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The Tenth Meal Recap

Eve, Brian, and Alex are locked up with Jay, and Alex is furious that Alex locked Jay up. Alex tells Jay that her father is dead, and Brian clubs Jay over the head with a paint can and starts kicking him. He says that he has proof that Jay raped Alex, and says that he and Kevin talked to the doctor. Brian claims that the doctor got the results of the DNA test of her rapist, and it was Jay.

Connor scouts ahead and comes back, and tells Nathalie and Connor says that he hasn't found Jay yet. He warns that the others won't understand what they have to do. Nathalie realizes that Connor is ashamed of what he's going to do, and tells him that he should be proud. Connor tells her that they don't know Jay like he does and tells her to wait there while he finds Jay.

Kyle shows Gus the last of the rations, and warns that they either face starvation or send people out on food runs. Connor comes in and they ask him if they're safe. He finally says that it's just him, and he was hoping Jay would be there. Gus suggests that they go to his office and talk.

Once they're alone, Gus tells Connor that things haven't been good and he just wants people to get along. Connor demands to know where Jay is, and Gus tells him that Eve locked him up in a storage room, and then they locked Eve and Alex up with him. The manager explains that Alex killed a woman and the people want justice, and they just want to ask them to find another place to be until it all blows over. Connor asks if Gus is taking the law into his own hands, and Gus points out that it's a private mall and he can throw out whoever he wants. He points out the bloody knife on Connor's belt and says that they got to get to the when. Connor tells Gus to give him his son and in return he won't interfere with how Gus runs the mall.

Kevin goes to the upper level and watches as Kyle demands to know what they're waiting for. After a moment, Kevin moves into the hallways and hears someone approaching. He hides and then grabs the person, and discovers that it's Mia. She says that Adrian is looking for Kevin's family, and Kevin tells her that Adrian raped Alex. When Kevin figured it out, Adrian tried to kill him. Mia tells Kevin that Jonah went looking for Adrian while she slept, and they split up to find and warn him.

Jonah asks Wes who he is, but Wes tells him that Jonah needs to talk to someone else and they have to go to Arrowhead. He explains that Dr. Bruin told them to be careful, and she's the reason that Jonah is alive. Jonah orders him to release him, and Wes finally does so.

Connor enters the storage room and goes to Jay. He helps his son up and then leaves. Gus and the others are in the hallway, and Gus tells Eve and Alex that they need to come with them.

Nathalie greets Jay and Connor, and Jay says that they have to go back for Eve and Alex. The woman looks at Jay and says that nature can be cruel, and Connor tells Jay to trust him. Nathalie heads off and Connor tells Jay that everything will be okay. They go to an outside door and Connor says that he'll show Connor the Black Spring. Jay insists that they should go back to help Eve and Alex, and Connor says that they can't. He asks Jay if he trusts him, and Jay says that he does. Connor tells him that he loves him and is the best thing that ever happened to him, and orders Jay to come with him. When Jay hesitates, Connor says that he can't explain it because it'll sound weird. Crying, Connor says that he's so sorry and it's not Jay's fault. He then shoves Jay out into the Mist and closes the door. Connor and Nathalie just stare at the boy, and after a moment Jay runs off into the Mist.

Nathalie tells Connor that the Mist may not have taken Jay yet, and when it does it will disappear. She then leads Connor off, but Connor collapses sobbing. Nathalie tells him that losing someone he loves can be beautiful and cradles Connor in her arms. She says that she's proud of him and it will all be over soon.

The fountain group brings Eve's group to the fountain, and Gus says that they just want to keep a safe space. Alex insists that she didn't kill Shelley, and one fountain survivor starts to agree with her. Kyle rants about how Alex may be a part of the mist. When Kimi objects, Kyle shoots her dead and insists that they have the right to defend themselves. He asks if anyone else disagrees, and no one else speaks up.

Kevin enters a hardware store and finds Adrian. Adrian runs but Kevin soon catches him and slams him into the shelves. He asks how Adrian could rape Eve and punches him. Adrian says that he knows where they're keeping Eve and Alex.

Wes tells Jonah that they have to go. Jonah refuses to leave his friends, and Wes tells him that he's known him for eight years. He asks Jonah if he wants to know who he is, and offers answers if Jonah comes with him. Wes tells Jonah that the others can never know. Mia comes in and asks Jonah where he's been, and Wes says that he's a friend of Jonah's. She tells Jonah that Kevin is alive and needs their help, and Jonah tells her that he needs to go with Wes and find out who he is. He tells Mia to go and it's not possible for them to be together. Mia begs Jonah not to leave her, but Jonah says that he's sorry and goes with Wes.

Eve accuses Kyle of killing Kimi, and Gus insists that whoever breaks the rules has to leave the mall. He says that Alex must go, and Eve has to go with her if she won't follow the rules. Gus insists that those are the rules, just as Nathalie and Connor come in. Eve begs Connor for help, and Gus says that he can throw out anyone he wants. Connor says nothing, and Eve asks Alex to forgive her. She then explains that she was pregnant before she met Kevin, and Kevin thought it was better not to tell Alex who her biological father was. The reason Alex couldn't be with Jay is because it would have been incest.

Connor says that Eve is lying, and insists that Eve would have said something before. Eve tells Alex that she loved Kevin so much that they couldn't take it away from her, and the survivors say that they're all freaks. Gus tells them that it's time, and Kyle drags Eve away.

Kevin tells Adrian that he doesn't know if he's going to let him live, and says that he wants to see Adrian suffer. He beats the teenager and says that he might stop before Adrian dies if he tells him where his family is. Adrian insists that he loves Alex and begs Kevin to stop. The teenager says that they're going to throw Eve and Alex out of the mall, just as Mia arrives. She tells him that Jonah left with another soldier. Adrian manages to light the paint, creating a wall of flame between them, and Kevin goes to save his family.

Eve asks Gus to let her and Alex walk out together, and he tells them to start. Kevin runs up and yells at them to stop, and embraces Eve and then Alex. Furious, he punches Kyle and the others pull him away from the security guard. Gus grabs Kyle's gun and orders them all to get out. Kevin begs him not to do it, and he knows all of them. When he asks them to let his family stay, Gus points out that Eve screwed Connor and Alex isn't really Kevin's, and it's not much of a family. After a moment, Kevin curses all of them, and the survivors shove them and the other members of Eve's group toward the doors. Alex looks back at Connor, but he just stares. They go out into the Mist and run.

Kevin leads the others to the car at the back of the mall. The Mist encircles Alex, flowing into her mouth and holding her in place. The others realize that she's not with them and Kevin tells Mia to get the truck. Meanwhile, Jay finds Alex and pulls her free, and confirms that she's still alive. Mia drives the truck over just as the Mist grabs Jay and flows into him. Eve and Kevin get Alex into the car as Jay collapses, dead.

Wes tells Jonah that he's doing the right thing, and Jonah asks him what the Mist is. After saying that Bruin will have answers for him, they leave the mall and go to a truck.

In the car, Kevin tells Alex that Jay didn't rape her. Eve asks who it was, and Kevin tells her that it was the same person who said he was dead. Eve says that she doesn't want to be near the people and they should go, and Kevin drives off past Jay's corpse.

In the mall, Nathalie tells Connor that once they're dead, the Mist will go. Gus wonders what she means, and Nathalie tells him that she's Nature's messengers. The survivors stare at her, and Connor walks away from her. He draws his knife and goes to the door.

As Kevin drives past the mall, Connor and the others see the lights on the truck. After a moment, Kevin stops and then tells the others to put their seat belts on. Once they do so, Kevin backs the truck into the mall doors. The mist flows in and the truck jams in the wreckage. Connor goes over and Alex asks Connor to come with them. After a moment he gets in, and Kevin drives out of the mall.

Nathalie hears screaming in the mall and watches as the survivors scream and die. She says that they all die and she's dying.

As they drive away, Kevin takes Eve's hand.

The survivors continue dying. Benedict comes to Nathalie and says that he's sorry.

A snake coils around Kyle's neck, strangling him.

Wes and Jonah drive away, unaware that Adrian is lying in the back of their car.

Gus goes to his office and locks the door, ignoring the people pounding on it.

As "Benedict" looks on, Nathalie breast-feeds their dead baby.

Alex tells Connor that Jay saved her life and he was innocent.

Nathalie turns into a withered husk and dies as the baby feeds on her

Kevin drives down the road and says that they need to get out of the town, figuring that the Mist can't be everywhere. They hear a train coming and Kevin drives to the station to get there before the train does. They get there first and Eve tells Kevin to turn off the headlights. The train pulls up and they wait. The cargo doors open and soldiers shove people out. Kevin realizes that they're feeding the people to the Mist.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2017

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