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Ouroboros Recap

Roman and the others fly to Long Island Sound and land at an airstrip. Vasiliy figures that all they need to do is find a truck and load the nuke into Manhattan. Vans pull up and strigoi and human collaborators pour out. Vasiliy and Quinlan open fire on them, and eventually take them out by the time Roman comes out after shutting down the systems. They figure that they can use one of the vans to transport the warhead. A wounded strigoi climbs forward, and Quinlan tells the Master through it that they're there and coming for him. With that, Quinlan shoots the strigoi dead.

Eichhorst arrives at the Empire State Building and informs the Master that he doesn't yet have Vasiliy and his team. The Master points out that he has failed to find any of them, Eichhorst kneels before the Master and asks for him to take his life. The Master says that it's a proud day for Abraham since he has defeated Eichhorst. He tells Eichhorst that he will go down as an abject defeatist and asks if that's what Eichhorst really desires. Eichhorst insist that he doesn't want it, and the Master tells him to find the team and make sure the warhead doesn't cross the river.

Dutch gets Abraham's cane where he hid it before they captured. Abraham admits that he's getting too old to fight, and they get the Lumen from where Dutch hid it. Abraham hesitates when he tries to climb the fire escape, and Dutch tells him to wait while she gets the book from the rooftop. Once he's alone, Abraham staggers and drops his cane. He kneels to pick it up, and Dutch comes back with the book. Abraham irritably tells her to open the case and reveal the Lumen. Once Dutch does, Abraham tells her that she did well and they got to find somewhere to hole up.

Eph and Alex go to the Port Authority and Eph says that he needs to recover Zach. He figures that if they find Abraham then they kill the Master and it all ends.

Abraham and Dutch hole up in Washington Heights, and Abraham takes out the pages of the Lumen and puts them on the walls. There are pictures of an ouroboros, and Abraham says that he saw it in a dream. He explains that he had to see all the pages at once to determine what he's overlooked, and that he was wrong about the nuclear explosion. Dutch tells him to take a minute, and Abraham yells that he's running out of time and then passes out.

Eichhorst goes to the Partnership medical facility and Desai tells him that Eichhorst's suggestion about "harvesting" early is working. Eichhorst says that Desai has done so well that he's going to promote him and he is to apprehend and the resistance: Abraham, Dutch, Eph, Vasiliy, and Quinlan. The strigoi explains that they intend to smuggle a nuclear bomb into Manhattan.

Dutch makes Abraham comfortable, and she hears someone come in. The hacker goes to investigate and finds Vasiliy and Eph. Eph checks Abraham and reports that he's in afib. Dutch explains that he was captured and used for research, and she was there with Abraham for months while Eph was in Philadelphia. Alex asks what they do now, and Eph says that they need to get him hydrated and provide blood thinners. Dutch says that she knows a place, and Alex offers to stay with Abraham.

At the old police base, Gus and his men are making plans to raid a Partnership facility. Guards bring in Dutch and Eph, and Dutch tells Gus that they need medical supplies. Gus shows them his supplies, and Creem comes over and says that they've got whatever they need. He asks what they have to trade, and expresses an interest in the cane. Gus tells them that it's in the house, but Creem tells him that they've got nothing to do with them. He and Gus stare each other for a moment and then Creem backs down.

Gus, Dutch, and Eph head out and Dutch says that she hasn't seen Vasiliy and Quinlan in nine months. A truck goes down the street announcing the nine fugitives, and the trio head back to the hideout... unaware that Creem has followed them.

Abraham wakes up and hears the others talking. He goes to them and demands to know what's going on. Eph says that he needs to stay off his feet, and Gus tells him that he needs to fight the good fight. Abraham points out that Gus ran off and teamed up with Creem, and the Master won because humans just tried to get by.

Vasiliy and the others pull up to a checkpoint and the guards scan them into the system. They ask to check the contents, and Vasiliy claims that they're radioactive cancer treatments. Quinlan removes his hood and glares at the guard, and says that it's an urgent shipment for high-level patients. He warns that if he has to step out then they'll regret it, and the guards quickly let them through. A guard comes up with a file on the fugitives, and Vasiliy's is among them. Vasiliy drives forward through the checkpoint.

As Eph treats Abraham, Abraham tells him that he knew that he would return. Eph shows him the industrial farm and explains that the Partnership is a way to control the people until they can be shipped to the farms. Abraham says that the Master learned the technique from the death camps during World War II, and he learned it from them. The old man says that the passages hold the key, but he's not sure that he can finish the work. Eph gives him the blood thinner to prevent another stroke, and explains that they used rat poison to kill thousands of strigoi. Abraham tells him that he'll need something much stronger and gives him the formula for extracting the restorative properties of the strigoi worms. The formula extends the human life without spreading the virus, and Abraham tells Eph that he's 95. When Eph doubts him, Abraham yells at him and Eph assures him that he's with him until the end.

Creem visits Desai and says that he knows something about the fugitives. He wants compensation in return for his information. Soon, Desai takes Creem to the Master and Eichhorst. Creem says that he can give them Abraham, Dutch, Eph, and Gus. He takes out a grenade and warns that if they sting him to get the information, he'll drop the grenade and they'll all die. Creem wants the Island back under his control, and full control over the black market. In return he'll provide his crew to track down any other fugitives. The Master says that he just wanted to hear the depth of Creem's delusion, grabs his throat, and catches the grenade before it can land. He lets it detonate harmlessly in his hand and sting Creem to obtain the information.

Eph tells Abraham that Dutch knows of a meth house with the equipment they can use. He tells Abraham to rest, and Abraham says that he remembers the version of Eph that never gives up on the people he cares about. Eph tells him that Zach is alive and with the Master. Dutch listens from the shadows as Eph tells Abraham that he killed Kelly in front of Zach, and Zach set off the nuke. Abraham says that the Master took his wife to let him live with the guilt. He explains that it's the price that they price, but Eph must remember that the Master is the one who gave Zach the detonator and turned Kelly. Dutch walks away.

Vasiliy and the others work out that they need to head across the Brooklyn Bridge even though the strigoi will be waiting for them. They discover that the checkpoints at both ends are deserted, and Quinlan figures that it's a trap. The bridge explodes and the other bridges into Manhattan follow.

At the Empire State Building, Desai assures the Master and Eichhorst that no one is getting in and out of the city. Eichhorst tells the Master that Desai planned the entire operation, something even Palmer couldn't have done. The Master says that Palmer was a quisling, and tells Desai to remove the silver from Creem's teeth. As Creem turns, his mouth burns from the silver. Desai proceeds to do so and the Master thanks him.

Back at the black market base, Gus tells his cousin Raul that maybe it's not too late for him to do the right thing. Raul says that he's going with him because they're blood.

At the crack house, Eph works to create the formula. Dutch reports about the bridges' destruction and says that they should get back soon. She tells Eph that she overheard what Eph said about Zach, and admits that she was out of line. As they prepare to leave, Dutch admits that Abraham is the only thing that has kept her going.

Alex approaches Abraham and finds him looking at a Romanian prayer rope. She says that she stopped praying because she didn't feel a difference, and Abraham admits that he has often felt the same. He says that if they don't pray then they isolate themselves, and then looks at the pages. Abraham realizes that it’s the solution, just as Eichhorst and Creem come in. Alex shoots at them, but Eichhorst easily dodges the bullets and one of his men snaps her neck. Abraham draws his sword, and Eichhorst tells him that it's over. Creem prepares to move in, but Eichhorst says that Abraham belongs to him. Abraham slashes at him but Eichhorst easily dodges and Abraham drops his sword. He throws it, but Eichhorst captures it and slams the handle into Abraham's head. Abraham says that God is watching Eichhorst through him, and will see Eichhorst burn in Hell. Eichhorst laughs, and Abraham says that he's just an ordinary man and that's all that will be required to defeat the Master. The strigoi tells him that if Abraham had killed himself in the camps when he had the chance, none of it would have happened.

Gus and Raul come in shooting, and Eichhorst and Creem flee. The other strigoi go down, and Gus tells Abraham that he's throwing in with him. The two men go after Eichhorst, and he calls to Gus from the shadows. He points out that Gus well paid for his services, but Gus tells him that he owes him for his family and for Angel. Eichhorst realizes that Raul is related to Gus, and worms drip down from the ceiling and land in Raul's eye. The German jumps down and breaks Raul's neck, then speeds off.

Creem grabs Gus and Eichhorst prepares to sting him. Abraham runs Eichhorst through the chest, and Eichhorst knocks him back and pulls the blade out of his chest. He picks up Abraham and tells him to admit that he's always been curious about what's on the other side. Abraham tells him to finish it, and Eichhorst stings him. The empty bottle of blood thinners falls out of his hand, and Eichhorst collapses gagging. Gus yanks free of Creem's grasp and runs him through the throat.

Abraham picks up his cane and tells Eichhorst that like rats, he can't vomit the blood thinner. He tells Eichhorst to look at him so that the Master can hear him, and says that the Master will see Abraham as he dies. He then tells Eichhorst that he is a man, not a number, and decapitates the German.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 28, 2017

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