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Devils You Know Recap

In North Hollywood, a girl Lori Hanson is cooking with her husband Shane. Someone knocks at the door and they open it, and discover that it's their friend Alisha. Alisha tells them that the Terrigen got out. She nervously looks outside and warns the couple that those of who were there before the outbreak need to stick together. Lori says that they received an email about bringing their people together, just as Lash breaks in. He kills out Lori and Shane, and Alisha attacks him. Lash manages to kill her... and the prime Alisha screams in pain aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane. Coulson tells Daisy and Mack to move in, and they go into the apartment. They find everyone dead and a hole burned in the wall. Daisy goes after him on her own, and Mack reluctantly follows her.

Aboard the plane, Alisha tells Coulson that Lash is there to kill them all and he can't stop her.

Later, Bobbi secures the apartment building and Coulson arrives. Fitz joins them in the apartment and Coulson tells them to gather whatever evidence they can before the real authorities arrive. He worries that they have no idea who the killer is, and tells Bobbi that the med-teams are taking Alisha back to the lab. As Fitz checks the couple's laptop for the email, Coulson reminds Bobbi that she hasn't passed the physical yet and isn't rated for field work.

Daisy calls Coulson from the industrial park nearby where she and Mack have traced the killer. He says that backup is on the way, and Mack figures that Lash is killing the Inhumans because it was built to kill. They hear a noise up ahead and cautiously advance.

In the apartment, Bobbi finds a quill in the clone's hand. Fitz complains that she isn't following the system he and Jemma created, and Bobbi asks if Jemma is up for checking the samples. She says that she heard about Fitz taking Jemma to dinner, and he wonders if Jemma said something to Bobbi. Bobbi claims that Jemma didn't say anything as they hear a helicopter arrive outside.

Something moves behind a door up ahead, and Daisy and Mack cautiously advance. They open the door and find the ATCU team on the other side. Rosalind is with them and tells everyone to sit down. Coulson is with them and says that the ATCU is there to help contain the threat. Her men fan out and Coulson insists that the ATCU are a means to an end. Down the hallway, Lash watches from hiding.

Later back at the apartment, Rosalind's team bags everything. Coulson asks where she's taking the victims, and Rosalind smugly says that it's classified. She wonders how Coulson found the Inhumans and points out that the Hansons didn't visit the ER in 18 hours and had no friends. Rosalind figures that they were Inhumans for at least that long and repeats her question. Coulson says that they were friends of a friend, and says that they need to focus on finding Lash. Banks comes in and Rosalind says that they'll take it from there.

Kebo shows Grant the advanced weapons that Lance brought them. He suggests that Lance and Melinda might be helpful on the next job, and Grant talks about how they need attention to detail and a personal touch. Grant takes out two cans of gasoline and says that they're going to bring S.H.I.E.L.D. down.

At a parking garage, Lance tells Melinda that he doesn't have any information about the job Grant will have them. He assures her that they're bringing him up the food chain, but Melinda worries that it's a trap. Melinda suggests that there may be innocent lives at risk, and Lance angrily reminds her of how Grant almost killed Bobbi. He wants Grant dead before Bobbi gets back in the field, and Melinda says that Grant' life isn't worth Lance's or Bobbi's. She tells Lance to call him when he has the time and place, and he agrees before walking off.

Andrew watches Alisha in her S.H.I.E.L.D. room, still in shock from the death of her clone.

Bobbi tells Coulson that the DNA proves that Lash is an Inhuman. Daisy doesn't believe that Lash is a killing machine, and Bobbi suggests that Lash was a friend of the Hansons. They've checked the email and discovered that it had a virus attached to it that chewed up their laptop and gave away their location. Coulson tells Daisy to tell the ATCU what they've found, because they might have found the virus before. Daisy wants information about the Inhumans that the ATCU has encountered in return, and Bobbi agrees. Coulson says that they'll have to play ball to get answers.

Jemma tells Andrew about her time on the alien planet and how things seemed different when she returned to Earth. He wonders if she's been suffering from PTSD, and Jemma insists that she's fine. Andrew talks about other survivors and how hope got one through. Jemma admits that she gave up hope, but refuses to discuss it. Andrew assures her that she doesn't have to talk about it, but tells her that she's safe among her friends and it's over. Jemma tells him that it's not.

Later, Andrew tells Coulson about his analysis. He warns that Coulson can't rush Jemma and says that Coulson hid Alisha's existence from him. Coulson says that Alisha came to him but Andrew wonders how many other Inhumans he's holding back. Melinda comes in and tells Coulson privately about Lance contacting her. She explains about Lance's mission to go after Grant, and admits that she needs backup. Melinda figures that Lance is in too deep and his judgement is compromised. Coulson says that it's like she never left, and offers to find someone else other than Andrew to confront. He says that he can replace Andrew but not Melinda, and asks what happened between them. Melinda says that Andrew left because of her, not S.H.I.E.L.D., and promises to call Coulson when Lance contacts her.

Bobbi checks the quill and discovers that the hairs on it are deteriorating. Fitz fids data on the monolith and realizes that Jemma has been recording data. She runs in and yanks the file out of his hand, and tells Fitz to stay away from her things as she walks out. Fitz wonders if Bobbi knows anything, and she says that it should come from Jemma.

Andrew intercepts Melinda and asks if they can talk. She doesn't want to hear any more apologies and points out that Andrew suddenly disappeared. Andrew insists that it had nothing to do with Melinda, and would like her to come by after her class. She figures that she's even because she walked away from him, and leaves.

Daisy tells Coulson that Banks confirmed that other Inhumans they've encountered had the same computer virus. She's traced the virus to Dwight Frye, an online programmer and IT guy who used to work for the Social Security administration. Dwight hasn't been there for weeks, and Daisy figures that the ATCU were running him. She figures that Coulson is protecting Rosalind, and Coulson tells her to assemble a team to talk to Dwight.

In Baltimore, Coulson and his team arrive at Dwight's apartment after calling Rosalind. She's there with her team, and Daisy blasts the door in. She moves in and finds Dwight's computers, and a moulted skin on the floor. Dwight is hiding in the closet, his face covered in a rash, and screams at Daisy to get out. He lunges at Daisy, who stuns him with a seismic blast. The others arrive and Dwight says that Daisy is killing him. Rosalind suggests that Daisy leave and Coulson agrees.

Once Daisy leaves, Dwight explains that he gets a migraine and rash when he's close to an Inhuman. Coulson and Rosalind explain that they know about the virus, and Dwight tries to run. Coulson grabs him by the throat with his artificial hand, and Dwight explains that Lash gave him the names of his victims. Lash comes to him, and Dwight says that they should be helping Lash. The programmer says that he's been in pain ever since he turned, and it never goes away. The only thing that eases the pain is Lash killing Inhumans. Dwight says that Lash is just a guy trying to do the right thing.

As the ATCU take Dwight away, Daisy and Mack complain that they can't give Rosalind free rein. Coulson tells Mack to go with them and check out the ATCU containment facility. He wants Daisy to stay with him because of the Hydra operation but she insists, and then asks Rosalind to get Daisy and Mack on the truck taking Dwight away. She talks with Banks and then agrees.

Bobbi is going through rehab at the base when Jemma comes in. She apologizes for snapping at Bobbi, who suggests that she should tell others that she might go back. Jemma figures that Fitz is concerned, and Bobbi says that she's on edge because Lance is in trouble.

Kebo picks up Lance and searches him for a bug, and then orders him in the trunk. Lance has no choice but to get in.

As the ATCU truck heads out, Dwight twitches in pain. As they head up the highway, Lash drops on the truck and cuts through the roof. He takes out the ATCU guards and easily knocks out Mack. Daisy unleashes a seismic blast, overturning the truck. Lash drags Dwight out and says that he isn't being merciful: he's necessary. He then kills Dwight.

Daisy wakes up and sees Mack outside. He glances at her and then walks away, shrinking as he goes.

Mack wakes up in an ER and Daisy explains that the ATCU brought them all there. She explains that Dwight is dead and says that she saw Lash and figures he can turn into a normal person at will. Rosalind comes in and asks where Coulson is, and Daisy says that he's going after a human target.

At the base, Coulson is preparing for departure when Bobbi comes in. Fitz tells her what's going on and realizes that Bobbi didn't know, and says that he understands when people keep secrets.

Kebo arrives at a warehouse and drags Lance out. When Lance wonders what's going on, Grant comes in and tells Lance to turn around. Lance turns, grabs a gun, and ducks for cover. The Hydra agents open fire and Grant has Kebo check for reinforcements. When he confirms that there's no one there, Grant signals his men to move in. He calls to Lance, wishing that Bobbi had come, just as the two Hydra operatives find him. However, Melinda arrives and kills them, and then joins Lance.

Melinda calls Coulson, who warns that they're still 20 minutes out. Lance refuses to go and moves in, while Grant says that he was hoping to draw S.H.I.E.L.D. out. He turns on an iPhone and tosses it out. It shows a live feed of Andrew has stopped at a convenience store on his way to teach a class, and Grant says that he has his men on him. Lance tells Melinda that Grant is bluffing and the video is fake.

At the convenience store, Andrew notices Grant's man holding up an iPhone. Werner come over and asks Andrew where he's been.

Grant says that he'll let them go if they drop their weapons. If not, Andrew is dead.

Andrew and the other man approach Andrew with a canister of gasoline.

Lance warns Melinda that a lot of people will die if they give up. When he realizes that Melinda is going to surrender, Lance steps out and opens fire. Melinda has no choice but to give him cover fire, and tells Coulson that he has to get to Andrew.

Kebo knocks out a window and he and Grant jump out. Lance manages to shoot Grant in the shoulder but he gets into a truck and drives off with Kebo. Melinda comes in and glares at Lance.

In the convenience store, Werner runs out just as the store explodes.

Later, Jemma is in her room going over her files. Fitz comes in with coffee and asks why he wants to rebuild the portal. Jemma says that she has to get back there and she needs Fitz to help her. She explains that something happened to her on the other side, and it's time to tell him the truth about everything.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2015

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