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Stakes on a Plane Recap

Abigail takes Jackson to Copenhagen and imprisons him. She then hangs him from the ceiling and says that Jackson will find out soon enough why they're in Copenhagen. Abigail says that Jackson is a bit of disappointment, and he asks why she's spreading the hybrids. He asks why Robert never told him about her, and Abigail says that he kept many secrets, particularly from his children. Jackson offers to help her if she tells him how to stop the hybrids, and Abigail tells him that he's there because he can communicate with the animal kingdom. Her brother has no idea what she's talking about.

Max and Mitch carry the unconscious Jamie away and Isaac sees them. Mitch claims that she passed out drunk. Once the boy leaves, the two men lay Jamie down and Max demands an explanation. Mitch says that if the team finds out what he's done, he'll lose everything. He swears Max to secrecy and then says that the Shepherds were controlling his mind to do evil things. Until he understands what's going on, he can't trust Jamie. Mitch explains about the bio-drive, and Max says that they'll take care of it and he knows how.

Abigail tells Jackson that she knows who really is and what he's capable of. She attached electrodes to his head and explains that they tell her when she's lying. Jackson still claims ignorance, and Abigail tosses antelope blood on Jackson's shirt. A Bengal tiger is in the next cage, and Abigail opens the door. Jackson stares at it, and it backs into the cage. Abigail shoots it with a tranq dart and tells Jackson that now they can begin.

Outside Boulder, Colorado, Quentin takes Logan to Barrier Command. They keep track of all hybrid activity across the globe. Corporal Lee introduces herself and Quentin explains that they'll be working on the Black Forest case. DNA was found in their lungs and they don't know how it got there. Quentin hands him a case and says that everything he needs is inside.

After sex, Abe tells Daniela that they have each other back and Isaac is back. he figures that once Jackson returns with Sam, they'll be closer to solving the sterility program. Isaac comes in and Isaac jokingly wrestles with him.

Mitch explains how they tried to bypass the bio drive last time. Max has a summoning rod and explains that they'll use it to summon underwater beasts. They'll generate an EMP and knock out the bio drive. As Max hardwires it into the plane's electrical system, Max admits that he's never done it to a living human before.

Jamie wakes up as the plane shakes, and hears her tablet beeping. As she checks it out, the plane swings wildly off-course.

Daniela goes to find Jamie.

Max warns that the EMPs will hurt and the first two could have side effects. However, the third one will shut down the bio drive. Max administers the first two pulses, and Mitch says that he's blind. Max assures him that it will go away with the third pulse, but the plane's electricity goes out. Mitch says that something doesn't feel right.

Daniela finds Jamie, who says that something is wrong with the main battery unit. The plane goes into safe mode, flying in a circle until they find the problem. The tablet shows where the malfunction is, and Jamie goes to work.

Abigail gets a signal that something is interfering with Mitch's bio drive.

Jamie says that she can't remember what happened, unaware that she was drugged. They find green goo leaking out of the hull and keep moving.

Abigail demands to know how Jackson controls the animals. If he doesn't tell her than she says that she'll kill his friends. Abigail brings up a schematic of the plane and explains that when she was onboard, she sabotaged it and can bring it crashing down if Jackson doesn't talk.

Jamie and Daniela get to the main battery unit and find a snakelike hybrid in the conduit.

Abigail says that her hybrid is damaging the plane's electrical system, but she can stop it if Abigail talks. Jackson says that he doesn't know how he does it.

Jamie summons everyone to the gallery, warning that they have a hybrid onboard. Mitch asks Max not to say anything about his blindness, and Max agrees and then leads Mitch to the gallery.

When the team assembles, Jamie says that the hybrid is wrapped around the main battery. Max loudly announces what he's seeing for Mitch's benefit, and Daniela shows them the fluid that the hybrid is excreting. Clem's tank is still working because it's on backup, and Jamie figures that they'll have power for two more hours. She says that she needs to reboot the entire system, and Abe suggests that they create a weak beacon signal and draw the hybrid out. Once it comes out, Jamie and Daniela will kill the hybrid while the others reboot the plane. Abe says that the serum's efficacy may require that take the spinal fluid from the hybrid while it's alive. Jamie says that they'll use nonlethal means to capture the hybrid, and Max and Match will reboot the system from the bar.

As Jamie and Dariela prepare their weapons, Jamie tells Mitch about her amnesia. He feigns ignorance, and Jamie asks him to look her in the eye. Max interrupts, and the plane shakes. Jamie says that they have to move.

Jackson wonders how he knows Abigail will spare his friends, and tells her to do what she wants with him as long as she doesn't hurt his friends. Abigail explains that she spent the last ten years creating the hybrids and spreading them around the globe, and they're waiting to be awakened. Jackson says that they can stop her, but Abigail isn't convinced.

Max checks Mitch's eyes, and warns that the blood vessels are constricted. His father has blood thinners and he goes to get them.

Abe finds Isaac and tells him to stay in their cabin. Isaac says that he misses home, and asks if they'll get back soon. Abe says that they'll talk about it when he gets back and

Dariela complains about the danger on the plane and how they're putting Isaac back into it. Jamie says that they're trying to make sure that there's a world for Isaac to grow up in. The two women open the conduit in the cargo bay, but the doors lock due to malfunction. The hatch opens and Jamie and Daniela grab on. Dariela tries to reach the override switch.

At Barrier Control, Logan and Lee analyze the DNA samples and discover that it doesn't match any known hybrid. Logan suggests that the reason they don't match is because they're not from a hybrid. He explains that he had a case a few years ago where the killer used killer spores. Logan figures that the hikers died from breathing airborne toxic spores, and wonders where they came from.

Jackson concentrates on the sleeping tiger, trying to wake it up. Abigail comes over to ask what he's doing, and Jackson tries to grab her with his legs. His sister tears free, and Jackson sees the tablet she's using to monitor his brain frequency. He realizes that she wants him to control the tiger, and Abigail explains that the strong the emotion the stronger the symbol. She needs his rage, and warns Jackson that by the time they're through, he'll have given her what he needs. The monitor of the plane shows the open cargo door.

Dariela grabs the lever but it doesn't work. Jamie calls to Mitch, who is taking the blood thinners. Abe hears them and runs to the door, and tries to open it. Meanwhile, Mitch's vision starts to come back, and Max advises him to tell Jamie the truth.

Jamie yells to Abe to bypass the control panel and the cut the wires in sequence.

Max tries to tell Mitch that he'll love him no matter what. Mitch quickly cuts him off and says that his vision has fully come back.

Abe is unable to bypass the control panel. The jet's AI goes off, speaking in Logan's voice, and alerting Mitch and Max that the cargo bay hatch is malfunctioning. Mitch is unable to raise Jamie, and the two men head to the vehicle bay.

Abe manages to shut the exterior hatch and open the inside door. Max and Mitch arrive and Max claims that they were resolving their issues. Jamie says that she and Logan thought it would be funny to use his voice for the AI. The AI announce that the aircraft systems are down to engines and avionics, and the team realizes that Clem's tank could lose power.

The team goes to the tank and Abe warns Mitch that if they take her out of the tank then the baby may die. The AI suggests that they use one of the auxiliary generators, but warns that the tank will lose power for five minutes. Mitch clutches at his head.

Abigail continues to monitor the situation, and points out that Jackson's only course of action is to give her what he wants.

Jamie and the others hook up the cabling from the tank to the auxiliary generator. They reroute the power and the AI reports that the jet's systems are shutting down in ten minutes. Abe tells Jamie that he'll modify the beacon to draw the hybrid off the battery unit. The AI announces that there is a fuel lank in the forward tank, meaning that they can't use firearms. Dariela insists that they're going to kill the hybrid and gets out swords and axes.

As Jamie accompanies Mitch to the bar where the override switch is, he sees that she's running a new filter on the Duncan image. She assures him that whatever is going on will be okay and kisses Mitch. As Mitch starts to tell Jamie the truth, Max interrupts them and the AI announces that they have seven minutes left.

In the lab, Abe pockets a syringe and then joins Dariela.

Mitch and Max go to the master switch and Abe prepares to trigger the beacon.

Abigail tells Jackson to control the tiger and have it kill her, and she has no way to stop him. Jackson insists that his friends will find a way out, but Abigail tells him that Mitch has her bio drive in his head. She's used it to make him do all kinds of things over the years, and she can turn on the Mr. Duncan personality with the flick of a switch. Abigail activates the bio drive.

Mitch clutches at his head in pain and tells Max that the bio drive is back on. When he tells Mitch to fight through it, Mitch knocks him out and then contacts Abigail. Jackson calls out to not listen to Abigail, but Abigail says that Mitch is gone. Mitch explains that the people on the plane are lying to him, and their plans are for the hybrids are coming to pass. Abigail says that he has to make sure the plane goes down, and Mitch says that he understands. She then shuts off the tablet so Jackson can't communicate with Mitch, and says that he's hers.

The hybrid leaves the unit and Jamie starts to the reboot. The hybrid grabs Abe and drags him to it. Meanwhile, Jamie tells Mitch to restart the plane but gets no response.

Abigail points out that Jackson is failing to save the ones he loved again. She describes how Jackson's wife and son died in Nairobi.

Jamie runs to the master switch and finds Mitch standing over the unconscious Max. She says that they need to reboot the plane, and Mitch tells her that his name is Duncan. Jamie realizes that he drugged her, and tells him to get away from the switch so that she can throw it. Mitch refuses to move.

Logan and Lee tell Quentin that they analyzed the wind patterns around the Black Forest, and traced the spores to their source. They believe that there are eggs which are the source of the spores, and they found similar victims in Seoul and Atlanta. If the eggs hatch, the barrier won't matter. Quentin orders them to send a team to the Black Forest and burn the nest.

Abigail tells Jackson that his one duty to was to protect his child, and he failed. Jackson screams at her to stop, and the tiger starts growling.

Abe grabs the syringe and tries to extract the spinal fluid. The hybrid grabs Dariela.

Jamie warns that they're all going to die if she doesn't throw the switch, and Mitch says that's the idea. The plane tailspins and a window shatters as everyone is knocked about.

Abigail continues taunting Jackson, saying that Robert laid down his life for Jackson.

Dariela and Abe hack at the hybrid's tentacles, and Abe manages to get close enough to kill it. The AI warns that they will crash in 90 seconds.

Abigail tells Jackson that he watches his son burned to death. The tiger leaps at Abigail, and she shoots it with a tranq dart. She thanks Jackson for giving her the readings she needed, and now she can activate the beacons and the hybrids ride. Abigail walks off, ignoring Jackson as he demands answers.

Mitch grabs Jamie and keeps her from getting to the switch. She elbows him in the face and breaks free, and they both slide down the passageway as the plane tailspins. Jamie yells that Mitch is going to get them all killed.

Abe, Daniela, and Isaac strap in.

Jamie kicks Mitch in the face, knocking him free. The AI warns that they have 30 seconds until they crash.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 18, 2017

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