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Two Tickets to Promontory Recap

In Reno, Yancy discovers that there are no train tickets available because of everyone going to Promontory Point for the meeting of the east and west railroads. Colorado Charlie has had no luck as well getting tickets on a stage, and wishes Yancy and Pahoo luck because he's going to Promontory riding shotgun on the stage. The stage takes off, and Wayland Farr and two of his men watch Yancy and Pahoo walk off. They figure Yancy, a stranger in the area, is a perfect pigeon. Wayland tells one of his men, Howard Austin, to set Yancy up at the Green Rooster Hotel and then they'll brace him in a poker gam while the other man stays out of sight.

Later, Yancy plays Wayland poker and calls him $1,000. Wayland says that he doesn't have the money but will put up railroad tickets for the Jupiter, the train coming from the west that will arrive at Promontory in two days' time. Wayland says that he'll be onboard the Jupiter if Yancy needs to find him. Yancy agrees and Wayland calls... and loses.

Later, the Jupiter pulls into Reno and the ticket seller loads a coffin aboard. Wayland has Howard escort his wife Vinnie aboard onto the train, and then offers to help load the coffin aboard. Yancy and Pahoo board while in the baggage car, Waylaid knocks the ticket seller unconscious He then tells his other man, Bullet Pike, to change clothes with the ticket seller and toss him off once they leave Reno.

Yancy and Pahoo make their way through the partygoers, and find Blackjack and his brother Willie aboard. Blackjack explains that he and Willie are planning on becoming train robbers, and the conductor comes by to collect their tickets. He tells Yancy that his tickets are for the baggage car. Yancy and Pahoo go there and Pike, disguised as the seller, greets them. He takes them to the coffin of the dead man, Homer Pettigrew, and says that one of them has to ride with the deceased. Pike says that he'll ride with the coffin and addresses Yancy by name, and says that Yancy's name is on the way bill. He asks Yancy to spell him in return for his spelling him later, and takes a care up front. After Pike leaves, a suspicious Yancy pries open the coffin and finds it loaded with dynamite.

The train continues to Promontory. That night, Wayland greets Yancy and invites him to sit with them. He introduces Yancy to Vinnie, and Yancy proposes a toast to Homer. Wayland explains that Homer helped build the railroad and Wayland promised to have him buried at Promontory. Vinnie says that she's never heard of Homer before, and Pike comes to the door and secretly signals Wayland. He tells Wayland that someone pried open the coffin, and Wayland tells him to switch out the dynamite and kill Pahoo.

Pike goes back to the baggage cart and claims that Yancy told him they need to get rid of the coffin because of the dynamite. Pahoo draws on him but Pike manages to knock him out. He takes out the dynamite, puts Pahoo in the coffin, and nails it shut.

Yancy comes back and Pike says that he doesn't know where Pahoo is. Yancy goes forward and finds Blackjack and Willie. They haven't seen Pahoo, and Blackjack says that Wayland represents the Overland wagon and stage companies. The companies figure that they can make a disaster out of the wedding of the rails then they'll get another year of traffic. Blackjack and Willie are there to stop them, and Yancy tells them about the dynamite. Blackjack already knows about it... and that the bill of purchase has Yancy's name on it. He figures that Wayland won't blow up the train while he's on it, and they have no evidence to move against Wayland until he makes a move.

When he goes back into the baggage card, Yancy finds Pike waiting for him with a club. They fight until Wayland comes in and knocks out Yancy from behind. Pike points out that they can identify him, and Wayland has him open the door and then shoots him so that he falls out.

Later, Yancy wakes up and realizes that his hands are tied. He cuts through his bonds on the door bar and then drags the coffin to the door, figuring the dynamite is still inside. As he prepares to push the coffin off the train, Pahoo knocks and Yancy pulls the coffin back aboard and lets his friend out.

In the party car, the conductor tells the passengers that the Jupiter is going to be sidelined on a line until the Union-Pacific train arrives after delays. Wayland tells Vinnie to stay on the train because she'll be safer there, and she realizes that something is up. She says that she's prefer it to the way life has been with him, and Wayland and Howard go outside. Wayland tells Howard to light the fuse, and Vinnie can go up with the others.

Howard enters the baggage car and lights the fuse, but Willie and Pahoo are blocking his escape. Yancy and Blackjack step out and Howard warns them that they're all in danger.

The next day, Wayland and his men arrive at Promontory and go to the Overland tent they've sent up. One of his men has tapped the telegraph line and Wayland tells him to send a coded message that the U-P train has arrived in Promontory but due to the destruction of the Jupiter, the ceremony won't go as planned.

Yancy and the others arrive by wagon and Charlie greets them. Blackjack and Yancy have Willie take Vinnie and the captive Howard to the main tent. Yancy tells Charlie to watch the ceremony but Charlie figures that he's going to hog the fighting to himself.

Wayward receives word that the Jupiter is coming in, and Yancy spots him as he comes out to check. Yancy, Pahoo, Blackjack, and Charlie surround the tent and Blackjack knocks out the first thug to come out. Charlie takes out another man when he tries to run, and Yancy chases the fleeing Wayland while Pahoo takes out the third man. Yancy takes out Wayland as the ceremony begins.

Later, Yancy and the others participate in the champagne celebration with Vinnie. Charlie joins them and complains that he missed the ceremony because he had to save Yancy. Yancy gives him the first photo of the two trains meeting, and they drink to the wedding of the rails.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 21, 2017

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