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Nerd Speak Recap

Corey and the others survivors try to get off the ship as it sinks, and most of them fight each other for what they need to live. Corey leads Florence off.

In the cell, Danny tries to reach the car while the water floods in. He finally admits to Owen that he told Corey that Owen was stealing Florence and Corey should do everything in his power to stop Owen. Owen tells Danny that the Dream Team is over, and Danny tells him to pop his arm out of its socket so that he can grab the keys.

Pack runs to his cabin and grabs the money.

Everyone gets into the last lifeboat, and Florence can't believe that Danny and Owen bailed on them. Meanwhile, Todd tells Jess that he doesn't want to get stuck with the nerds and they should find a cooler boat. Jess tells him to get in, and Pack runs up with his suitcase. Karen tells him that they can't risk the weight, and Pack claims that it has food and water. She lets him bring it onto the lifeboat.

Steve tries to free Luther but the chain is too tough. Luther tells him it doesn't matter because he met his new best friend and the coolest guy that he ever met. They laugh over their shared seconds together, and figure that they'll have the memories for the rest of their lives. Luther yells at Steve to get out so his best friend doesn't die on the day that he's met him. Steve insists that he was meant to meet Luther and refuses to go, and says that together they can break the pipes. Working together, they pull the pipe down and it slams into Luther's head.

Danny insists that his plan will work, but Owen isn't convinced. He finally gives in and yanks on Danny's arm. Danny wonders why he did it, insisting that it's just a thing in movies, and he shoves his motionless arm through the bars. He knocks the keys into the water and it sinks out of sight.

Karen tells the others that they have to go, and Corey speaks to Florence in Internet slang. She realizes that he wrote the journal because it's in nerd speak, and goes off to find Danny and Owen. Corey goes after her.

The ship shakes and Karen says that she's dropping the lifeboat. Steve drags the unconscious Luther with him and says that he's a hero. Jess tells him that Florence and Corey went back in, but Steve didn't see them and Karen prepares to lower the lifeboat.

Owen shoves Danny into the bars to try to get his arm back into its socket. It doesn't work, and Danny apologizes for getting jealous. He says that he didn't want to lose Owen like he lost his family, and Owen says that at least he's going to drown with his best friend. Florence awws from outside and they jump. She says that she didn't want to interrupt because it was so cute.

The lifeboat floats on the ocean, and Karen describes how the seagull will pick at their flesh. Pack figures that they can get through it, saying that they've been through worse. Everyone cheers and Karen tells Pack to open the bag so they can see what supplies they're working with.

Florence tells Owen that he was right about Corey, but she's never dated a guy who wasn't a total dumpster fire. Owen apologizes for the Speed analogy and Danny says that the three of them are the Dream Team. Florence finds the key and opens the door. They get to the deck and discover that the lifeboat is gone. Corey comes out, armed with one of the prate's guns, and complains that Florence has been leading him on. He figures that she loved him because she was nice to him. Corey vows that if he can't have Florence then nobody can. He shoots at them but the recoil is too much and he misses. They run off and Corey has to chase them.

The trio runs through the ship's passageways and all of the doors are locked. They hear Corey calling to Florence, and Owen finds an open door. They get inside just as Corey opens fire.

Pack very slowly opens the bag and Karen wonders if he's stupid or stalling. Todd finally grabs the bag and opens it, and they find the money inside.

Corey hacks through the door into the ball room, and the trio hides behind a table. He throws the axe into the wall, and Danny looks at the axe and the giant mock chili pepper tooth hanging from the ceiling by a roof.

Pack and Chet realize that Pack kept the money, and Steve explains that Pack double-crossed them. Jess points out that they're going to die without supplies, but Chet prepares to attack Chet.

Danny explains his plan to Owen and Florence, and Owen points out that Corey has a gun. Undeterred, Danny says that he'll distract Corey the Florence Way and takes off his pants. He then runs out yelling that he lost his pants and doesn't know where they are. Owen grabs the axe and tosses it to Florence, who hacks the rope. The chili pepper slams into Corey, breaking his neck, and the trio cheers in triumph. The ship shakes and Florence says that she has an idea for getting off the ship.

Karen suggests that they ate Pack, and Chet says that Pack ate a guy on the island. Pack says that they slept with a pirate to get a place on the ship and leave the rest of them to die. Todd says that Karen brought the plane down. She points out that she didn't, and Todd admits that he was just trying to get the heat off of them. Luther wakes up and Steve tells him that they made it. Surprised, Luther looks up at the stars and everyone else looks up as well. He says that he can't believe that he's alive and everyone takes a moment to appreciate their good fortune. The lifeboat slams into a sandbar and they realize that they've got land.

The next day, the survivors realize that they're on another island. Jess wonders if Danny, Owen, and Florence are dead. Chet points out the jet ski boat approaching with their friends on it, and everyone cheers. Once they come ashore, the trio says that Corey blew up the engine and they snapped his nick with a giant chili pepper. Luther celebrates that he's on land at last, and Steve smiles at the thought of saving his best friend… and Luther blows up. They realize that Luther stood on a land mine, and Steve yells at everyone not to move. They all freeze and scream.

In a control room, the survivors are visible on a monitor. Human heads are mounted on the wall... including Emma's.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 23, 2017

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