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I See a Darkness Recap

The Mercedes Widow shoves Nicole back into her house and says that the Clootie has told her that the law leads to the third seal, so she's come to Nicole. She kicks Nicole and says that the path to the third seal leads to Nicole. Nicole says that she doesn't know what it is, but Mercedes figures that she could be ignorant of what she knows. Waverly arrives and attacks the Widow, Unimpressed, the Widow comes at her and finally throws her into some furniture. When she grabs Waverly, Nicole grabs her and the Widow bits Nicole in the arm while Waverly goes for Nicole's gun. The Widow realizes that they don't have the third seal, and Waverly grabs the gun and turns... and the Widow disappears. Nicole starts to go into shock from the envenomed bite, and Waverly calls for an ambulance.

Waverly recruited Nedley and they arrive at the hospital, He goes to find the bathroom and Wynonna goes to Mercedes' room. Her head is bandaged up and she's unconscious, and Dolls comes in and says that Mercedes has lost a lot of blood. He figures the Widows kept the two sisters alive as punishment and for food. Dolls goes out to hunt for the Widows, and Wynonna tells the unconscious Mercedes that the Widows are kicking their asses.

Waverly arrives with an unconscious Nicole and recognizes the attending nurse, Gretta, as the Blacksmith's twin. The doctor tells Waverly to stay back and has Gretta take Nicole to Trauma One. Wynonna arrives and Waverly collapses into her arms. She then tells Wynonna and Dolls what happened, and admits that she kissed Rosita. Waverly explains that Rosita is a revenant, and Dolls tells Wynonna that they'll deal with it later. Wynonna says that the third seal is safe and the Widows won't find it, and Waverly is furious that Wynonna didn't tell her where it is. She says that Nicole is injured because of her, and storms out.

Dolls tells Wynonna that the Widow bit Juan Carlo, and figures that Nicole only has a few hours until the venom kills her. Wynonna insists that the Widows don't take another victim.

Waverly goes out, and the Beth Widow comes over and says that Waverly smells... rare. She tells Waverly ty stay, and figures that Waverly now has a reason to cure her. The Widow says that she can cure Nicole, and warns that the doctors can't do anything. Waverly draws her gun, but the Widow says that bullets can't hurt her and if she gets the third seal's location from Wynonna, she'll save Nicole's life. With that, she walks off.

Waverly goes back inside and Dolls tells her that the doctors can't identify the venom. Nicole told the doctors that she won't let them put her under until she sees Waverly.

Wynonna goes to Nicole's room where she's moaning in pain. Nicole tells Wynonna that the Widow said that the path to the third leads through the law, and asks her to let her die. She figures that Waverly won't let her go and she's the only one Waverly will forgive. Waverly comes in and Wynonna goes to get the doctor. Nicole asks Waverly to take care of her cat Calamity Jane, and apologizes for holding back the DNA report. Waverly assures her that she'll recover, but Nicole tells her to know that if she doesn't make it then she has never loved anyone else. The doctor knocks Nicole out to slow the venom, and Waverly kisses her.

Jeremy arrives with everything that he has on the Widows' venom Dolls figures that it's the same toxin that they spray, and Jeremy warns that they need more venom for him to analyze Waverly volunteers to be a test subject, but Jeremy warns that she's human and the cure is worse than the poison. He mentions that Nicole is dying, and Wynonna and Dolls punch him in the arms. Waverly says that she knows Nicole is dying, and knocks over Jeremy's mug when she picks up his papers. She starts to panic, and tells Wynonna that they can use the third seal to lure the Widows in. Wynonna refuses to give it up, and tells Jeremy to do what he can with the venom sample he has, and she'll find a test subject. Dolls figures that he can get information from the Order, and Wynonna tells Waverly to work with Doc and track Mercedes from Nicole's apartment. She then tells Jeremy that she's going to nail the Widow like a bitch and leaves.

At Shorty's, Doc is playing poker and loses. Rosita comes over and tells Doc's last opponent, Steve, that he's not supposed to be there. Doc realizes that Steve is a revenant, and Steve says that he used to work there when Bobo is alive. He offers to go down to the basement, and Doc suggests that they play five-card draw to find out how interested Steve is in the basement. Steve accepts and gets high card on the first draw. Wynonna arrives and Steve quickly runs. Doc says that they were playing a private game, and that he's not going to help her now that he's mortal. Wynonna says that Nicole is dying and Doc prepares to go with her. Rosita glances over at Wynonna, who smiles nervously at her.

Beth approaches Waverly outside the hospital and asks if Waverly go the seal. Waverly says that she knows that she can't trust Beth, who says that her family is still burning in Hell. As she walks away, Waverly starts to go after her but Nedley comes over and says that he needs the key to Nicole's place so he can get her hat. Waverly hands over the key and Nedley tries to reassure her. He says that he has to call Nicole's next of kin even though Nicole didn't speak to them.

Waverly goes in and finds a woman looking at Nicole's record. The woman says that she's Shae, a doctor but not Nicole's doctor, and explains that she's Nicole's wife.

Dolls finds Evan and the two remaining Order members standing over the incinerated bodies of the three Order members that they cremated. Evan tells Dolls that they're the only ones there, and says that the heir to come needs to be kept safe from the BBD. Dolls insists that they don't snatch babies, but Evan points out that they took Dolls. He figures that they can't beat the Widows but Wynonna and her people might, and hands over the plate. When Dolls wonders why he's helping, Evan says that it's an act of faith.

Waverly sits with the unconscious Nicole, and Shae brings her coffee and says that the doctors are still trying to ID the poison. She asks for information on how Nicole was bitten, and Waverly gives her a vague explanation. Shae explains that she and Nicole met near Las Vegas right before they got married. Then things cooled off and they broke up. Nicole wakes up, and Shae tells him which anesthetic to use since Nicole is allergic to the standard anesthesia. Waverly apologizes for knowing, figures that she's just making things worse, and leaves.

At Shorty's, Rosita serves Madison a non-alcoholic drink. Wynonna puts Peacemaker on the bar and it glows in the presence of a revenant. She explains that Waverly told her that Rosita is a revenant, and Rosita points out that she saved Waverly from Tucker. Doc arrives and tells Rosita to take the day off, and they kiss. Once he goes to get the truck, Rosita asks if she should leave or Wynonna will kill her. Wynonna tells her to help Jeremy. She tells Rosita that if Nicole makes it then she'll shoot her last. Rosita says that all she had to do is ask and Wynonna goes out to the truck.

When he returns, Dolls approaches Waverly and asks how Nicole is doing. She breaks into tears and he hugs her, and claims that Shae is just another doctor. Waverly asks to go with Dolls, admitting that she's useless there.

Rosita arrives at the BDD lab and explains that she's a demon and Jeremy's guinea pig. She figures that there's only one thing that can kill her, and jams the cure into her arm.

Wynonna and Doc check Nicole's apartment, and Wynonna tells him that she knows that Rosita is a revenant. He figures that Rosita is helping perfect the anti-venom, and notes that she can be in pain even if she can't die. They find trace of fresh blood on the floor, and figure that the Widow is still there. They hear something moving in the closet and open it, guns drawn... and find Calamity Jane. Wynonna wonders why Nedley didn't get it, and Doc sees Nedley's hat on the rack. They figure that Mercedes has Nedley and leave.

Mercedes tells the captive Nedley that Clootie pointed her to the law, and demands to know where the seal is. She slaps him but Nedley refuses to talk.

Waverly and Dolls arrive at the BDD lab and find Rosita in agony from the anti-venom. Jeremy says that he hates torturing Rosita, and Waverly agrees. Dolls warns that it's the only way to save Nicole, but Waverly takes the IV out of Rosita's arm and explains about Beth's deal. She says that she didn't do it, but Dolls suggests that if Waverly goes through with the deal, Nicole will be there for them to help put down Clootie. When Waverly objects, Dolls says that she could say that he made her. They both admit that they don't know where the third seal is, and Dolls tells Jeremy to think outside the box. He takes off his jacket, figuring that his dragon nature will keep him alive. Waverly says that she's going to see Nicole, and walks off as Dolls starts screaming.

Nedley refuses to talk, and Mercedes says that her altar is in a place of worship. She then slices Nedley's toes and says that they're just starting.

At the hospital, Shae warns Waverly that Nicole's iron count is too high and her organs are shutting down. Nicole isn't responding to the cure, and the tox screen doesn't make sense. Shae asks Waverly what she and the others do, and tells her that what she and Nicole had wasn't real but Nicole really loves Waverly. Waverly refuses to say goodbye and goes to Gretta. She says that she's heard rumors about Gretta--the Iron Witch--and Gretta warns Nicole not to thinks he knows her because she saw the Blacksmith die. Waverly explains that they're iron in Nicole's blade, and Gretta recognizes the Widows from Waverly's description and her grandmother's tales. She says that her grandmother had an anti-venom but warns that her price will be steep. Waverly agrees and they shake. Gretta writes down the location of the cure and gives it to Waverly, who stares at it in surprise.

Waverly goes to the sheriff's office and finds Doc's ring in Nedley's coffee cup. She realizes that it's the third seal and the Widows have rings just like it.

Doc and Wynonna follow the blood trail to the barn where Mercedes is keeping Nedley. Dolls calls and tells Wynonna that he's undergoing testing. As they prepare to go in, Doc suggests that Wynonna sit it out now that she's looking out for two lives instead of one. Wynonna refuses to back down.

Mercedes demands to know where the seal is, and Nedley still refuses to talk. The Widow says that Wynonna isn't coming because she doesn't care for anyone but herself, just as Wynonna drives through the barn door and rams Mercedes. Doc opens fire and then pistol-whips her. Wynonna comes over and beats Mercedes, then aims Peacemaker at her. The Widow ways that it won't kill her, and Wynonna kneecaps her. As Doc ties her up, Wynonna frees Nedley and says that she knew he'd never talk. He tells her that the ring is in his coffee mug at the station, and he needs to go to the hospital. Wynonna tells him that he did good.

Wynonna and Doc bring the tied-up Mercedes to the BDD lab, and Jeremy says that Dolls and Rosita are resting in the holding cells. He takes out a syringe and Wynonna cheerfully uses it to remove the venom from Mercedes' glands. She goes to the hospital and discovers that Nicole is alive and well. Wynonna hugs her and Nicole says that nobody knows how she was cured. Waverly smiles nervously, and Wynonna figures that she made a deal. She asks what Waverly did, and Waverly runs out of the room.

Beth goes to the ashes of the church where the altar is, holding the ring.

Later, Gretta arrives at Shorty's and finds Waverly sitting alone. The Iron Witch says that she kept her word and Nicole is cured, and Waverly figures that Wynonna will never forgive her.

Wynonna storms into the lab and tells Dolls that Nicole is fine. Furious, she tells Dolls that the Widows have the third seal, and Dolls admits that he told her to do it.

Gretta points out the wish trophy behind the bar, and says that it's her price. Waverly warns her that in ten years the demon will come for her, but Gretta doesn't care and begins her spell.

Dolls tells Wynonna that she would have done the same thing, but Wynonna insists that she would have trusted her team. He shows her the plate.

Doc arrives and sees Gretta casting the spell. Waverly explains about the deal.

Dolls figures that the plate is a weapon, and Wynonna wonders what metal it's made up of.

Doc tells Gretta to stop, and when he tries to grab her, she disappears. Gretta dismisses him as collateral damage, and tells Waverly that she and Wynonna got her sister killed. Now one Earp sister will disappear and the other will have to live with it. She walks off.

Wynonna tells Dolls that she knows what she needs to do... and disappears. Dolls calmly puts the plate back in the case as his memory of Wynonna fades as well.

Perry runs in as Wynonna yells for Wynonna. She hesitates, and then says that she has no idea who Wynonna is and she and Perry have a wedding to plan.

Doc finds himself back in the well and yells for Wynonna.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 12, 2017

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