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Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam Recap

In Hudson, New York, the Reiden children sit in separate cubicles. Abigail looks down on them and runs tests on them while the techs analyze their brain patterns. What the Shepherds are looking for doesn't turn up, and Abigail tells Tad to run it again.

On the jet, Jackson, Abe, and Logan work out a place to land the jet near the old research facility that the Shepherds are using to hold the kids. Jamie joins them and says that she has thermal imaging from a satellite a year ago. It shows a heat concentration in one building and they figure that's where the children are.

The Shepherds continue testing the children, and Tad warns that the Malvatox-B isn't causing the children's brains to operate on the same frequency as the hybrids. Abigail tells them to try again.

Clem visits Mitch and tells him that she's going with the others to rescue Isaac. Mitch warns that he doesn't trust Dariela's judgment around Clem. He refuses to let Clem go, and she storms off.

Abigail tells the children to focus, and one of them picks up on the zero frequency. A perimeter alarm goes off, and Abigail figures that it's Jackson. She tells the Shepherds to take what they can, round up the razorbacks, and tells Tad that they don't need the children anymore as she walks off.

The team breaks into the facility and splits up to search the place.

Abigail boards the jet.

The team doesn't find anyone and they continue searching. They figure the Shepherds knew that they were coming. They find a stasis tank like the one Mitch was in, and they find the uniform that Abigail stole. Jackson calls Clem on the plane, and she spots Abigail coming up behind her. They fight and Abigail grabs a scalpel from a table. She demands to know where Abendegos is, and Clem says that the hybrid is locked up in the vehicle bay. She smashes a beaker into Abigail's head and then knocks her out, but Abigail wakes up and kicks her away, then overturns a shelf onto Clem.

The team finds the children in the mess room. Isaac runs to his parents and hugs them, and he says that Abigail told him that the game was over.

Abigail breaks open the camper and extends her hand to Abendegos.

The police and news teams arrive at the facility and report on the discovery of the children. A reporter interviews Logan, who says that they're beginning the process of reuniting the children with their families. An officer tells him that they found tunnels beneath the facility and that's how the Shepherds escaped. Meanwhile, a paramedic checks out Isaac and tells his parents that he's fine. Abe asks his son what happened there, but Dariela says that the important thing is that they got Isaac back.

Inside, Jackson is searching the facility. Mitch comes in and Jackson tells him that they're taking the stasis tank with them. He figures that Mitch hates it, but says that they can get valuable information on Abigail from it. Mitch suggests that they have Logan get it to the plane.

IADG agent Quentin Garrison arrives with bear claws and offers one to Logan. Logan isn't interested and wonders what he wants. Quentin says that four hikers were found dead in the Black Forest, and they died after inhaling an unidentified toxin. The autopsy also showed trace amounts of hybrid DNA on the bodies. The IADG would like Logan to solve, and Quentin explains that he had a history on the island. Logan denies it, but Henry says that he knows that Logan was on the island ten years ago. When Logan says that he still isn't interested, Henry says that the next hybrid the team is looking for is in Peru.

A few minutes later, Logan tells Jamie that three refugee camps in Peru were attacked. The file he gives her has reports on it showing that the creature attacking was a hybrid. Jamie asks where he got it, and Logan says that he made some new friends. He tells Jamie that he won't be leaving with them, and what he's doing next is classified. Logan admits that he'd stay if there was a future between them, but there isn't. He tells Jamie that if she needs anything, she can reach him, and leaves.

The team goes back to the jet and Mitch claims that an error message came up on the decryption program. They tell Clem that they have intel on a hybrid in Peru, and Clem tells them that Abigail was there and got Abendegos. Mitch confirms that Clem is okay, and they take off.

In Tarapoto, Peru, Mitch and Jamie head to the refugee camps. A wolf steps out, leaps at them… and disappears. Someone shoots Mitch with a tranq dart, and Max Morgan steps out. He and Jamie recognize each other, and Max apologizes to Mitch as he passes out.

On the jet, Jackson is checking the stasis tank when Abe and Clem come in. Jackson admits that he can't get it to work. Clem starts identifying the circuits, and finally admits that she and Abigail had a bit of a fight. She doesn't want them to worry about her, and Jackson says that he understands from what he went through ten years ago. He worked through it by having people around him that he could trust. Abe checks her and says that he needs to extract some blood.

Mitch wakes up and Max explains that it was an accident. He asks how the baby is, and admits that Clem called him. Mitch points out that Max knew he was alive but didn't call, and explains that there's a 60' snake roaming in the area. Nobody has seen it, and Max has fine-tuned a device that can detect the heartbeat of a snake that size. Jamie tells him that they're looking for the same thing.

Abe and Dariela ask Isaac what happened in the facility. He says that they didn't let them outside, and they played "guessing game" but he never got them right. Once he leaves, Abe says that there's no trace of the drug in Isaac's body.

Clem and Jackson continue trying to activate the tank. They succeed and the data on Abigail comes up. Abe comes in and says that analyzing the data will have to wait. He tells Clem that he got her blood test results back.

Jamie, Max, and Mitch track the wolf tracks and they just disappear. Mitch suggests that the snake can camouflage itself and figures that the snake gulped the wolf, making it appear that it teleported away. Jamie wonders how they're going to find it, and Mitch figures that it will return to its den to digest its prey.

Isaac tells Clem that the baby has HDG, a blood disorder. Clem's body is creating antibodies that are attacking the baby's blood. The baby's blood is extremely rare, and it could take weeks to find a match. Abe says that if they had the father's blood, he could do an exchange transfusion. Clem says that the father is Sam Parker, and they met three months ago in Colorado. She doesn't know where he is currently living. If they get his blood in time then the baby will survive. Clem starts telling them everything she knows about Sam.

As night falls, Jamie refuses to discuss her relationship with Mitch when Max asks. She walks ahead and Mitch figures that Max will make a move on her. His father says that he's changed, and Mitch tells him to leave it at the fact that Jamie is the person he trusts most. Jamie comes back and says that she's found the sake den. It's in an abandoned warehouse, and Mitch explains that he needs spinal fluid from the snake. Max warns that the amount necessary will kill it. Jamie grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it around, hoping the gas will reveal it.

Jamie continues spraying the extinguisher, finally revealing the snake. Mitch prepares to shoo tit but Max shoves the gun aside and the snake flees. Max says that the military will pay them if they can work out the snake's cloaking ability, and Mitch realizes that's his father's angle. Mitch tells him that they're going to get the spinal fluid and if the snake dies, it dies. The snake swallows Jamie, and Mitch and Max hear the fire extinguisher hit the floor. By the time they get there, there's no sign of Jamie.

Jackson tries to locate Sam and Clem explains that Sam was with the Hope Foundation building homes for refugees. He asks for more details, and Clem finally says that she met Sam while waiting on intel about a decommissioned Shepherd facility. He asked her out on a date and they were together until she learned the facility was in Eastern Europe. Clem didn't want Sam to know, so she snuck out in the middle of the night and never looked back. She figures Sam will never speak to her again, but Jackson figures that Sam will when he learns what's at stake.

Abe finds Dariela reading and she says that Isaac is in his room. She asks when they're going home because a plane is no place for a child. Abe points out that when they first met, there was nothing she wouldn't do for the team. Dariela tells him that they're not that family anymore, and she wants Abe to come with her and Isaac. Abe says that he can't do it, and Dariela tells him that one of them have to look out for Isaac.

Jackson discovers that Sam got a speed ticket in Pittsburgh a day before, and his parents live there. He figures that Sam went home after his heart was broken.

The snake comes after Mitch and Max, and Jamie cuts her way out of its stomach. The snake turns visible as it dies.

After getting the spinal fluid, the trio goes to the jet Jackson tells them that they have to take off, and Abe explains that the baby will die if it doesn't get a blood transfusion in the next three days. The jet heads for Pittsburgh and Jackson suggests that they put Clem in the stasis. Clem agrees to do it if it will save the baby, and tells Mitch that the others helped bring them together and she's sure they'll keep her safe as well. Mitch asks the team to stay, admitting that everyone there is family. Abe activates the tank and Clem gets in.

Later, Max finds Jamie searching for Mr. Duncan. He figures that Clem will be fine, and Max recognizes the Melvatox-B chemical structure that Jamie has up on a screen. He explains that the structure of bonds is Mitch's signature. Jamie excuses herself.

Abe finds Dariela packing, and says that he needs her there with him. They kiss and fall onto the bed.

Max goes to the vehicle bay and takes out the egg that he took from the snake den.

Jamie confronts Mitch and says that he's Mr. Duncan. She figures that Mitch tried to erase the photo, and says that she knows it isn't his fault because of the bio drive. Jamie asks what else Mitch is responsible for and if he knows, and says that she's going to tell the rest of the team. She hugs Mitch, and he says that he's sorry and jabs her with a tranq dart. Max comes in and wonders what his son has done, and Mitch turns to him.

In Pittsburgh, Jackson goes to Sam's parent's house. Sam answers the door and Jackson says that Clem sent him. He explains that Clem is pregnant, and Sam tells him that he doesn't know Clem. Sam has been in Germany for the last year... and Abigail shoots Sam dead. She tells Jackson that he has something that she needs.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 11, 2017

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