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Love Lost Recap

In Houma, Will is out with three of his friends on New Year's Eve. A woman, Victoria, sees them and goes over just as Will chokes on a nut that he's trying to catch in his mouth. She administers the Heimlich and Will thanks her for her help. Victoria addresses him by name and offers to buy him a drink, and Will accepts. He goes with Victoria he asks how she knows who he is. Victoria says that she knows lots of things, and explains that she's clairvoyant. She explains that she's had feelings recently about a sad man in the swamp who needs her help, and she has a message for him from his wife. Victoria says that the woman's name is Linda and she died in the explosion that disfigured her husband.

In the swamp, Swamp Thing flies into a brief rage.

Will goes to the docks and suggests that Victoria is imagining things. She says that she is experience Swamp Thing's pain and isolation, and realizes that his name is Alec. Victoria tells Will that he's the only one who can take him to Alec.

The next day, Will takes his friend Randy out fishing, but Randy doesn't have much luck. He wonders why Will hasn't mentioned Victoria, and Will says that she's freaky. When they return to Tressa's house, they find Victoria on the porch talking to Tressa. Tressa says that Victoria is a guest, and Victoria hopes that she and Will can start over. Will starts to go, but Victoria tells him that it's important that they talk. She offers to prove that she's clairvoyant, and they go inside. Victoria picks up a photo of Jim and knows that Tressa doesn't believe that he died. She says that Jim is alive, and Will asks if Arcane put her up to it. Victoria tells Tressa that Tressa will soon receive word that Jim is alive and well, but far away. Will thinks that it's a trick and leaves, and Randy says that Victoria is wrong giving them hope. She tells him that it's only cruel if she's wrong.

Will walks out into the swamp and finds Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing tells him to come back another time, and Will realizes that something is wrong. His friend says that his isolation never ends and he can never be with the woman he loves. Will tells him that he sees Alec Holland, but Swamp Thing says that he doesn't and tells Will to go.

When Will returns to the house, he hears Tressa crying and goes inside. She's received a letter from a consulate in Brazil confirming that Jim has been sighted at a work camp, and a photo of the boy.

The next day, Tressa packs to go to Brazil. She leaves Will in charge of her business, and Will assures her that he'll take care of everything. Tressa tells him to go easy on Victoria and Will finally agrees to lighten up on her as he drives Tressa to the airport.

That night, Will drives back and finds Randy waiting for him. Will says that he can't be himself, and says that he has to check on a buddy. Out in the swamp, Will searches for Swamp Thing without success. Randy comes up, stabs Will twice, and dumps him into the river.

Swamp Thing senses that something has happened and comes to investigate. He carries Will out of the water and uses his power to heal him. He says that he needs Will, and Will comes back to life. Arcane arrives and tells the weakened Swamp Thing that he analyzed their recent encounters and deduced that the more Swamp Thing uses his powers, the more he depletes his human characteristics. He set the whole thing up with the help of Randy: his stepbrother. Randy arrives and Arcane tells him to take care of Swamp Thing until he delivers him to Sunderland. Once that happens, Sunderland will make him the head of European operations.

Will crawls away and Victoria finds him. She says that he's in no condition to go after anyone, and she explains that she's a guardian angel. Victoria came to Will first because he's Alec's friend. To live, Alec needed to let go of his self-pity and fear and help another human being. Victoria disappears in a burst of light.

Arcane and Randy take Swamp Thing to the complex, and Victoria appears and takes out the guard when he draws his gun. She frees Swamp Thing from his confinement and Randy charges at him. Victoria blasts him back and says that she could kill both of them. Arcane blames Randy, claiming that he's dominated him, and Randy comes at him. The scientist grabs a discarded gun and "accidentally" shoots Randy with it, and then blames Victoria. Victoria says that Arcane killed him and then takes Swamp Thing out.

Later, Victoria tells Swamp Thing not to waste his life grieving for Linda. She says that she is the spirit of Linda and all of the people who have loved him and died. Swamp Thing wonders how he can find the strength to go on, and Victoria tells him that he will meet someone who loves her as much as Linda did. He doesn't believe it, but Victoria tells him that there is still much for him to do. Victoria fades away, and Swamp thing says that he loves Linda.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 10, 2017

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