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The Law of Nature Recap

Kevin, Adrian, Jonah, and Mia drive through the Mist and Adrian says that they're in his neighborhood. He tells Kevin to stop the car, and once Kevin does so Adrian explains that it's his street and he needs to check on his family and say goodbye. Kevin warns that they're almost out of gas, and Adrian confirms that his parents have a car. He tells Kevin that he'll be fine on his own and goes into the house, while Jonah and Mia go to check on the car.

At the church, the people ask Nathalie when the miracle will happen. Nathalie says that the Black Spring is the miracle, and it happened in 1860 when a young woman was abused. Now it has happened again, Nature took Mikhail that he did awful things, and Linc did horrible things to her, and Romanov ordered him to Nathalie tells the people to think about that before they question her again, and says that soon she will go out into the Mist when she knows what it wants her to do.

At the mall, Eve sees Alex with Jay, checking his burns. Jay warns her not to touch her. Meanwhile, Kimi continues to listen to the other group on the walkie-talkie and tells Eve that Gus is suggesting that they scavenge for supplies. She warns that it's going to get a lot worse. Eve asks Kimi to find her a room with no windows as she looks at Jay.

Nathalie sits with Connor and takes his hand. He explains that he and Liza were married there, and when Romanov buried her he said that God listens to those who call to him with favor. Connor figures that Romanov was blaming him for not praying hard enough, and says that he's glad Romanov didn't come back. Nathalie figures that it was hard for Connor raise a child alone, and Connor admits that his mother wasn't around so he knows what it's like to be raised by a father The sheriff admits that he doesn't know how to teach about things or teach them to be a person, and he messed up. He admits that he think Jay raped Alex, and breaks into tears. Nathalie tells Connor to come with her.

Adrian goes into the kitchen and finds his father Duncan sitting at the table eating. He asks where his mother Sandy is, and Connor tells him that she's in the living room. Adrian goes there and finds his mother asleep on the couch... dead, her eyes pecked out. Duncan comes in and explains that Sandy couldn't sleep and she went out on the stoop. Huge flocks of birds came for her and killed her.

Connor tells Nathalie that it's his fault for making Jay who he is, and he lost his son when he lost Liza. He wonders how Nathalie is getting over Benedict's death, and Nathalie about the horrible things in the world. She insists that Mother Nature has had enough, and Connor tells her that he doesn't know what to do. Nathalie tells him that he does deep down that it's not his fault. Connor just needs to open his eyes and feel his purpose, and trust his instincts. She says that animals kill to survive, and when humans kill for other reasons they trespass against Nature's order. Black Spring is there to kill the trespassers. Connor realizes that Jay is one of them, and says that his purpose is to restore order.

Kevin waits in the car and sees a light blinking in the distance. Another light blinks to it, and he drives off to investigate.

Jay and Alex check the sporting goods store and Alex puts on a football helmet and asks Jay how she looks. Jay finds a couple of boxes of skates.

Shelley lights candles at the shrine to her daughter and hears Alex and Jay laughing. They skate out and then kiss. Shelley secretly watches them.

Mia and Jonah get gas from the car for Kevin's car, and Mia asks if Jonah ever wanted to live like a normal family. She says that she doesn't want to, and Jonah kisses her. After a moment, Mia kisses him back and they undress and get into the Gras' car to have sex.

Gus and Kyle try to figure out places to search for good. Shelley comes in and says that Alex is making out with Jay. Gus insists that it's none of their business, and tells Shelley that she needs to stop what she's doing. Shelley insists that Alex did nothing to save Lila, and accuses Gus of calling her hysterical. Kyle agrees with Shelley, but Gus says that he's just trying to keep the mall safe. The security guard says that it's not his mall and walks off.

When Alex and Jay return, Kimi asks where they've been. She tells Alex that Eve has been looking for, and tells Jay to get some water from the storage locker on the ground floor. Jay goes to get it, and discovers that there is a cot and supplies in the room. Eve locks the door behind him and yells through the door that she's not going to let Jay hurt Alex again.

Adrian says that Duncan didn't cry over his mother's death, and that he never loved him. Duncan admits that he doesn't, and says that a man is supposed to love women so they're both messed up.

Nathalie tells the parishioners that it's time to leave. Connor confessed that Jay is guilty of rape, so they must go to the mall where Jay is and kill those who trespass against nature. Once they do, the Mist will leave them. Nathalie insists that Jay is the catalyst, and Connor tells them that he found a way.

Kevin drives to the light and Vic runs over and begs Kevin to let him into the car. He says that Alex is at the mall and he'll tell him all about it if Kevin lets him in. after a moment, Kevin unlocks the car door. Vic gets in and Kevin drives off.

Alex asks Kimi if she saw Jay come back. Kimi says that she didn't and he's probably going to the bathroom, and tells her to wait for Eve. Alex refuses and goes to the atrium. She tells Gus and the others that she's looking for Jay, and Shelley says that she's the girl that the mist didn't touch. When Gus tries to pull her away, Kyle stops him and Shelley asks Alex why she's immune to the mist. After a moment, Shelley walks away and Alex goes back.

Once they return to the Graf house, Vic tells Kevin that Alex survived and she isn't hurt yet. He warns that the mall survivors are all turning against each other. Kevin says that when his friends return, they'll go to the mall.

After sex, Jonah holds Mia and strokes her hair. They agree that it was fun, and Jonah wonders if he has a wife that he can't remember. He figures that he shouldn't go back to Arrowhead since Bryan wanted to kill him, and asks Mia if she had a guy before. Mia says that she doesn't and abruptly says that they should go back for the others.

Gus is in his office eating his secret stash of food. Wes knocks on the door and Gus quickly hides the food and lets him in. the soldier warns that people are just barely hanging on and they need to do something about Shelley. She's saying that Alex is connected to the Mist, and the people are ready to believe anything. Gus says that he'll see what he can do.

Adrian covers over Sandy's body and picks up a shotgun. Outside, Kevin honks the horn. Duncan wonders if he's gay as well, and Adrian says that the Copelands are more of a family to him then Duncan ever was. Duncan says that Sandy was afraid of Adrian, because he's a monster. She took pills because she couldn't stand to be around Adrian. Adrian admits that he told her to move out rather than be a victim of Duncan's, and Duncan tells his son that she was so scared that she went out into the Mist. He tells Adrian that no one could love the real him, and that Alex will only put up with Adrian until she finds a heterosexual men. Adrian shoots Duncan and says that he wasn't going to let Adrian choose someone like Jay. He insists that Alex loves him and sandy loves him. He lies down next to Duncan's corpse and says that he loves him.

Mia and Jonah get into the car and Kevin honks the horn for Adrian. Inside, Adrian hears the horn and cuts his arm with a knife. When Kevin comes in, Adrian says that Duncan tried to kill him and he shot him in self-defense. Kevin assures the teenager that it's okay and puts pressure on the wound, and apologizes for not coming with him. He tells Adrian that he'll always be part of their family, and goes to the bathroom to find some antiseptic.

Adrian follows Kevin and thanks him for helping him. He asks Kevin to promise that he'll always be part of his family no matter what, and Kevin promises. Adrian persists, asking if he's still part of their family even if he did something stupid. Kevin assures him that he's not going to leave him, and finds Sandy's pills in the medicine cabinet. Adrian says that he couldn't let her leave him. Kevin grabs him and demands to know what he did, and Adrian grabs the shotgun and aims it at Kevin. He says that Jay was going to take Alex away from him, and insists that he isn't a freak. Adrian tells Kevin to get on his knees and fires a warning shot, and tells Kevin that he'll protect both of them. He prepares to shoot, and Kevin grabs the barrel. The shotgun goes off and Kevin collapses.

After Kevin goes down, Adrian runs to the car and gets in. He tells the others that Duncan killed Kevin, and says that they should go to the mall because he promised to keep Eve and Alex safe.

Gus approaches Shelley at her shrine to Lila and she asks if he had kids. He admits that he doesn't, and Shelley says that she knows Alex didn't have anything to do with the Mist. She just couldn't take seeing her happy. Gus realizes that she set the fire, and tells her to confess or he'll do it for her. Shelley says that she wanted to and went to his office, and found food there. She wonders what the survivors will say if they learn that Gus is hoarding food, and he insists that it's important for everyone's safety that he lives. Shelley asks Gus if he'll confess or if he wants him to do it for him. when Gus doesn't answer, Shelley goes to the atrium and Gus grabs her. He hits her over the head and then strangles her.

At the church, Nathalie is in the kitchen with several of the parishioners. One of the others, Greta, knocks at the door and tells Nathalie that she and the others are staying. They figure that it's safer in the church. Nathalie tells Greta that she understands, kisses her on the cheek, and says that she hopes Nate will bless her.

Nathalie, Connor, and the two people leaving with them go to the door. When Connor wonders where the others are, Nathalie says that they're staying because they're ashamed. They close the doors, bar them, spread gasoline, and Nathalie gives the matches to Connor. She assures him that every act of destruction is one of creation, and he lights a match and starts the fire. As the people in the church scream, Nathalie and the others enter the sewer tunnels through a manhole in the basement.

Gus yells for help and when the others arrive, claims that he found Shelley dead. Kyle accuses Gus of doing it and attacks him, but Gus tells them that he saw Alex running away.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 11, 2017

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