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Fish in the Jailhouse Recap

Some time ago

Elektra meets Stick and tells him that Matt isn't ready. Stick insists that the Chaste needs Matt, and figures that Elektra let him off the hook. She says that she did everything Stick told her to do, but she can't change who he is. Stick figures that she let Matt change her and she fell in love. He tells her that they're going to war and they don't have time for whatever she's feeling. Stick dismisses Matt as weak, not good, and says that the Hand is moving fast and they have to move faster. Elektra suggests that there might be a way to win the death with war, but Stick tells her that more death is coming and they have to get out of its way.


Stick's body lies in a pool of blood, surrounded by the unconscious Luke, Jessica, and Matt. Jessica wakes up and finds herself in an interrogation room with Misty. Misty says that they found her with two bodies, and her lawyer Matt is one of the people they found Jessica with. Jessica says that she didn't kill either body, and tells Misty that she's wasting time because people are going to get hurt. Misty finally says that the others are down the hall and insists that they're on the same side. She says that she protected her friends, and Jessica explains about Elektra. Misty demands more information.

Matt wakes up in a private office and Foggy comes in. He says that they took Matt's shirt for blood samples, and the cops have a lot of questions. Matt says that Danny is in danger and realizes that Elektra killed Stick. He warns Foggy that the Hand has the Fist, but Foggy tells his friend that the police have questions. Matt tells him that Elektra took Danny and she's not herself, and figures that whatever they're doing with Danny isn't good.

Misty comes in and Matt tells her that whatever happened is protected by attorney-client privilege. She tells him that he's a witness to a crime, and Matt tells her that Danny is in over his head and they need to help him. Misty tells him to start worrying about himself.

Claire and Colleen check on the unconscious Luke, and Claire realizes that he's been drugged. She doesn't know when he'll wake up, and wonders how they got there, Claire says that she tried to avoid anyone with abilities, and Colleen insists that they're fighting a good fight and so is Claire. She points out that Claire couldn't stand by and watch even before she met Luke. Luke wakes up and asks about Danny.

Elektra wipes Alexandra's blood off of her face, and tells the fingers that it's how they do business now. Bakuto tells her that they'll do what is needed to preserve the Hand, but Elektra points out that they don't have the substance and asks if they're willing to take the chance. Gao points out that Alexandra has partnerships with dozens of companies and politicians, and wonders how they'll explain to them what happened. Bakuto notes that Elektra didn't exist until Alexandra gave her life, and Elektra tells them that she cares about the substance rather than the hair. She says that nothing will stand in their way, even death.

The police lead Matt, Jessica, and Luke to the office, and Strieber and Misty tell them that they haven't identified the two bodies in the warehouse. Misty says that they have no evidence to suggests that they were responsible, and Strieber figures that they should treat them as witnesses rather than suspects. Matt pushes for his "clients" going home, and Luke finally says that the Hand is real and took Danny. Misty figures that the Hand will get sloppy if it thinks that it's winning, but both Luke and Jessica warn that won't happen and Luke says that they will take care of it. Strieber warns that vigilantes don't have jurisdiction, and Luke refuses to tell them where to find the Hand. The captain threatens to arrest them for obstruction, but Matt asks to tell his clients to cooperate. Misty agrees and Strieber gives in.

Karen asks to talk to Matt alone for a moment, and Misty gives them the room. Once they're alone, Matt tells Karen that it's his life now and goes.

As she gets coffee, Colleen notices Misty's board with photos of the various crime scenes. Claire joins her and says that Danny has prepared his entire life for the fight. Colleen explains that Danny is still just a kid looking for his family... like her.

Misty talks to Luke privately and warns him that things are getting out of hand. She says that she's lost sight of Luke's plan, and he admits that he doesn't have a plan. Luke tells her that he's trying to protect her and goes back to the others.

Elektra takes Danny down, while the fingers watch on the camera. Murakami points out that Elektra isn't one of them, but Gao says that they're closer than they've ever been. Once Elektra brings them a new beginning, anything can happen.

The elevator reaches the bottom of the shaft and Elektra wheels Danny out. Danny stares at what he's facing.

Matt, Luke, and Elektra talk privately and figure that Danny is still alive. Matt suggests that they took Danny to Midland, and there's a structure at the bottom of the shaft. Luke wonders what they're going to do about it, and Foggy tells Matt that they need to talk. In the hallway, Foggy tells Matt that his two lives are dangerously close to colliding, and they could both get disbarred. Matt says that the city is in danger, and Foggy tells him that he's trying to keep him from being lumped in with Luke and Jessica as someone with abilities. He gives Matt a bag with his costume, and they hug.

Back inside, Luke tells Matt that they figure that they have to get to Midland. Matt agrees and gives them his legal advice.

Strieber tells Misty that she needs to get something out of their three prisoners. He tells her that stopping the Hand will make her career. Luke and Jessica smash through the wall and by the time Strieber gets there, they're gone.

Elektra tells Danny to translate the language on the glowing wall. Danny says that he has no idea what it is, and Elektra explains that years ago, someone with the Fist sealed the wall. Only another Iron Fist can open it. Danny points out that he swore to defeat the hand, and Elektra tells him that he can be free like she is... and unstraps Danny.

Strieber tells Misty to find the vigilantes. Once the two of them leave, Colleen goes to a storage room and finds the file with John's Midland plans.

Matt, Luke, and Jessica take cover as a police car drives by. Listening in, Matt realizes that they've put an APB out on Luke and Jessica, and think that they kidnapped him. The police took their wallets, but Jessica has a subway ride ticket. They get on the train and Jessica takes a can of beer from a passed-out wino. She drinks as Luke and Matt stare at her, and says that it's been a long week.

Karen and Foggy figure that Matt went along with the others, and Foggy admits that he told Matt to go as Daredevil. He says that when it's done, they'll get Matt back. Meanwhile, Misty tells Claire that she needs to find Luke. Claire doesn't know, but figures that Luke is where he needs to be. She says that Luke does the right thing no matter the consequences, and he's finding his place in the world. Misty figures that Harlem can't afford to lose Luke, and Claire tells her that she told Luke that he could turn the city around by saving someone. That's what Luke is doing, and he doesn't let anyone stand in his way. Misty notices that Colleen is gone.

The trio arrives at Midland and Matt dons his costume. They head in via the parking lot, and Daredevil hears three armed men ahead of them. Gao, Bakuto, and Murakami step out and say that the Fist belong to them. The two sides prepare to fight.

Danny approaches the wall and Elektra tells him that they don't have to fight. He says that fighting is all the Hand knows, and Elektra tells him that they've both been raised to fight someone else's war. She says that she killed Alexandra, and figures that Danny wants more than K'un-Lun. The Elders kept him in the dark just like her elders did, but she took her destiny while Danny runs from it. Danny concedes that he may have run, but Elektra isn't one of them. He attacks her.

Gao nocks a pallet of blocks at the heroes, and Luke kicks it back at her while Daredevil fights Bakuto and Murakami.

Danny and Elektra continue fighting.

Luke fights Gao as she steps forward, pins Jessica, and shoves Luke into a car. She then gestures and blasts the car back into the wall. Luke tosses a pipe to Jessica, who hits Gao with it. Murakami comes over and fights Luke, while Gao blasts Jessica back.

Colleen comes down the stairs and enters the parking garage.

Jessica kicks Gao back, and Bakuto swings at Daredevil. Colleen arrives and blocks his blow, and joins in the attack. Murakami realizes that they're outnumbered and hits a pipe, and Bakuto draws sparks to set it afire. The fingers flee, and Luke seals off the pipe.

Elektra knocks Danny down, and he says that he'll never give her what he wants because his master taught him loyalty. She kicks him and says that he failed K'un-Lun, and she killed them. Danny summons the Fist and punches a support, knocking Electra back.

Colleen grabs a bag and says that she's there to save Danny. Misty and Claire arrive and Misty asks how long they want her to stall the NYPD.

Elektra dodges Dann's strikes and redirect them into the wall. It shatters and the power goes out throughout the city.

Ellison calls Karen and confirms that the lights have gone out everywhere.

The heroes head down the stairs and Luke seals the door behind them. in the parking garage, Strieber and his men arrive and Misty says that the heroes are there but by the time she arrived, they were gone. An officer hears movement in the stairwell but is unable to get the door open.

Daredevil concentrates and says that there's a structure underground. He directs them to an elevator, and Colleen takes out John's explosives. She says that they have to end the Hand once and for all, using the explosives and John's plan. Colleen figures that destroying the building will kill the Hand, and Daredevil says that the building is empty except for them and the fingers. Luke and Jessica object, but Daredevil says that it's the only way they can end the Hand once and for all.

Danny stares at what lies beyond the wall: the skeleton of an enormous dragon.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 26, 2017

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