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Mean Right Hook Recap

In the aftermath of the quake, Matt goes to the rooftop and listens to the chaos. He hears a man warning kids with a gun to take what they want from his store, and Matt runs across the rooftops to the place. He finds the teenage looters heading out through an alleyway, and the owner shoots at them. Matt drops down and knocks out the owner, and his son aims a gun at Matt. The lawyer says that they're just kids, but the son prepares to pull the teenager. Matt throws the father's gun at him, disrupting his aim, and then slams him against the wall and beats him unconscious. After a moment, Matt walks away.

The next day, Trish tries to reach Jessica by phone to make sure that she's okay. When she reaches her radio studio, she takes callers about the quake and tells them that it was centered in Hell's Kitchen and there's nothing to worry about. One caller says that Trish is reporting it wrong, says that she's a geologist, and says that the earthquake was only 300 feet deep. The line goes dead and Trish goes off the air. Her engineer says that upper management called and said that they have to lay off the earthquake stuff.

Misty arrives at a crime scene and meets with Captain Strieber, and he tells her that the apartment is paid for in cash. The FBI is already there and Homeland Security is on their way, and they have orders to keep it away from the press. There are explosives on the desk, and Jessica called it in. Jessica is there and Strieber tells Misty that Jessica claims she was following a client. Jessica is ready to leave and Misty comes over and says that she's got a mouth. The police let Jessica go, and Misty sees Jessica take a pack of explosives. She goes after Jessica but the PI has already cleared the building.

At Colleen's studio, Colleen confirms that there was no damage. She finds Danny on the floor refocusing his chi. Colleen figures that the man who died in the sewer in Cambodia is their next clue, and figures that they have allies. Danny insists that it's his fight, and the man might not have died if Danny had left his post in K'un-Lun. Colleen tells Danny that he's not alone in his fight, and that there are people in NYC since the man sent him there. She points out that the man's sword is rare and there's a workshop in NYC. The dead man might have frequented the workshop. Danny wonders if it's a trap, and Colleen says that if it is then they'll fight their way out. He points out that they haven't had the greatest luck trusting other people, but assures Colleen that he trusts her.

Matt returns to his apartment and washes the blood off of his hands. He finally snaps in frustration and opens the trunk with his Daredevil costume in it. Foggy calls and Matt closes the trunk.

In Harlem, Claire is tending to the injured while Luke moves debris off of cars. She comes over and Luke says that he might go to Elmore's that night. Claire points out that criminals tend to hang out there, and Luke figures that the body count of young men are growing and the NYPD isn't checking it out. He tells Claire about Cole and explains that he has to step in, and it's what Pop would have wanted. Claire tells him that the current criminal hotspot is Trouble in Paradise.

Alexandra listens to a string quartet giving her a private performance at the Philharmonic. The director offers to host Alexandra at their next gala in return for her donation, and notes that the piece was by Brahms but shows Beethoven's influence. Alexandra explains that Brahms tried to capture Beethoven's style and talks as if she knew Brahms. Gao comes in and Alexandra excuses herself to talk to him. The older woman says that a wall is blocking their access and it's full of inscriptions about K'un-Lun. They can't tear it down, and Gao figures that the Hand would get there eventually. She suggests that they reconsider their plan, and Alexandra says that she's more stubborn. She figures that it's a door, not a wall, and it's meant to be opened. Alexandra says that they need the one thing that the elders of K'un-Lun valued above all else to open it.

Jessica checks the records and finds a file about the transfer of assets concerning the explosives. She follows the paper trail through various companies and finally locates a handwritten letter. Jessica asks a clerk for assistance, explaining that the oldest record dates back to 1820 but she figures that she needs to go back further for assistance. The clerk tells Jessica to go to the historical branch uptown, and Jeri Hogarth arrives and tells Jessica that they need to talk.

Matt meets Foggy at Josie's and they share a drink. Foggy says that he gets to see Marci a lot at his new job, and Matt thanks him for reaching out. His friend asks where Matt and Karen are at, relationship-wise, and Matt says that they're trying to figure things out. When Matt says that they can trust Karen with his secret, Foggy says that Matt can trust him and figures that he was out fighting during the quake. Matt starts to go, figuring that Foggy met with him to check up on him. Foggy says that he isn't going to judge, but he came to offer him case files that he's too busy to handle. He says that the defendants are good people who need justice, and it will keep Matt so busy that he won't have time to step out at night. Foggy admits that it's a not a long-term solution but it's the best he's got. Matt wonders what happens if it doesn't work, and Foggy tells him that they try it anyway.

Jeri points out that Jessica hasn't returned her calls, and asks her to be careful. Whatever Jessica is involved with, FBI and Homeland Security are on it and it's big. Jeri advises Jessica to walk away and let the Feds handle it, and says that Michelle has been placed on a Federal watch list. Anyone suspected of helping John will be shot on sight, and the government won't rest until they find John. Jessica wonders if Jeri is trying to protect herself, and tells Jeri to stop worrying about her.

That night, Luke goes to the bar and hears Turk making a sale. He goes over and says that they need to talk, and drags Turk into the storage room. Luke demands to know what Mariah and Shades are up to, and Turk says that they ghosted after Luke left. He asks about the kids and who is hiring them, and doesn't believe him when he denies it. Luke punches a beer keg and Turk says that some new guy. White Hat, is involved. Turk gives Luke directions and Luke warns that if he doesn't like what he's hearing, he'll be back.

Danny and Colleen go to the workshop and find a sharpened sword like the one the dead man had. It's sharpened, and Colleen figures that no one sharpens it unless they plan on using it. They find an open door and check it out, and discover several dead men in the next room... all dead of sword wounds. The bodies are fresh, and Colleen finds a blood trail indicating that someone was dragged out. Danny figures that the Hand was responsible but he doesn't know who the dead men are. There is a picture scrawled on the wall, and Danny tells Colleen that it's K'un-Lun.

Luke goes to the address and sees a van make a delivery. He calls Misty and says that he may have a lead, and she should come to the address with a warrant. White Hat brings several teenagers out, including Cole, and loads them into the van. Luke tells Misty that he has to take care of someone first as the van drives off.

Jeri tells Foggy to keep an eye on something off the record. She wants him to keep any trouble gets into away from the firm. Foggy wonders if Jessica is in trouble now, and Jeri says that it's just a matter of time.

As Jessica goes back to her office, Trish reaches her and says that they want her to sweep the tremor stuff under the rug. Jessica realizes that her office door is open, hangs up, and cautiously goes in. It's Malcolm, and John is holding a gun to his head.

Someone enters the workshop, and Danny and Colleen quickly hide. A group of masked men wearing hazmat suits come in and spray the bodies with chemicals. Colleen promises that they won't get away with whatever they're doing.

Jessica tells John that Michelle came to her. He asks if Jessica is working with "them", and Jessica insists that she's a loner. John tells her that he knows too much, and "they" will come after his family next. He insists that he's a good man and asks Jessica to tell Michelle that, and figures that they'll find him no matter where he goes. John warns that they're going to take down the city, but refuses to say who. The hooded Elektra comes in and easily avoids John's shots. She grabs John, who shoots himself before she can take him. When Jessica grabs Elektra, Elektra breaks her grip and walks out. Jessica goes after her but by the time she reaches the street, Elektra is gone. Missy arrives and tells Jessica to get her hands up.

Colleen attacks two of the men, and Danny takes on the others. The last one runs, and Danny follows him, grabs the man, and asks if he's with the Hand. The man has no idea what Danny is talking about, and Danny rips off the mask to reveal that it's Cole. As Danny prepares to punch him, Luke grabs him and shoves him against the wall. Danny recovers and challenges L:uke, then punches him in the chest. Luke shrugs off the strike. Luke continues to ignore his blows, and Cole tries to run off. Danny knocks him down, and Luke comes at him. he lets Danny's blows bounce off of him and then knocks him to the ground. Danny summons the Iron Fist and punches Luke in the jaw, knocking him back. The police arrive and yell at all of them to freeze, and Colleen tells Danny that they have to go. he runs off with her, and Luke slips away as the police arrest Cole.

Alexandra tells her hooded prisoner that everyone on his side is down. She removes the hood, revealing that it's Stick, and Alexandra says that they have a lot to talk about.

Misty takes Jessica to an interrogation room and points out that John was found dead in her apartment. The officer has a large file on Jessica, and points out that Jessica stole evidence from her crime scene and got her one lead killed. Jessica insists that she was trying to help John, but Misty points out that he's dead. She asks Jessica for cooperation and asks who she was chasing. Jessica tells her that the case isn't normal, just as Matt comes in and tells Jessica to stop talking. He introduces himself and tells Jessica that he's her attorney.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 19, 2017

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