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Speed Recap

The survivors are relaxing on the liner when Jess and Todd come out and Jess announces that they're getting married and want to do it before they reach land. She says that the survivors are their best friends, and Corey comes out and says that watching them together for months has been a great experience. He says that he's ordained and would be glad to perform the marriage... and no one has any idea who he is. When Corey realizes that they don't know who he is, He yells at Todd to repeat his name.

Later in their cabin, Florence tries to pick out a dress for the wedding and asks Owen for his opinion. He wonders if they should even go because he doesn't know if they're a couple. Owen figures that once they're rescued, they'll end up split up, and uses Speed as an example of how they don't know if they'll be a normal couple. Florence refuses to let Owen's weird relationship luggage ruin them or Speed.

Pack comes across Steve in the captain's quarters. Pack is there to look for a suit, and Steve to masturbate. Steve quickly agrees and they look for suits. Pack finds a bag full of money.

Owen is up on the deck when Danny comes over and jokes with him. He asks where Florence is, and Owen explains that they had a fight. Danny gets it, and Owen goes to apologize to Florence.

Pack discovers that there's $165,000 in the bag, and figures that it belongs to the pirates. He suggests that they don't share the money with the others, and just split it up between the two of them. Steve warns that he can't keep a secret, and Pack tells him to lock it up.

Owen finds Florence with Corey and asks to talk to her privately. She says that Corey invited her to go with him and she accepted. Florence asks if Owen is fine with it, and he says that he wants her to go. She loses her temper and snaps that they'll have a great time, and Owen snaps back at her. They walk off in opposite directions.

Later, everyone gathers for the wedding. Corey begins the ceremony and Owen looks over at Florence. He then complains to Danny that Florence came to the wedding with Corey, and Danny tells him that now he can hang out with him. Karen tells them both to shut up.

Later at the reception, Steve tells Pack that he can't stop thinking about the wedding. Jess comes over and welcomes them, and Steve blurts out that she looks like $165,000. Pack quickly takes Steve to the bar. Meanwhile, Danny brings Owen champagne, and Owen figures that he should do something. He goes up to the mic and makes a toast and makes a barely disguised speech about holding onto someone who makes them happy. Danny gets it, and Owen finishes the toast to Todd and Jess.

Steve tells Chet that he found money, and figures that nobody will listen to Chet. Chet says that he found weed and admits that he already had some. Steve tells him that he found $165,000, and Chet immediately sober sup.

Danny approaches Corey and warns him that if Corey doesn't do something then Owen will use his tongue on Florence. He tells Corey to fight for what's his and smiles in satisfaction as Corey goes off to find them.

Todd and jess are dancing sand Steve goes over and tells Pack that Chet has a gun to his back. Chet demands the money and tells them to take him to it. They back out dancing and offering congratulations to the couple.

As Owen approaches Florence, Corey jump in and keeps psyching him. He says that Florence chose him, not Owen, and tells Owen to stay away from her.

Chet takes Pack and Steve to the captain's cabin, and Pack asks what Chet's plan is. As Chet rants, he drops the "gun" and the others realize that it's a beer bottle. Steve starts strangling him, and Pack pulls him off. As Steve apologizes, Chet hits Pack with the beer bottle, grabs the money, and runs off.

Florence congratulates Owen on his speech, and Owen tells her that Korey is a psycho. She figures that Owen is jealous, and Owen comes over. Florence invites him to dance and walks off, and Corey tells Owen that they won't be back. A drunken Danny comes over and tries to comfort Owen, and Owen invites Karen to dance to make Florence jealous.

Steve and Pack find Chet and they fight for the money.

Owen dances with Karen, and Florence dances with Korey, and they try to make each other jealous.

Pack grabs the money and runs.

Danny tries to get Owen's attention without success.

Steve and Chet corner Pack on the deck, and he threatens to drop the money overboard if they come any closer. They don't come any closer, and he drops the money anyway.

Karen figures that Owen is using her to make Florence jealous, and she says that she's in it. She kisses him, and Florence runs off.

Owen finds Florence and says that he knew it would turn into a fight. They admit that they're acting like lunatics because they have feelings for each other, and kiss.

Steve, Pack, and Chet sit on the deck chairs and smoke weed, and they figure that it's better that the money is gone. Chet assures them that he's almost sure that he's never killed anyone, and suggests that they go get some cake. Pack is too tired to walk, and Steve thanks him for pulling them back from the edge. Once they go, Pack takes out the money where he hid it before he dropped the bag.

Danny has passed out, and odd and Jess form a conga line.

In the hallway outside the engine room, a shadowy figure tosses a grenade in and walks away. The grenade explodes.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 9, 2017

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