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Backdoors Recap

The Past

Near Angelville, men crank a crate out of the swamp and open it. They open the lid and take out the boy inside. A woman, Marie, asks what his name is, and he says that he's Jesse Custer. Marie tells the men to put Jesse back over his objections, and then lower the crate back into the swamp.


Jesse and Tulip watch as men remove the armored car from the swamp. Tulip is furious that Jesse just locked the Cowboy up, and says that he lied to her. He says that he couldn't send another soul to Hell, and assures Tulip that the Cowboy can't get out. Jesse peers in the rear windows and then opens the doors. water pours out but there's no sign of the Cowboy.

Lara and Hoover come to see Starr and report that Jesse and Tulip are driving back from the swamp. Starr is satisfied that tulip saw the empty truck, and Lara asks if they can just kill Jesse. Their superior says that he's not a homosexual, and Hoover apologizes for hiring male prostitutes. Hoover figures that he should prepare to die, but Starr says that he needs them both alive for what is to come. He tells them that the Messiah is a moron, and he plans to replace the moron with Jesse and bring real control and order to the world. Lara immediately agrees and Starr says Jesse will soon agree because Starr has what Jesse wants. Once she leaves, Hoover apologizes about the mix-up and suggests that he's not the best person for the job. Starr agrees but points out that Hoover is the only one he has left.

In Hell, Jennifer screens photos as Tyler looks on. Once she's done, she tells him to go back to Holding. As the guard leads Tyler away, Jennifer gets a call and says that she appreciates the information. She tells the guard that it was the Cowboy and orders the guard to bring in the next one.

In Holding, Eugene tells Tyler prisoner that he doesn't think they're letting anyone out. Tyler wonders who told him that, and Eugene glances over at Hitler. The other prisoner says that Hitler used to be a custodian and knows what they'll do, and Tyler concedes the point. He then says that if it's their last night there, they should have some fun with the Caveman, stills trapped to the oven.

At the apartment, Denis' new dog growls at him. Jesse tells Tulip and Cassidy that if the Cowboy was going to come, he'd be there by now. Cassidy and Tulip hope that Jesse handles it better than the next time, and Cassidy explains that he got Denis a dog. Jesse admits that he should have told them what he did with the Cowboy, and suggests that they all take a break. he suggests Bimini, and the others agree.

As tulip packs, Jesse comes in and says that they can't go yet. Cassidy comes in and Jesse tells them that he wants to go but they have to find God first. He explains that he met Jesus Christ's 25th great grandson, and he's an imbecile. Tulip wonders why Jesse cares so much, and Jesse says that God created the universe and tells Tulip that she's selfish. She says that they do everything for him, and the dog keeps barking. Jesse snaps at Cassidy, and stares at the dog. After a moment, Jesse figures that it's about the dog and says that it's right under his nose. He tells Jesse and Cassidy that they have to go, but tulip tells him that he has to go. They figure the Cowboy will come after him, not them, and Jesse walks out.

Jesse goes to the club where he met the man in the dog suit, Mad Dog. but no one is there.

Jennifer screens the same photos with the 50s woman.

Tyler and Eugene take Hitler to Hitler's cell and Tyler demands that he open it Hitler removes a hidden lock pick and begs Eugene not to make him do it. Eugene insists and Hitler opens the door. They go into the cell and find themselves in the restaurant in Munch 1919. Elsa joins Hitler and a Jewish customer bumps into Hitler. Hitler glares at him, then apologizes. Elsa points out the gallery owner Herman Hoehne at a nearby table and says that Hitler should show his drawings to him. Gunfire breaks out outside and Elsa says that they're Communist and should be exiled.

Elsa insists that Hitler go over, and he walks over and asks if Herman would look at Hitler's paintings. Herman says that Hitler's work lacks conviction and daring, and is bloodless. He hands the drawings back and makes it clear he doesn't want to see any more of Hitler's work. Hitler goes back to his table and tells Elsa that he doesn't have it. She says that Hitler has to fight for what he wants in the world, just as two drunken International Workers come in. they smash up the string quarter's instruments, and a gun falls at Hitler's feet. Elsa looks at Hitler, who picks up the gun and walks over to the men. The leader turns to face him, and Hitler gives him the gun back. Everyone looks away from Hitler in disgust, including Elsa. She finally says that she was at the lake with an ambitious bicycle repairman and walks out.

The Jewish customer who bumped into Hitler gets plum cake, and the waiter comes over and tells Hitler that they're out of it for his order even though Hitler ordered it first. Hitler glares at the man as he eats, and the machinery shuts down. Tyler figures that Hitler became evil because he was embarrassed in front of Elsa, and leaves with Eugene.

Jennifer enters Holding and has the Guard unfasten the Caveman. Eugene goes over to Hitler's bunk and asks him if he started World War II because they were out of plum cake. Hitler says that Eugene wouldn't understand, and finally says that was the last day that he was good. At that moment he lost himself. Eugene asks if he'll still help him escape, and Hitler says that there is a secret door. Jennifer takes Eugene away for his screening, and Hitler tells Eugene that he'll wait for him to return. Once they go, Hitler gets up and tells the prisoners that he needs them to do something for him. Tyler wonders why they should, calling him "Plum Cake," and Hitler screams that his Adolf fucking Hitler.

Tulip tells Cassidy that there's no sign of Jesse or the Cowboy, and Cassidy figures that they should. She figures that she knows where to go. Denis comes in and Cassidy asks him what he did the night before. His son ignores him, and Tulip comes in with the Cowboy's guns and says that she's going to destroy them and Lara is coming with her. Denis tells Cassidy that he likes Tulip and that he should make her a vampire like them. Cassidy, shocked, tells Denis to give him the dog. Denis refuses and Cassidy repeats his request.

Jesse goes to Starr's office and asks if he knew God was Mad Dog. Starr says that he didn't, and Jesse figures that God set him a test and Jesse said that he told God that he wasn't what he wanted. Jesse is surprised when Starr says that it's a possibility, and talks about how he'd heard rumors that God has become disenchanted. Starr asks if Jesse really wants God back in his current state. Jesse insists that he does, but Starr tells him that what he truly wants is forgiveness for killing his father. He brings out a backup tape system to make sure that no important prayers fell through the cracks. Starr plays a tape of Jesse's prayers,

Tulip and Lara take the guns to a metal forge. The owner Myron can't get the guns open to remove the bullets, and Tulip tries to fire a gun at a barrel. Lara offers to give Myron oral sex if he'll melt down the pistols. She then threatens to claim that Myron forced her, or call his brother in in the police force and tells him that Myron is running an illegal operation. Lara advises Myron to melt down the guns regardless.

Later, Lara tells Tulip that he can't believe that Jesse lied to her. Tulip says that Jesse has her reasons and that Jesse would never punch a woman in the face. Lara asks Tulip where she thinks Jesse is, and Tulip admits that she probably should have gone with him. She figures that Jesse can handle the Cowboy. The owner takes the guns out of the forge and reveals that they haven't melted down... and they're not hot.

Eugene watches the videos and Jennifer watches the readings. the guard then says that she should switch the monitor to Holding, where the prisoners are singing. Jennifer and the Guard go in and demand an explanation. Hitler slips past them and goes into the office, and tells Eugene that it's time to go. He opens up a manhole in the floor and Eugene says that he can't. Hitler promises that he'll be with him, shoves him into the shaft, and slides down after him.

Tulip mails the guns away and she walks off with Lara.

Starr plays a Jesse's prayers asking God for forgiveness. One of them is asking for forgiveness for killing his father and sending him to Hell. The tapes go on and on, and Starr finally stops the players and says that Jesse needs to join him to save his soul. Jesse figures that people have done worse, including Starr, and Starr turns on the player again.

The Past

The men take young Jesse out of the box and Marie asks him his name. He says that his name is Jesse L'Angelle and thanks God for killing his father and bringing him home. Marie tells Jesse that his grandma loves him.


After the prayer plays, Starr shuts off the player. He says that he went to a great deal of trouble to show Jesse that he's the right man for the job. Jesse goes to the player and then uses Genesis to tell Starr to shoot the tapes up his ass. He walks out and uses Genesis to let him out. They do and Jesse takes the elevator down.

The mailman picks up the guns.

Starr calls Hoover and says that Jesse hasn't left them a choice, and it's all up to Hoover. Hoover opens up the back of a van door, tells the man to do what he does, and then runs as fast as he can.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 29, 2017

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