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Kill It Forward Recap

Kirsten calls Ivy to her place, and Ivy is surprised to see Linus there. Cameron steps out and Kirsten says that they broke in to Ivy's laptop and knows that she used the Cameron anomaly to trap Kirsten in the stitch. Ivy finally says that she did it because Kirsten made Daniel leave her again. He told her that they'd all be together again, but Kirsten called in the NSA and forced him to leave. Ivy took over the avatar of Young Cameron that Daniel created, and Daniel used it before to bring Kirsten back to them. When she claims that she kicked Daniel out, Linus says that she's lying and storms out. Cameron tells Ivy that all Linus has done is defend her, and ivy insists that it will all make sense someday. She's been trying to make it up to Kirsten ever since she messed with her head, and Kirsten tells her to run back to Daniel so that they can be enemies. Ivy leaves and Cameron hugs Kirsten.

Later, Kirsten and Cameron confront Maggie in her office and tell her that they know about the surveillance on Ivy and Daniel. They says that they talked to Ivy, but Maggie tells them that they'll continue to keep an eye on Ivy to locate Daniel. Cameron and Kirsten give Maggie the flash drive with the files from the laptop showing that she used the Young Cameron anomaly. Maggie points out that they didn't get a warrant, and reminds Kirsten that she works for the NSA. Kirsten says that she's done stitching until Maggie tells her where the NSA moved her mother. She goes out and Cameron tells Maggie that he has to side with Kirsten because she's his priority, not the NSA.

As Kirsten goes to the elevator, Cameron goes after her and Kirsten says that they don't have a life when they can't be together. Cameron assures her that he's on her side and leaving with her, and Maggie comes over and says that a case just came in. If Kirsten helps them solve the case then she'll tell her what she wants to know.

Camille briefs the team on Leslie Anderson, a competitive pro volleyball player. She was stabbed in the beach and found on the beach where she was supposed to play a $75,000 tournament. Leslie's teammate Monica Chamberlain had disagreements with Leslie off the course, and the police have cleared her as a suspect. Leslie's death keeps Monica from competing, and was at a pre-tournament party at the time of Leslie's death.

The team begins the stitch and Kirsten watches Monica and Leslie play another team. She then gets a flash of a woman in a changing area with a needle full of steroids, wearing the same uniform as Leslie and Monica. Monica gives an interview and Leslie claims that she carried her teammate. Linus locks onto the steroid memory and Kirsten discovers that it's Monica. Leslie finds her and warns that they'll be disqualified, and Monica tells her to keep her mouth shut. They move to the death memory and Kirsten sees Leslie on the beach. A hipster approaches Leslie to get video, and Kirsten sees an image of a pepper on his phone. The man draws a knife and when Leslie runs, the man stabs her in the back.

Kirsten bounces and tells the other what she saw. Camille identifies the pepper logo as belonging to TOR and the darknet, and they figure he was livestreaming Leslie's death. There are untraceable areas where criminals can make deals, and Maggie brings up contract killers known to the NSA. Kirsten figures that the killer wasn't a pro killer, and describes the distinctive knife that he used. Camille determines that it's a throwing knife, and Quincy suggests that the killer was told to use the knife to make a point. Alternately, it may have been the killer's personal style. Maggie has Linus and Camille check the darknet Meanwhile, Kirsten and Cameron will interview Monica.

Maggie calls Quincy into her office and tells him that the team cut out Ivy. She explains that Ivy was behind the anomaly and wonders if ivy is playing them. Quincy suggests that they bring Cameron and Kirsten up to speed, but Maggie warns that she can't do it because it's too dangerous. She refuses to compromise their lives to get Daniel, and says that none of it works without Quincy. Maggie tells Quincy that the team he needs him, and he wonders if she's talking about them or her.

Stephanie calls Quincy from DC, and he says that he'll let her know soon if he's transferring out there. He tells her that he needs some time to work things out on his end and glances over at Maggie in the next room.

On the beach, Kirsten and Cameron meet Monica, who is trying out replacements for Leslie. Monica says that the business doesn't stop just because her partner dies, and claims that she doesn't know anything about Leslie's steroid use. Kirsten asks her about the hipster killer, and Monica doesn't recognize him. Monica admits that she's not broken up about Leslie's death, and she just doesn't care that much. Cameron figures that she's innocent, and takes a call from Maggie. Maggie says that a second body has come in.

At the lab, Maggie tells the team that talent agent Tim Carson was found shot to death in a parking lot. There's no apparent connection to Leslie. Cameron suggests that if they knew who picked their cases, they could find out why Tim was referred to them. Maggie refuses to discuss it, and Kirsten reminds her of their deal.

The team begins the stitch and Kirsten sees Tim on a busy street looking at his phone. His bank accounts are all in the negative, and he meets with a man to say that the bet was a lock. The thug demands payment, and they home in on a new memory. It shows Tim talking to a client, Heretic, and Kirsten realizes that Heretic is the guy who killed Leslie. Heretic has another throwing knife and threatens Tim, but Linus confirms that it isn't the death memory. Meanwhile, Tim reminds Heretic that the magician signed a contract and he'll destroy Heretic's career if he threatens him again.

The death memory comes up and Kirsten sees Tim walking to his car. She spots a man getting out of a SUV and comes over asking for directions. The newcomer has the same pepper logo on his phone, and Kirsten sees a bumper sticker on the killer's car saying that his kid goes to Acton Middle School. The newcomer takes out a gun and shoots Tim, and Kirsten makes the bounce. Camille checked the SUV car that Kirsten saw and came up with the name Patrick Richmond. Maggie, Kirsten, and Cameron go to pick up Patrick while Quincy and Camille pick up Heretic and Linus digs into the darknet.

Quincy and Camille go to the theater where Heretic performs and introduce themselves. Heretic denies killing Tim or Leslie, and Camille points out that he knew Leslie was murdered. The magician throws one knife at them, then draws another and says that he can throw faster than Quincy can shoot. Heretic says that the players in the game are worse than anything they can do him. He throws the knife but Quincy catches it and throws it into Heretic's leg.

As the medics take Heretic away, Quincy calls Cameron and tells him what happened. Cameron is with Patrick and says that he doesn't have a criminal record. He's been fighting a long custody battle with his wife over their two kids, and spent most of his money. Meanwhile, Linus and Kirsten show Patrick photos of Tim's body. They've tested his hands for gunshot residue, and Patrick finally says that he signed up for a website, All In. It's a criss cross murder business for people who can't afford a hit man. Each person kills a stranger in return for having someone murder someone that they want dead. If they don't complete the hit then All In sends a compliance officer and the penalty is death. The live stream proves that they completed the assignment, and Kirsten realizes that Patrick wanted his ex-wife dead.

As Quincy and Camille arrive, Maggie calls to tell them that they arrested Monica before she could kill Patrick's wife. Heretic has the All In app on his phone, and Linus suggests that they stop it by signing up. Once they request that someone be killed, they'll receive an assignment, refuse to perform it, and then arrest the compliance officer when he comes after them. Cameron says that it's too risky, but Linus admits that he signed Camille up... and a welcome text comes in from All In. Linus says that he filled in her name for demonstration purposes, and they figure it was an automatic registration. Camille is supposed to kill a LA County judge, and Linus put down his own name for the person Camille wanted dead.

Linus calls Maggie and has her pick up the judge. Camille points out that Linus signed himself up to be killed, and Linus points out that the NSA pulled the plug on the All In site. Armed SWAT guards are watching them, and Linus assures Camille that they're going to be fine. The compliance officer calls and Linus taps the line. Camille says that she signed up for mistake and doesn't want anyone dead, and the officer tells her that the penalty for reneging is death. When she tells the officer that he should come down and kill them, the officer says that they never said it was her death and hangs up. The tap fails, and Linus and Camille start calling everyone Camille knows.

At Cameron's apartment, Cameron and Kirsten are talking and don't notice that Camille is calling. There's a knock at the door, and Cameron answers it. It's a pizza delivery guy, and when Cameron opens the door. The guy takes the order slip out of his pocket. Kirsten says that she ordered it.

Amanda is at the Lowdown club, and a man is working on her DJ booth.

That night, Quincy is walking to his car when a woman, Kate Ronan, approaches him and says that she's behind All In and she surrenders. He takes her to the NSA interrogation room and Maggie greets her old CIA black ops partner. Kate has been off the grid for twelve years, and explains that once she knew NSA was on to her, she did some checking and learned that Quincy was tied in with the NSA. She reminds Maggie that she used to kill, and All In evens the playing field. When Maggie points out that Kate could have gotten hundreds of people killed, Kate points out that Maggie almost got her killed during a mission. Maggie insists that Kate didn't make it to the pickup point in time, but Kate says that she did as the others were airlifted out. She knows that Maggie saw her and still left, and Maggie says that if they'd been shot down it would have started an international incident. Maggie admits that she's been haunted by it every day and walks out.

Maggie tells Quincy that she and Kate worked together in the past. Quincy tells Maggie that she's not the woman that she was in the past.

Kate uses a hidden lock pick to escape her handcuffs. She breaks through the interrogation window, takes out the guard, and escapes with the man's gun. Maggie puts the lab into lockdown, and the power goes out. Kate opens fire on Quincy and Maggie, who take cover. Kate yells that she knew killing Maggie would be a suicide mission but it's worth it. Maggie draws Kate's fire and Quincy flanks her. When he yells at Kate to put the gun down, she returns fire and Maggie shoots her dead.

Later, Kirsten checks on Maggie. Maggie explains that Kate trusted her and she betrayed her, and she doesn't want the same thing to happen with them. She says that she needs a few days to arrange for Kirsten to see Jacqueline. Maggie asks Kirsten to trust her one last time, and Kirsten agrees.

Amanda is drinking at Lowdown when Camille goes up on stage and says that she's there to sing about the people who really matter.

Kirsten goes to Cameron's apartment and tells her that Maggie is giving her Jacqueline's information. Cameron shows her the working oxytocin filter that Linus came up with. They strip and make love.

Quincy calls Stephanie and says that he won't be coming to DC. He then has a drink with Maggie in her office.

Camille finishes her set and goes to Amanda. They two of them kiss.

Ivy returns home and Daniel says that he was surprised she called to arrange a meeting. She tells her father that the NSA is going to terminate Jacqueline. Daniel wonders why Ivy is contacting her, and Ivy says that the whole team all hate her and Daniel is her only real family. He asks her where she got her information about Jacqueline if they all hate her, and Ivy explains that she used Linus' NSA account to hack into Maggie's emails. Daniel tells her that she's the daughter he always wanted and hugs her.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 8, 2017

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