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Gone But Not Forgotten Recap

Yancy and Pahoo are heading to Virginia City to check on Yancy's silver mine, the Little Bonanza. A woman, Bonnie Mason, approaches Yancy and says that the man at the back of the car isn't a gentleman. Bonnie glances back at the man and says that he was staring at her. The train conductor brings a telegram to Yancy from their last stop, twenty-three miles ago. It's from Colorado Charlie, saying that there's big trouble in Virginia City and that he'll meet Yancy in Reno. Bonnie recognizes Yancy as the owner of the silver mine in Virginia City and feigns a faint. When Yancy goes to help her, Bonnie claims that she's molesting her. Her "pursuer" Val draws his gun, and Yancy yanks the brake line, throwing the man off his feet. The man fires a shot and leaps off the train, and Yancy and Pahoo go after him while Bonnie runs away. Pahoo brings Val down as he tries to run.

The next day, the train arrives in Reno. Charlie greets Yancy and Pahoo, and Yancy explains that they were ambushed on the train. Yancy says that he sent a telegram to his partner, Judge Randall, and figures that anyone in Virginia City would know when he would arrive. Charlie has three stage tickets to Virginia City, but Yancy wants to get a bath first.

Bonnie thanks the engineer for letting her ride in the cab, and heads down the street. Clay Wellman joins her and she tells him that Val is dead. She tells Bonnie to get back to Virginia City with Pete, and then finds his men. He sends Pete with Bonnie and tells the other two, Fargo and Collins, to cover the two routes from Reno to Virginia City. Pahoo spots the two men from the hotel room window and tells Yancy and Charlie. Yahoo figures that there's more than two men, and Charlie says that Randall was acting strange. He claimed that he didn't recognize Charlie, but then sent him a note telling him to visit the cemetery. Yancy's name is on a gravestone, with a line saying that he was shot down in Virginia City by Wesley Smith. Wes is one of the fastest gunslingers in the West. Yancy says that they'll take horses instead of the stage to get to Virginia City.

A few days later, the three men arrive in at the Virginia City cemetery. They go to Yancy's grave and Pahoo stands watch while Yancy and Charlie dig. They pry open the coffin and finds a dead man inside with a shotgun blast to the face. Yancy figures that it's Wes, buried in Yancy's clothing. They hear horses approaching and crouch down in the grave, putting out their lantern. The two men go by, having seen the lantern, but dismiss it as their imagination and ride on. Yancy tells Charlie to cover over the coffin and then they'll go to see Randall.

The three men ride up to Randall's house and spot a man on the porch. Yancy sends Pahoo off and then approaches the house with Charlie. The guard aims a gun at them and says that Randall isn't in. Yancy doesn't believe him, and Pahoo jumps down on the man from the porch roof. Yancy and Charlie leave Pahoo a rope to tie the guard up with, and they go inside. Randall is at his desk and says that they'll know Yancy is there and they'll kill his granddaughter, Julie. The judge explains that Julie was visiting and left for her home in Sacramento but never got there. Clay captured her and then told Randall to cooperate or he'd kill Julie. They uncovered a new vein at the Little Bonanza, and word got out. Clay brought in a drifter Hennessey, dressed him as Yancy, had Randall marry him to Bonnie who owns the Lucky Deuce Saloon, and then had Hennessey killed in a street fight. Yancy promises that he'll rescue Julie and tells Randall to play it straight until he sends word.

The three men ride into Virginia City and Charlie gets some dynamite. They then go to the LIttle Bonanza and find Fargo on guard. Collins arrives with food for Julie, and Yancy knows that there's another way in that the guards don't know about. Pahoo slips into the main entrance behind Fargo, but Fargo spots him and goes in pursuit. Meanwhile, Yancy and Charlie go in through the other entrance.

Pahoo follows Collins, and Fargo yells a warning to Collins. He tells Collins to go ahead while he gets Pahoo. Fargo opens fire, and Yancy and Charlie hear the gunshots. Pahoo returns fire, and Yancy takes out Collins and then tells Pahoo to join them. When Fargo comes after them, Yancy lights a stick of dynamite and brings the tunnel down ahead of Fargo.

The third guard hears the explosion while guarding Julie. He yells to the others, and Yancy arrives and knocks him out. He then tells Julie that his grandfather sent him to rescue her. They take Julie to the judge's house, and Julie realizes who Yancy is. She says that she went to Yancy's funeral two weeks ago, and Yancy says that need to go into town and foreclose on Bonnie. Julie heard the guards talking with Clay and used his real name, and Yancy has worked out that Clay is actually Wes. Clay's vanity led him to use his own name on the tombstone, boasting that he killed Yancy. Randall insists on going with them.

The four men arrive at the Lucky Deuce, and Charlie and Pahoo take up positions to the side. Marshal Ike Milton is drinking with Bonnie, and Yancy asks Ike to arrest Bonnie on charges of fraud, kidnapping, and murder. Charlie, who knows Ike, speaks up in Yancy's defense and Ike grabs him. Clay and his men are there, and Yancy tells Ike that his real name is Wes. When Ike starts to arrest Clay, Bonnie hits him over the head with a bottle and runs. Charlie trips her and then guns down Clay. Clay's men open fire, and Yancy and Pahoo kill them.

Later, Yancy and the others attend Clay's funeral. Yancy says that everyone is heading to Promontory Point for the wedding of the rails so he'll have to catch a later train. Julie is glad to have more time with Yancy.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 13, 2017

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