jesse held the gun and wanted to make sure no one could trace it back to him, Jesse has them play the video back and sees a face behind the camera. The clerks tell him to give them a minute to recalibrate the image.

Tulip spackles each of the bullet holes that the Cowboy's bullet left in the walls.

Jennifer shows Eugene the Extrapolator and shoves him into the hole. The machinery starts up and Eugene finds himself in Tracy's bedroom. Eugene stops her from killing herself and takes the shotgun away. Tracy puts her head on his shoulder, and Eugene kisses her. Shocked that he likes her, Tracy pulls away but then says that she's mad that he never said that he liked her. She admits that she likes him as well and hugs him, and they burst into song. Eugene starts crying and says that he's happy, and they start to kiss. The toilet in the next room flushes, and Tracy tells Eugene that she promised herself to God. Jesse comes out and tells them to finish their homework. He kisses Tracy, who says that Jesse is God to her. They kiss and Eugene yells at them to cut it out.

Ignoring him, Tracy unfastens Jesse's belt, and Eugene grabs the shotgun and prepares to shoot them. Mrs. Loach knocks on the door, calling that Eugene's father is on his way. Jesse tells Eugene to finish eh job, and Eugene puts the shogun barrel to his head and kills himself.

Denis is sitting on the toilet when Cassidy comes in with some ginger ale for him. As Cassidy cleans the vomit off of Denis' face, Denis begs him to turn him.

The guard throws Eugene back into the common room. Eugene crawls to his bunk and Hitler tells him that Eugene had to see where they would put him if they found out he was there by mistake. He tells Eugene that he wants to help him escape.

Tulip continues spackling bullet holes and comes to a locked door. Lara and Hoover look up as she tries the door, and Lara finally asks who it is. Tulip tells them that she's their neighbor, and she's going around fixing up holes. Lara opens the door and says that she thought Tulip was her ex, and lets her in.

Jesse prays to God even though he knows that He's not there, and asks for his help. The clerks call him back to the desk, and they admit that they got nothing. Jesse figures that it was all for nothing, and yells at them, asking if they’ve seen God. Getting hold of himself, Jesse walks off and the clerks shred the DVD... with the Grail Industries logo on it.

As Tulip spackles the bullet hole, she points out that Lara has a gun. Lara says that it's for her ex, while Hoover hides in the next room. Tulip wonders where the furniture is, and Lara claims that she had to leave quick. She says that her name is Jennie, and Tulip tells her to let the spackle set for an hour. As Tulip goes, she suggests that Lara come with her to the Hurt Locker.

Cassidy calls a man, Seamus, and says that he has a sick son. Seamus tells Cassidy to let Denis die and hangs up. Cassidy goes into Denis' room and sings him the same ditty that he sung to him when he was a baby.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 8, 2017

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