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I Hope You Dance Recap

Bobo is leading the Widows away, and Waverly aims a shotgun at them and tells them to stop. She figures that Bobo won't hurt her, and he says that he won't help her and caring about her has only given him pain. He yanks the shotgun away, just as Wynonna arrives and fires Peacemaker at the Widows. Beth says that the bullets against them are useless now that the third seal is broken, and Bobo telekinetically throws a piece of metal at the sisters.

Deep in the ground, Clootie prepares to rise.

After Bobo and the Widows leave, Waverly checks on Wynonna to make sure she and the baby are okay. She tells Wynonna that she blew up Nicole, Jeremy, and the barn just to bring her back, Wynonna hugs her and explains that during the vision quest, she briefly died and that brought Bobo back.

Dolls wakes up in a body bag at the BBD office and figures that Wynonna is involved. He drives to the homestead and arrives with Nicole and Jeremy, just as Wynonna and Waverly walk up. Dolls admits that he killed Doc, and Nicole says that she and Jeremy aren't sure how they came back to life. Wynonna tells them that the third seal is broken and Bobo is back, and now the Demon Clootie is awake. She tells them that they don't have time for guilt and secrets, and they need a plan. Wynonna goes to pee before they head out.

Bobo leads the Sisters to a mine and explains that it's consecrated ground to the Indians. They go in and find Clootie's coffin.

Dolls checks the plate, and Wynonna activates it using Peacemaker. Jeremy goes to check the laps and try to find Clootie's location, and Wynonna has Dolls go to find Doc. Waverly says that she's going with Wynonna, and Nicole tells Wynonna that she's got hurt.

Bobo drags out the coffin and Beth opens the lid. She realizes that Clootie is weak and needs food, and Bobo figures that they feed him the Heir's baby. The Widows agree but then Mercedes hits the coffin and says that the world has changed and she takes the ring. Beth tells her that she never believed, and then disappears as the lantern goes out. Beth yells for Mercedes, and Bobo points out that Constance also liked to trap people in stone and darkness. The ceiling collapses as Mercedes blasts the mine shafts hut.

Gretta is packing to go when Wynonna and Waverly arrives and confronts her. Wynonna is less than thrilled about Gretta's wish, and Gretta says that she learned her lesson. When Wynonna tells Gretta that she plans to exploit her, Gretta asks what she can do and warns that even Peacemaker isn't enough. They show her the plate and Gretta says that their great-grandfather Edwin determined that it was only a shield.

Dolls finds Doc at the well looking down into it. The marshal tells Doc that everything is back to normal, and Doc figures that now he's mortal. Doc tells him that it doesn't matter who broke the ring, and Dolls tells him that they're all back thanks to Doc. He explains that Bobo has returned from Hell, and Doc immediately agrees.

Waverly apologies for not trusting Wynonna, and explains that Nicole is married. She also says that the DNA test confirmed that she's not an Earp. Wynonna assures her that she isn't, and Gretta comes back and tells them that the plate is made of the same metal as Peacemaker and also has traces of ammellite. Only one piece is left, and Wynonna figures that if they use it to kill Clootie then the Widows will die as well.

At the office, Jeremy tells Nicole what's happening. She wonders why Jeremy stayed when BBD dissolved. Jeremy finds the mine and says that he doesn't fit in there but none of them asked him to. As Nicole tells him that he's part of the family, Mercedes bursts in and demands to know where Wynonna is. They admit that they don't know, but Mercedes figures that they'll serve as bait and envenoms them.

Waverly calls Doc and tells him that they're heading to the Homestead. Dolls takes Doc's car, Charlene, to get Dr, Navalar while Doc goes to the Homestead on foot. Before he goes, Dolls tells Doc that some people consider babies their immortality.

Wynonna and Waverly drive through Purgatory and Waverly is forced to brake when she sees Mercedes and the paralyzed bodies as Jeremy, Nicole, and the townspeople on the street. The sisters get out and Wynonna says that she melted the plate down into one bullet and will shoot Mercedes if she doesn't release her hostages. Beth arrives and grabs Waverly, and Madison says that Wynonna is the weapon and she intends to use it.

Mercedes points out that Wynonna has only one weapon and there are three targets. She offers to show Wynonna the true path. Mercedes tells Wynonna to use the bullet on Beth, then they'll take Clootie down together. Beth tells Wynonna to shoot Mercedes or she'll eat Waverly, and Mercedes says that Beth plans to feed Wynonna's newborn to Clootie.

Doc aims his gun at Wynonna , and says that it's not so bad in Heaven. He tells Wynonna that Wyatt is proud of her, and Wynonna tells him to aim high and save the baby. Madison figures that they're bluffing, but they shoot at each other. Doc's bullet splits Wynonna's, and the two pieces hit and kill both Widows and kill them. The townspeople wake up, and Doc and Wynonna hug. Doc has read Wikipedia and knows that Wynonna will deliver in ten minutes.

Doc gets Wynonna into Shorty's, and Nicole tells Waverly not to be too hard on Wynonna. Waverly goes into the bar to check on Wynonna, and Wynonna says that they need to know if Clootie got out. Wynonna tells Jeremy that he's glad he stayed, and he and Doc go to the mine. While Waverly secures the door, Wynonna thanks Rosita for her help and apologizes for how she treated.

Dolls heads for the Homestead and finds Ewan and the remaining Order members blocking the road. Ewan says that they've killed Navalar, and will kill Wynonna as well. He says that the baby is coming and dolls goes back to the car.

Waverly and Waverly get Wynonna onto a pool table, and Wynonna says that she learned in the vision quest that Bobo is her father. They don't know if Waverly can leave the Triangle, and Wynonna assures Wverly that she's still herself. Rosita knocks Waverly out and tells Wynonna that she's done with the Earp arrogance. She says there the baby is currency, and promises that the baby will survive even if the mother won't.

Doc walks up to the mine and finds Bobo waiting for him, transformed. Bobo says that Clootie's hellfire name is Bulshar, and he's free. He has promised his new master Waverly, and Jeremy attacks Bobo from the side. Doc throws a knife at Bobo, who knocks it back into Doc's hand and pins it to a beam.

As Rosita oversees the delivery, Wynonna tells her that Doc loves her. The revenant says that Doc was hard and cruel after Wynonna disappeared. Wynonna says that she'll never stop hunting her, and Rosita says that her revenant brethren are coming and Wynonna should focus on pushing. As Wynonna begs her to let Waverly go, Waverly wakes up and aims Peacemaker at Rosita. It doesn't fire, and Rosita points out that she's not the Heir. Wynonna tells Waverly that she's part of her and grans Rosita's hair, and says that Waverly has to do it. She begs Peacemaker to get into the game, and Rosita breaks free and prepares to attack Waverly. Peacemaker lights up and fires, but the bullet bounces off of Rosita. She tells Waverly "Good for you " and runs off. Wynonna has another contraction and Waverly stays with her.

Dolls takes cover behind Charlene and fires, killing one Order member. Ewan asks how long Dolls can keep it up, and insists that the baby will be a demon-fighting machine if they raise it. He points out that Dolls has changed, and Dolls transforms and breathes fire at them.

Jeremy aims his gun at Bobo, who admits that Jeremy has metal in him. He tries to take control of the metal in the gun, but Jeremy says that it's made of plastic and shoots Bobo. The recoil knocks them both down, and Doc pulls the knife out of his hand andbeats Bobo. He kicks hm back onto a rod and points out that Bobo can move metal but he can't move himself.

After Wynonna has the baby, she holds it. The revenants gather outside,andWynonna realizes that she doesn't want to give up the baby. Crying, she tells her that she'll have it much better than her. Waverly takes the baby, says that Nicole has the getaway card ready, and prepares to leave. Wynonna tells Waverly that she'll kill the revenants, and asks her to make sure that Doc gets a moment with the baby. Waverly tells Wynonna that she's the best of them and leaves out the back.

Nicole drives Waverly and the baby to the edge of the Traingle. Waverly tells Nicole to get them over the line if she starts to burn, and then walks forward. Nothing happens, and Waverly realizes that the baby is Doc's and she doesn't have revenant blood. She figures that Bobo lied, and Nicole runs over and assures her that whatever she is, she's extraordinary. They kiss and go back to the car.

The revenants burst into Shorty's, and Wynonna opens fire on them. Dolls arrives and tells Wynonna that he's with her, and the two of them open fire. They kill all of the revenants except Stevie, and Wynonna tells him that the baby is outside the Triangle and is never coming back... and neither is he. With that, she sends him back to Hell.

Doc warns Jeremy that the metal won't hold Bobo for long, and Jeremy says that he'll stnd guard while Doc goes to see his daughter. Doc thanks him for his help and runs off to find Wynonna.

A helicopter arrives and Nicole and Waverly have to pull over. Waverly kisses the baby and Perry gets out. He says that he brought private security and a wet nurse, and he's still alive because of Wynonna so he owes her. Doc arrives and holds his daughter, and Waverly says that he's taking him to aunt Gus as far from the Triangle as they can get. Perry takes the baby and departs, and doc walks off.

Wynonna and Dolls walk out of Shorty's and Wynonna wonders if they made it. The helicopter flies overhead and Dolls says that he knows they did.

Doc throws Bobo into the well, and Bobo says that Bulshar is coming for the baby and Waverly. Yelling back, Doc says that Waverly is not Bobo's daughter and the baby is gone. Bobo says that he only said that Waverly was his kin, not his daughter, and he can handle being in the well because he's been in Hell. Doc tells him that he went to Hell when Dolls killed him, and Bobo warns him that his fate is sealed and Wyatt buggered them both. Unimpressed, Doc seals over the well with a wooden lid so that Bobo can't move it, but Bobo shouts that when Bulshar comes there will be a reckoning.

Later, Doc finds Wynonna and asks if she's okay. Hewarns that Bulshar is out there, and Wynonna tells him that they'll get Clootie and kill him so that their daughter doesn't have to.Doc wonders if she named her, and Wynonna says her name is Alice Michelle after both of their mothers. She kisses Doc and then drives a motorcycle out of the Triangle.

At Shorty's, Jeremy, Waverly, and Dolls celebrate with coffee. Nicole looks at a file on the Cult of Bulshar and a ring, and then goes over to join the others.

Wynonna stops and goes over to her mother sitting by the side of the road. She admits that Bulshar is back and asks what they do about it.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 26, 2017

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