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Worst Behavior Recap

Months ago...

Alexandra dines at a Hindu restaurant and she tells the owner that it's excellent. She says that it's better than it was made inConstantinople0 and the owner points out that it's the ancient name for Istanbul. White Hat--Sowanda--comes in and tells her that they have Black Sky. Alexandra goes with him and she says that she's been waiting too long for it. She unwraps the body, revealing Elektra. Sowanda warns that it will use the last of their resources, and Alexandra insists that they do it. The Hand begins the ceremony and places the body in the sarcophagus. Once they seal it, they pour the black liquid inside.

Later, Elektra opens the lid and emerges from the liquid, screaming. Alexandra is waiting for her and tells Elektra that her fear and pain will pass. She offers her hand and Elektra slaps it away. Alexandra tells Elektra that it's Elektra's home now and they are her family, and she has waited to meet her. When Elektra attacks her, Alexandra easily avoids her blows, pins her, and comforts the screaming woman. Alexandra feeds her and says that her language and instincts will eventually coming back, but that's all. She says that Elektra lived and died, and the darkness she saw on the other side is something she also has seen more than once. All Alexandra wants is to never see it again, but now that they're together it's not something they need to worry about. Elektra wonders who she is, and Alexandra tells her that she is everything.

Alexandra takes Elektra to a rack of weapons and says that ultimately no matter what Elektra chooses, she is the weapon. Elektra chooses a pair of wakizashi and begins her retraining. Her trainer initially knocks her down, but Elektra grows more proficient and soon defeats him. As Alexandra watches, Elektra defeats larger groups of opponents. She fights the largest group in darkness and kills them all, Alexandra opens a case with a red costume and tells Elektra that is who she is.


Sowanda tells Elektra that Alexandra is waiting for her. Meanwhile, Alexandra tells the captive Stick that the ware he's been fighting is over. Stick insists that as long as Iron Fist lives, nothing is over. She asks where Danny is, and Stick claims that he doesn't know. He warns Alexandra that she'll spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, and has heard her days are numbered. Alexandra slaps him and Elektra puts a blade to his throat. He realizes that it's Elektra, and Alexandra says that now only Black Sky remains. When Stick tries to get through to his former pupil, Alexandra puts a sword to Stick and asks where Iron Fist is. Stick admits that he doesn't know what Iron Fist is, but he knows what he is. He head-butts Elektra back, knocks the guards back, and grabs a sword. When Alexandra says that he'll die there that night, Stick cuts off his right hand to free himself from the handcuffs and escapes through an air vent.

At the police station, Matt tells Jessica that a friend referred him. Jessica figures that Jeri sent him, and she' says that she's not paying Matt. She refuses to cooperate with him and says that she'll find her own lawyer. Matt tells her that she doesn't need a lawyer because the NYPD has nothing to hold her on. However, Jessica's office is still considered a crime scene. He tells her that he knows what she can do, and what happened with Kilgrave. Matt asks if there's anything out of the ordinary about the case, but Jessica insists that nothing happened and she's good. As Jessica leaves, she calls Malcolm and asks if he's okay. Matt uses his enhanced hearing to listen in.

Luke is putting ice on his jaw when Claire comes in. He tells her what he saw and explains that the police picked up Cole. Luke worries that he left Cole behind, and Claire tells him that he's better off not in prison. They kiss and Luke clutches at his jaw, and explains that Danny hit him with a glowing hand. Claire recognizes the description, picks up the phone, and tells Luke that there's someone he needs to meet.

The next morning, Luke goes to the dojo to meet with Danny. They argue about who punched first, and Danny says that he earned the Iron Fist and explains about K'un-Lun. Danny and Claire figure that Sowanda is connected to the Hand, and Colleen warns that they're in everything. Claire insists that they're on the same side, and she and Colleen are going to leave them alone to talk.

Jessica goes to the Raymond apartment to tell Michelle that John is dead. The PI wants to keep investigating on her own, and tells Michelle not to worry about payment. Jessica explains that someone was targeting John, and Michelle insists that her husband wasn't that kind of person. Neighbors come by and Michelle goes to greet them. Jessica checks out John's architect reward on the mantle and then starts to leave. She sees Lexi on the steps and offers her condolences, and Lexi just stares at her.

Jessica walks down the street and realizes that someone is following her. It's Matt, who follows the distinctive sound of Jessica's boots. The sound stops, and Jessica circles around behind Matt and follows him. Matt ducks into an alleyway and goes up a fire escape, and Jessica snaps photos of him before he disappears across the rooftops. Duncan and Dotter Design, John's firm, calls and asks Jessica to come in.

Luke and Danny exchange notes about their origins, and Danny tries to explain about "chi". he says that he had to pass a test involving a dragon, and Luke doesn't believe him. Claire and Colleen listen in and figure that it's going better than expected. Meanwhile, Danny says that he went to the warehouse to help people, and Luke points out that he beat Cole. Danny insists that he wasn't going to kill Cole, and warns that the Hand is dangerous and Cole is involved. Luke says that he's not a white kid who slams people into walls, and points out that Danny isn't sitting in a cell like Cole is. They snap at each other and Luke figures that Danny is privileged. He tells Danny to think twice about using the Iron Fist on people trying to feed their families, figuring that working together won't work out, and leaves.

At jail, Luke visits Cole and tells him that he'll be arraigned within 24 hours. Cole insists that he's not going to make a deal and that they're watching. The longer Luke talks, the worst it looks. Luke asks who Whitehat is, and Cole tells Luke to stay away. When Luke asks if it's the Hand, Cole asks Luke to visit his mother and take her some Lotto tickets on his behalf and say that Cole is sorry.

Danny wonders if Luke was right and he can fight the Hand using his connections and access. Colleen points out that Luke doesn't understand how dangerous the Hand is, but Danny figures that he can go right to the top. She tells Danny that he's a warrior, not a businessman, but Danny figures that he should use every tool at his disposal.

Later, Danny and Colleen go to Rand Enterprises, and Ward's accountant tells them that Ward is aboard. They ask about the Hand and explain that the organization is doing something in New York and they need the accountant to help them. She checks the locations that Danny has been to and cross-references short-term holdings. Three of them shut down on the same day, and they all made deposits into one place in New York: Midland Circle Financial. She remembers that Ward told them to cease doing business with them, and gives them the company's address. Once she leaves, Danny tells Colleen that there's another way to attack and he has to do it alone.

At D&D, Jessica--posing as a company rep--meets with an architect and charms him. She asks him to show her a project from the last year, insisting that they need to be on the cutting edge. The architect swears her to discretion and shows her a building designed by John: Midland Circle. Jessica asks to meet him, and the architect says that John isn't there and the client's identity is privileged information. he goes to get another project, and Jessica takes photos of the Midland location and leaves.

Luke meets with Cole's mother Dolores, the woman he rescued during the tremor. She knows that Cole is in trouble, just like Cole's older brother, Dolores says that all she can do now is prayer, and Luke tell her that he's going to stop the bad people Cole was working for. He says that he's just doing what's necessary, and Dolores points out that Luke can't admit when he's done something right. Luke gives her the Lotto tickets, and Dolores says that Cole has been bringing them to her since he was 8. She offers Luke some cookies and has him get the box where she keeps the tickets. Luke finds a wad of bills inside and a receipt from Midland Circle. The police call and tell Dolores that Cole died in an "accident" in his cell. Once she hangs up, Dolores breaks into tears and Luke holds her.

Colleen is meditating at the dojo when she hears someone coming up the stairs. It's Stick, clutching the stump of his right hand. He asks where the Fist is and collapses.

Danny arrives at Midland Circle wearing a suit and goes inside. He demands to see the CEOs, and the guard lets him go up. Danny tells the gathered CEOs that they transferred illegal assets through his family's company, and he knows that they killed his parents. Alexandra comes in and says that he seems much more disciplined than she anticipated. She invites Danny to continue threatening them.

Jessica enters the lobby and Matt approaches her and tells her that she's in serious danger and should leave. She refuses and says that she has pictures of him moving. Matt smashes her camera against a pillar.

Danny tells the CEOs that Rand Enterprises has put a case against Midland to put them down. He says that they can't hide anymore behind Midland and street-level criminals who don't know who they work for. Danny tells them that he's the Immortal Iron Fist of K'un-Lun, and Alexandra asks how it is. He says that she'll lose everything just like he did, and Alexandra tells him that he hasn't lost everything yet. The aide puts a gun to Danny's head, and Danny easily disarms her as the gun goes off.

Matt hears the gunshot, grabs Jessica's scarf, and puts it on as a makeshift mask. He then heads upstairs.

Alexandra tells Danny that she doesn't plan to kill him. The doors close and Alexandra says that the CEOs will rip through the aide to get to Danny. All of the CEOs draw batons, and Danny attacks them first. Guards arrive and fire tranq darts, and Danny dodges the first barrage and moves in close. to continue attacking. They finally pin him down, and Danny tries to summon the Iron Fist. Luke busts in and joins in the fight, Danny frees himself and then takes shelter behind Luke's bulletproof body as guards open fire with semi-automatics.

Matt arrives on the boardroom floor just as Jessica arrives via the elevator. Luke smashes through a wall in front of them, and he and Danny come out. Matt hears something else coming, and Alexandra tells Elektra that she knows what to do. Elektra steps out into the hallway, and more guards arrive from the other side. Matt fights Elektra while the others take on the guards, and Jessica summons the elevator.

Elektra slams Matt back through an interior window and follows him. They continue fighting and Elektra draws her swords. She kicks Matt back and he realizes who she is. When he says her name, Elektra hesitates for a moment. Danny arrives and shatters her sword with the Fist, then slams her back through the wall. He helps Matt up and they get in the elevator with Jessica and Luke.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 19, 2017

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