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Mist Demeanor Recap

Two men, Johnson and Reiger, are out night-fishing. Suddenly the water erupts and mist shoots out of the water. Johnson collapses , and Reiger man rows away yelling for help.

Swamp Thing soon realizes that the water is contaminated.

Will is working on his truck with Abigail's help, and she notices the boat floating back with the two fishermen. They go over and confirm that the men are alive but comatose, and Will loads them into the jeep while Abigail goes to get blankets. Swamp Thing calls to Will, telling that he must warn Houma as the cloud moves across the water toward town. He says that he'll do what he can and leaves, and Abigail comes out as Will prepares to drive off.

When Will and Abigail arrive in Houma, they yell to warn the townspeople. The people who hear them don't believe it, and Will sounds the fire alarm. As the townspeople come out on the street Sheriff Andrews arrests Will and Abigail and tells the townspeople that they're practical jokers. Will warns that they're all in danger, and the mist rolls into Houma against the wind. Andrews orders everyone off the streets, but people start to collapse.

At the complex, Graham wakes Arcane and tells him about the mist. They listen to the radio and Arcane figures that he can make money from it once he acquires a sample. He tells Graham to get it after donning a protective suit.

At the hospital, Dr. Taylor reports that everyone exposed is suffering from paralysis and organ shutdown. Andrews asks her for options, and she recommends evacuation. Will and Abigail bring someone in, and Taylor thanks them for their help. Arcane comes in and takes a sample from Reiger. Reiger says that he's going numb, and Arcane assures him that he's getting better. He finds Andrews and tells the sheriff that he needs samples and even a corpse or two. Arcane reminds Andrews of their arrangement and the sheriff says he'll do what he can. A man collapses and Arcane comes over to get samples.

Mrs. Reiger comes in and goes to her paralyzed husband. Abigail tries to comfort her, and Mrs. Reiger says her son Joshua is in the woods. Will tells Andrews that they have to rescue the boy and leaves, and Abigail goes with him. Meanwhile, the EMTs bring in a paralyzed Graham. Arcane sees him and realizes that the suits don't provide protection against the mist. Graham gives Arcane the samples before passing out.

Arcane goes out in the swamp and calls to Swamp Thing. He collapses from the mist, and Swamp Thing arrives. Arcane says that he's not there about money but to lend his expertise because Swamp Thing and the townspeople need his intelligence. He admits that he doesn't want to die and passes out. Swamp Thing takes him to the river and has Arcane wash off his skin since the mist is absorbed through the pores. Arcane warns that neural shutdown has begun and would collapse except for Swamp Thing's help. Swamp Thing gives him plants to chew on and regain some energy.

Will and Abigail drive to the Reiger house and search for Joshua. They split up to search.

Swamp Thing figures that the mist is coming from the contaminated sediment beneath the water, and examines the samples Arcane brought him.

The mist moves up to the Reiger house and starts to surround Abigail.

Swamp Thing suggests to Arcane that the swamp is reacting, directing the mist He remembers working on a reagent before he was transformed, and Arcane boasts that he improved on it.

Joshua is playing in his treehouse as the mist approaches him.

Arcane bemoans the destruction of his efforts by swamp gas. He tells Swamp Thing that he hoped to advance the knowledge of mankind, and admits that he planned to profit in the process.

Abigail finds Joshua and tells him that his father is sick. As the mist approaches, Abigail tells Joshua that they have to stay away from it and carries Joshua on her shoulders, keeping his head above the mist.

Will returns to the jeep but there's no sign of Abigail.

Abigail walks ahead of the mist.

Working together, Swamp Thing and Arcane create a cure. Arcane refuses to die without a monument to his accomplishments, and Swamp Thing finishes their cure.

Abigail reaches the jeep and tells Will to stay back. She warns that the mist is after her, and hands Joshua to Will. Will gets Joshua into the jeep and Abigail collapses. She kisses him and dies.

Swamp Thing manufactures enough of the cure to administer to the entire town. Arcane points out that there's no way he can inject everyone, and Swamp Thing summons mosquito to first absorb the cure and then fly off to bite everyone. Arcane points out that Swamp Thing is helpless, but realizes that the mosquitos aren't biting him. Swamp Thing tells Arcane to give up the samples, and Arcane has no choice but to do so. A mosquito bites him, and Swamp Thing goes off.

Will calls to Swamp Thing, who comes. The teenager begs him to bring Abigail back, but Swamp Thing says that he can't and her death stopped the mist. To bring her back would be to undo her greater destiny, but she'll always be around Will. Swamp Thing tells Will to let the swamp welcome Abigail, and he does so. Abigail transforms into flowers, and the mist fades away.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 15, 2017

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