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The Defenders Recap

Luke tells Daredevil that he doesn't want any part of destroying Midland. Colleen and Daredevil both warn that the Hand will keep coming after them. Luke still refuses, but Claire points out that the Hand keeps coming back and kill. Jessica agree with the others and says that she just wants to get it over with. Luke insists that no one but the fingers get hurt, and the others agree.

Elektra looks at the dragon skeleton, and Gao and her men come in. Gao explains that the dragons once roamed her home, and now the fossils are all that remain. The one they're looking at is the last one on earth. Elektra tells them to secure the entrance because Danny is at large, but Gao tells her that he no longer matters and they should remove the substance. Bakuto and Murakami are securing their escape, but Elektra tells her that they decide when they've won. Gao notes that once they remove the substance the city will crumble. They leave and Danny watches from the shadow.

Daredevil and Colleen go over John's plans and Luke prepares a timer. Once the explosives are set off, there's no way to stop them. Colleen insists on going with the heroes, but Claire says that they can handle themselves and she needs Colleen's help. Luke promises to bring Danny back, and they leave as the police pull up outside.

Strieber and his men determine that Midland is on lockdown. Misty takes a call from the station telling her that the C4 from the evidence locker is missing. Surveillance was down so they don't know who, but Strieber figures that the heroes have the C4 and wonders what they're going to do with it. They call in the bomb squad and order a two-block evacuation.

At the station, Karen goes over Misty's board of all the murders. Trish comes in and tells Karen that they came after her as well. Karen points out the crime scene where she watched a man die. The power comes back up and Trish explains that her superiors covered up her broadcast about the tremors. She figures that the Hand is involved, and asks what Matt's deal is. Karen tells her that it's complicated but Matt is a good friend. Trish says that Jessica is a good friend as well. Foggy and Malcolm come in and say that all units have been called to Midland in Hell's Kitchen. Trish points out that it's the epicenter of everything.

Daredevil finds a hidden door and has Luke break it open. A shaft leads down into the earth, and Daredevil says that he's glad they found each other. They enter the elevator and descend downward.

Claire and Colleen plant the bombs, and Colleen tells Claire that she has the ability to save lives. they find the generator room and plant the C4. Someone comes and the two women hide. It's Bakuto, and Colleen draws her sword.

Misty takes out her phone and calls a number.

Bakuto says that he will find them, and Colleen steps out and says that she's done hiding. Claire's phone goes off and she quickly silences it. Bakuto tells Colleen that it's not too late, and Colleen answers him. Meanwhile, Claire answers the phone and Misty tells her to get out. Claire tells her to clear the block and hangs up.

the Hand soldiers cut up the fossils and remove them. Danny takes one of them and another one attacks him. He knocks out the second man, and Gao tells him to save his energy for the larger battle to come. She explains that the essence of what made Danny is there, and Danny says that the Elders showed too much mercy by merely banishing the Hand. Gao dismisses him as naive, and asks what he would give to hold his mother's hand again. Danny tells her that she can't get into his head anymore and asks what her plans are for New York. Gao says that it's time has come to fall and knocks him back. She hears the elevator descending, and Murakami grabs Danny. Elektra tells him to wait, saying that Danny could be useful.

Daredevil tells the others that thirty men are waiting for them, including Murakami , Gao, and Elektra. He says that it's worse than what they faced before, and Luke says that he has an idea of how to handle it but Jessica won't like it.

The elevator arrives, revealing Jessica alone inside. She comes out and says that she doesn't care what they're doing, and she just came to talk. Jessica points out that they started it but she doesn't want to fight them... alone. Daredevil and Luke drop down from the sides, and Jessica knocks Elektra back. Danny takes out the man holding him and joins in.

Bakuto tells Colleen that there's nothing she can do to him that can't be undone. He gives Colleen one last chance to be with him, and she says that he doesn't need him anymore. As she renews her attack, two more men come in and Claire attacks them with a wrench. She takes them out but a third one comes in. Colleen throws her sword, wounding her, but Bakuto slashes her across the back. Misty arrives and shoots the third attacker as he recovers. She orders Bakuto to drop his sword.

The four heroes continue fighting, and regroup, and Danny tells them that Elektra killed Alexandra. They tell Danny about the bombs, and Luke has Danny summon the Fist. he attacks Gao, and she blocks but the impact knocks her and her men back. They recover and fight, and Luke knocks Murakami out. He shields Jessica when two soldiers open fire, and Daredevil and Danny take them out. Luke says that it's just like old times, and Elektra garrotes him and holds off the others while Gao slips into the shadows. Danny stares at the first as it goes out.

Misty shoots Bakuto but he keeps coming and knocks her out. The wounded Colleen attacks him while Claire grabs a gun and moves off into the shadows. As they fight, Bakuto says that he gave her something to belong to because the same desire was once in him. He knocks Colleen back and then puts his swords to Claire's throat when she tries to attack him. Misty grabs him and Bakuto cuts her right arm off. Colleen cuts off Bakuto's head, and Claire tourniquet's Misty's wound. Colleen realizes that they have nine minutes left on the timer.

Daredevil manages to take Elektra down long enough to hear the timer counting down. Elektra renews her attack and Jessica throws her across the cavern. Daredevil tells them to get to the surface and he'll get through to Elektra and then meet them. They refuse to leave him, but Daredevil reminds them of their promise to get Danny back. As they go, Daredevil whispers something to Danny.

As the elevator moves up, Hand soldiers climb up the scaffolding, shut down the elevator, and attack the trio. Meanwhile, Daredevil tells Elektra that she's the one hiding and he won't lose her again. He grabs her and says that he loved her, but Elektra breaks free and kicks him away. Daredevil reminds her that she wanted to just walk away before, and Elektra says that he let her die and slashes him across the stomach. He takes off his mask and tells Elektra that she's never been anyone's slave. Elektra says that she's what she's always been, and Matt tells her that he knows when she's lying. When he says that he knows that there's goodness in her, Elektra says that she doesn't care about good or bad. She then throws a blade into the elevator gears.

Danny realizes that the elevator is about to drop. Jessica climbs to the top, while Murakami jumps in and Luke attacks him. Luke finally throws him down the shaft, and Jessica leaps up and grabs the elevator cable just as it breaks. She holds it up until Luke and Danny get clear, and then lets it go.

With four minutes left, Matt renews his attack. He asks her why she hasn't killed him yet, and Elektra says that the game is fun. Matt tells her that she still feels, and figures that she doesn't want to be alone in the dark. Elektra tells him that she isn't afraid of death because Matt will be at his side where he belongs.

Danny, Luke, and Cage reach the surface and find Colleen and Claire taking Misty out. Before they can go after Matt, the police break in, guns aimed at the group. Claire warns that there are bombs in the building, but the officers don't believe her. Luke tells them that he can't let them happen.

Foggy, Karen, and Trish listen as the police order an evacuation of Midland.

Elektra gets a choke hold on Matt and says that they're together and they can have it forever. Matt breaks free and punches her.

Gao finds Murakami lying at the bottom of the shaft. Her asks what is happening, and Gao says that it's the end.

As everyone gets clear of the building, the bombs go off and Midland collapses.

Matt and Elektra collapse, exhausted. Matt holds her and Elektra apologizes for all of the pain He tells her that's what life feels like. They kiss as the cavern comes down around them.

Danny realizes that Matt didn't intend to get out alive. He tells the others that Matt whispered to him to protect his city. They go back to the station and embrace their friends. Karen and Foggy realize that Matt isn't coming back.

The next day, Trish goes on the radio and repeats the mayor's office's claim that the tremors were caused by unpermitted construction around Midland. Jessica comes in and tells Trish that it's over and she doesn't want anyone to know what she did. Trish points out all of the lives that she said, and Jessica reminds her of the one that they lost.

Foggy tells Luke and Claire that the NYPD didn't file any reports so the city can't file charges. His law firm has made Claire disappear, and Luke offers his condolences on Matt's death. Claire walks Foggy out and tells him that he made the right call helping Matt get to Midland. She tells Foggy that there was no talking Matt down, and he loved the city more than he loved himself. Claire hugs Foggy and tells him to keep fighting the good fight for Matt.

Misty wakes up in a hospital bed with Colleen at her bedside. Colleen apologizes and Misty assures her that it isn't her fault. She tells Colleen that it's the job, and Colleen explains that Danny owns the hospital and maybe they can help get Misty up and running.

Jessica is at a bar drinking when Luke comes in. He sits down and says that he came to see how she was holding up. Luke tells her that they could have handled things differently after they first got together, but they've found each other. He says that they have to move forward from what Jessica did to him, and points out that either one of them could have died at Midland. Luke tells Jessica that he's glad it wasn't her and they share a toast. He suggests that she stay in touch and she has friends, and one of them is in Harlem.

Danny is meditating at the dojo when Colleen comes in. He says that Matt sacrificed himself to save the city. The monks at K'un-Lun taught him to find clarity in tragedy. Danny tells her that New York is starting to feel like home and Colleen kisses him.

Jessica goes to her office and discovers that the door is open. She goes in and finds Malcolm painting over the bullet holes in the wall. He points out that it's almost like she's back in business, and Jessica removes the paper from the door sign.

Foggy finds Karen at the church, and she tells him that she can't reveal what happened at Midland because it might reveal Matt's secret identity. She suggests that Matt might be alive, and Foggy hesitantly agrees. They sit down together.

That night, Danny sits on a rooftop, watching.

In a charity hospital, a badly injured Matt wakes up.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 26, 2017

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