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Night of the Dying Recap

Arcane and Graham go to a place near the docks to pick up a package. A wharf rat draws a gun on them and demands to know what they want. Arcane explains and the man demands his money. The scientist hands it over and the wharf rat takes the book on voodoo out of a nearby crate. He wonders the man is selling it for such a reasonable price, and Xxx says that it's cursed and he wants to be rid of it. Once the man leaves, Arcane says that black magic will give him his ultimate triumph.

Back at the caves, Arcane casts a voodoo ritual to Baron Samedi as Graham looks on. As Arcane calls on Samedi's power, the cave shakes and Arcane screams in agony. His eyes turn yellow and he collapses.

While Arcane hallucinates voodoo torment, Graham brings Dr. Thomas to examine his boss. She warns Graham that Arcane's heart will burst if it keeps beating so hard, and warns that it's beyond any medicine that she knows. When Thomas mentions calling a priest for the last rites, Graham remember Arcane meeting with the houngan Duchamp.

Later, Graham goes to Duchamp's voodoo shop and sees the reflection of a strange woman in the window. He looks for her and finds her in the street. The woman claims that she doesn't know Duchamp and invites Graham to come closer. Graham refuses and draws his gun, demanding answers. The gun turns into a snake, and Graham drops it. When Graham looks up, the woman has disappeared.

A man calls from the shop door, asking Graham why he needs Duchamp. Graham explains that Duchamp once worked for Arcane. The man steps out and asks Graham why his need is so special, and Graham explains what happened. The man, Duchamp Jr., says that his father is dead and he carries on for him. Duchamp wonders why he should help, and Graham says that Arcane has an arcane manuscript on voodoo. If Duchamp helps Arcane then he gets the book.

In the cave, Arcane hallucinates Swamp Thing tormenting him. Duchamp and Graham arrive and Duchamp says that Arcane is cursed. The loa that possesses Arcane has much power, and someone sent it. Duchamp says that the magic has been taken by the possession of Arcane's soul. He begins a ritual to free Arcane of the possession, then places a necklace over Graham to summon a war loa. Duchamp asks Arcane if he's ready, and then tries to drive the loa out. He fails and tells Graham that there is much dark magic present and Arcane will not survive. The woman's laughter echoes through the cave.

At a hidden voodoo ceremony, the priestess Tanda vows that Arcane will suffer for many lifetimes before he dies. The wharf rat brings her a voodoo doll of Arcane and she places it near the fire so that Arcane burns.

Graham asks Duchamp if there is anything else that Duchamp can do for Arcane. Duchamp warns that he can't, and then asks Graham why he cares so badly what happens to Arcane. Graham insists that Arcane is a great man, but Duchamp demands the truth. The assistant finally admits that his livelihood is tied to Arcane. If anything happens to him then Graham has nothing. Duchamp tells him that the truth makes the circle complete, and he knows of only one priestess who has the strength to cast the curse.

Later, Duchamp visits Tanda--his sister--and asks for the reason why she has cursed Arcane. Tanda explains that their mother's cousin in Brazil almost lost her daughter in a river accident. Jim Kipp, at a nearby work camp, saved her. Arcane sent Jim there, and Tanda insists that she owes Jim justice in return for him bringing justice to their family. Tanda gave the manuscript to Arcane, opening his soul to her curse. She insists that she will have victory at any cost, and warns Duchamp that all paths are closed to him. Their father was in league with Arcane, making him an enemy to her. Tanda tells Duchamp not to let himself be destroyed with Arcane and leaves.

Arcane wakes up from the curse and says that there's something terrible in him. He tells Graham that Swamp Thing and Jim have cursed him, and orders Graham to have Duchamp hurry.

Duchamp finds Swamp Thing and says that there is something that they need from each other. He needs Swamp Thing to help him save Arcane. In return he will use his magic to restore Swamp Thing to human form.

Swamp Thing and Duchamp go to the cave and Duchamp tries to break the curse. Swamp Thing uses his power as well, and together they break the curse. Once Swamp Thing leaves, Graham says that he did everything for Arcane. Arcane is furious when he learns that Graham traded the manuscript for his life. Duchamp explains that Swamp Thing helped him, and Arcane figures that Swamp Thing will consider him in his debt.

Later, Duchamp summons Swamp Thing and prepares to honor his promise. Swamp Thing tells him not to bother, saying that he would rather be God's creation than Duchamp's. He helped Arcane because dark magic destroys the swamp's balance whether it destroys Arcane or help him. Duchamp bows to Swamp Thing's power and disappears.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 9, 2017

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