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Rise of the Villains: Scarification Recap

At his penthouse, Theo thanks Oswald for the trunk that he and Butch have delivered. Oswald suggests that he would be more useful to Theo as an ally rather than a tool. Theo considers and says no, and Oswald promises that he would still obey Theo even if he releases Gertrude. Tabitha isn't interested and stares admiringly at Butch, and Theo refuses. He dismisses Oswald and tells him to stay by the phone, and Butch goes after him. Once they're alone, Theo tells Tabitha to stop freaking out the help. She complains that she's bored and opens the trunk, revealing Sid Bunderslaw. As he staggers out, Theo says that he's going to tell him everything that he knows about Wayne Enterprises. If not, they'll torture him. Theo then tells Tabitha that they have to borrow something from him, and she advances on Bunderslaw with a pair of cutters.

Barnes, Jim, and Harvey take Strike Force Alpha into one of Oswald's count houses and arrest everyone there. One guard fires a missile at them and everyone ducks, and then two of the new recruits take him down. Afterward, the team bags up the money and figure that they've hurt Oswald. Jim talks to Barnes privately and suggests that they hit The Merc, that handles heavy weapons. They pay off half of the city council to avoid getting arrested, and Barnes declares The Merc their next target.

Oswald and Butch return home and Oswald is eager to torture Theo for Gertrude's location. Butch suggests that they grab Tabitha, but Oswald figures that Theo doesn't care as much for his sister as he cares for Gertrude. An aide brings word that the police hit the count house, and Oswald beats him with a fireplace shovel. He then tells Butch that he has an idea.

The next day at the station, Leslie greets Jim He says that Barnes gets things done and Leslie reminds him that it's date night. Edward comes over and says that Kristen thought it would be nice to have people along on their dates. He invites them to dinner: Leslie agrees, Jim doesn't and then quickly agrees. Leslie says that they can do it at their house and Edward goes to tell Kristen. Jim is unhappy that they're trapped, and Leslie insists that they'll make it fun.

Theo comes in and asks to talk to Jim alone. He claims that he's never killed a man before and keeps reliving the moment, and asks Jim how he handles killing someone. Jim assures him that he did the right thing, and Theo says that Jim is a symbol of hope to Gotham. He'd like Jim to endorse him as mayor, and Jim refuses. Theo reminds him that he's president of the policeman's union, but Jim still refuses. They shake hands and Theo says that they could help each other.

Tabitha goes to Oswald's home and he tells her that someone close must have betrayed him. Butch isn't so sure but Oswald insists that he's correct. Tabitha doesn't care and says that she has list of places that Oswald is going to burn down. Oswald says that he can do it if he can find someone trustworthy, and Tabitha tells him to get his act together. She slides him a case and when Oswald opens it, he stares at the contents in shock.

Selina is living in a boiler room and someone knocks at the door. She draws a knife and answers it, and confirms that it's Butch. Butch wants her to take him to the Pike Brothers in the Narrows. Selina says that she used to hang with their sister Bridgit, and Butch explains that he needs Selina to vouch for him because the Pikes are Fish loyalists. He assures Selina that her face will open doors, and they bargain for $350.

At the Pikes' place, Bridgit answers the door and takes them to her brothers Joe and Evan. They're less than thrilled to see the man who shot Fish, and Selina insists that if Fish comes back then Butch will be at her side. Butch says that they need the best and hands over a list of addresses, and assures them there's a lot of pay. The Pikes agree and send their younger brother Cale to get some napalm. Bridgit nervously and hands out beers. Her brother kicks her and tells her to get their company glasses, and she hurries to obey. Bridgit leaves and Selina goes after her, and Butch gives the Pikes Tabitha's case.

Out in the alley, Selina finds Bridgit crying. Selina makes small talk and then tells Bridgit to take care of herself and be strong.

At the Merc, the owner is selling weapons when Strike Force Alpha busts in. One of the customers runs for it, and Jim chases him outside. Barnes runs after them and when the customer, Cale, turns to shoot, the officers open fire. Cale explodes in a gout of flame.

That night at Leslie's, Edward talks about the fondue they're eating. Kristen finally stops him as Jim arrives. Leslie privately tells him that Edward is staying cool, and Edward proposes a toast to friends.

Joe and Evan hear about Cale's death and wonder who they can use as an entry guy. They figure that Bridgit is skinny enough and Joe tells her that she's coming along. When Bridgit says that she doesn't like fire, Joe reminds her that her mother is dead and they put a roof over her head. Bridgit still refuses, and they say that they're going to put her out on the streets. The girl has no choice but to agree.

After Edward and Kristen leave, Jim tells Leslie about Theo's request for an endorsement. She reminds Jim that he's a respected figure in Gotham and suggests that he let it be a source of happiness and pride.

Bridgit sneaks into the first address and follows Joe's instructions over the radio. She lights the fuse and Joe tells her to go to the safe, take out Bunderslaw's eyeball, and hold it up the sensor. Bridgit does so and the door opens. There's an old knife and Joe has Bridgit grab it. She does so and climbs out the vent, leaving the eyeball behind. Joe congratulates her and says that they have four more to do, and she staggers into the van despite the fact her leg is burned.

After the Pikes are done, Jim and Barnes get word of the five explosion. The lab confirms that professional arsonists were responsible, and Barnes tells Jim to find a pattern to the fires.

At home, Bridgit is unloading her brother's fire-starting gear, including flamethrowers and masks. She finds some fire-resistant cloth and makes a costume out of it. Selina comes in and Bridget explains that she's making a suit so she won't get burned again. She admits that her brothers are making her start the fires, and Selina says that she has to take the knife to Oswald. Selina warns her friend that she's going to get herself killed, and Bridgit admits that she kind of enjoyed it. She insists that it's the family business, and Selina says that Bridgit doesn't need anybody. Bridgit talks about how Selina looked for her mom every day when she was little, and Selina says that she doesn't care as she walks away.

Oswald is examining the knife and discovers that it has the Wayne family crest on it. He tells Butch that there's something there, and Butch says that he should talk to Edwige about old-time Gotham. She runs the antique shop in Butch's old neighborhood. Oswald summons Edwige and realizes that she knows something about the knife. The woman finally says that the knife has a cursed history. Two hundred years ago it was used to commit a terrible crime. Five families ruled Gotham's high societies: the Elliots, the Kanes, the Crowns, the Dumas, and the Waynes. Celestine Wayne was promised to the eldest son of the Elliot family, but Caleb Dumas coveted her. During an Easter party at Wayne Manor and Wayne men found them together. Celestine claimed that Caleb forced himself on her, and Jonathan Wayne cut off Caleb's right hand. They took the Dumas holdings and destroyed them, and Caleb went into exile oversea. He joined a penitent romantic order, and Celestine died an old maid. All of the Dumas holdings were renamed, and the remaining family members changed their name. Oswald confirms that they changed their name... to Galavant. Edwige warns that Oswald is in deep waters, and he smiles in satisfaction.

At the station, Harvey is making calls about the arsonists when Jim comes in and tells his partner that Wayne Enterprises owned all of the buildings. The arsonists moved east to west, and if they strike again then their next target will be the Gotham City Book Depository.

Butch tells Oswald that he took the knife to Theo. There's a bottle of whiskey on the table, and Oswald invites Butch to take a drink. When Butch passes, Oswald insists and his bodyguard drinks. Once he does, Oswald reminds Butch that he can't resist his conditioning and figures that Butch is the only one he trusts. He orders Butch to have another drink and Butch does so. Oswald admits that he might be going mad... or he might have found Theo's weakness. He figures that it's a blood feud for Theo, and he can manipulate Theo if he's acting out of emotion. Oswald then tells Butch to go to Theo and tell him that Oswald has gone nuts and Butch needs a job. Butch will then find Gertrude and rescue him. Butch figures that Theo won't believe it, but Oswald says that he'll believe it if they sell it right and orders Butch to drink up. He plans to make Theo trust Butch by cutting off his hand... and does it.

Jim and Harvey stakeout the depository and spot a van pull up to the side. Joe gives Bridgit a flamethrower, tells her to suit up, and go in. She leaves the van and Jim and Harvey call in reinforcements. They then step out and order the Pikes to surrender. Joe and Evan drive away, and Bridgit begs Jim to stay away. She fires a burst of flame but the weapon jams. One of the strike force members, Garrett, grabs her from behind. The masked Bridgit sets him on fire and runs, and Jim puts out the flames. Meanwhile, Selina calls to Bridgit to follow her, and says that they're going home. Bridgit climbs up the fire escape to her friend.

The next day at the station, Jim and Harvey wait for word of Garrett from the hospital. Theo is there talking to officers, and Barnes comes out to announce that Garrett died. He insists that Garrett was a great cop and they'll mourn him... after they bring his killer to justice. Jim goes over to Theo and tells him that he's endorsing him as mayor to fight the new wave of criminals who don't play by the rules. Theo figures that Jim needs the city to back him, and Jim asks for his word that they don’t' have to face it along. The billionaire promises that he'll have what he needs and offers his hand, and Jim shakes it.

That night, Theo returns to his penthouse and finds a hooded man waiting for him. Theo recognizes the man, Father Creel, and they embrace. Once they're done, Theo shows Creel the knife. He says that he doesn’t have Bruce yet, but it will be soon. Creel says that after 200 years, the day of redemption is at hand and their warrior brothers are crossing the ocean to redeem Gotham in blood and Bruce Wayne will die.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 20, 2015

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