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Where's My Mind Recap

Miss Lint leads the Pyramid gang into Arthur's apartment and they open fire on him. The bullet slams into Arthur's costumed chest, knocking him down. Miss Lint pulls the bullet off and realizes the armored suit protected him, and tells her men to lock the apartment down. Arthur insists that he didn't steal the suit, but that "he" did. She demands to know who "he" is, and Arthur points to the window as Tick climbs in. He slams one henchmen through the wall, and Miss Lint realizes that Tick is the one who blew up her operation. She blasts him with lightning from her hands, but Tick withstands the lethal energy and Miss Lint's glass eye pops out from the strain.

Arthur crawls across the floor, and Tick tosses him somewhere safe: out the window. Wings pop out of the back of the suit, breaking Arthur's fall as he slams into a car below. Arthur gets up and hides as one of Miss Lint's henchmen comes out to shut off the car alarm. He goes back in and Arthur runs off. He ducks into an alley and the wings retract. The goggles display readouts in an unknown language and then retract into the helmet. Tick arrives with Arthur's goggles and points out how durable the suit is.

In the apartment, Miss Lint examines the grounding bracelet on her left wrist. She sees the articles on Arthur's board and takes down one about an explosion in a Brazilian lab. The henchman comes in and tells her that Ramses wants to see her... and he quits. Miss Lint heads out to see the villain.

Dot is practicing with her roller derby team and tells her teammate beck that Arthur isn't answering her calls. Beck points out that Dot bailed on her mid-term to bail Arthur out the previous night,

Arthur complains that Tick led Miss Lint and the Pyramid Gang to him. Tick asks him what the plan is, and tells Arthur that he just had his first supervillain battle and he looks great. Arthur figures that he's wearing their suit and that's why they came after him. He runs into a nearby store and finds a poncho to cover the moth suit. The owner comes in with a cricket bat and threatens to call the police. Arthur runs out and puts the poncho on, unaware that a costumed figure is watching him from a nearby rooftop. Meanwhile, Arthur figures that he can give the suit back to the Pyramid Gang so they'll stop coming after him. Tick refuses to hear it.

Miss Lint drives to a limo parked near men wearing hazmat suits and gets in. She tells Ramses that someone put heroes on the trail of the shipment, and Ramses complains that she didn't get the eye tattoo like the rest of the Gang. He insists that he's into branding, and Miss Lint tells him that she'll get him his suit. Ramses figures that she thinks she's better than the rest of them because she was the Terror's protégé, but points out that he's been dead and now she works for Ramses. Miss Lint quietly leaves, dealing with her grounding issues.

Tick and the poncho'd Arthur walk down the street, and Tick complains that Arthur stole a poncho but is giving up the suit. Arthur insists that people need to know that the Terror is still alive, and Tick figures that Terror took something from Arthur.

Dot suggests that they get some lunch, but Beck tells her to go on without her. The club owner, Stosh, comes over and Dot says that she'll have the rent to him. He needs her help in the back and takes her to a room where the injured Pyramid Gang members are lying around. If Dot stitched them up then she won't owe club dues for the month. One gang member describes Tick as Dot tends to him.

Arthur tells Tick that Terror killed the Flag Five and dropped them onto Arthur's father. Tick hugs him and won't stop. He finally does, and Arthur admits that he feels better. A SUV drives by and Arthur runs up to it and says that he wants to give the suit back. They order him in, but Tick flips the SUV over and shoves it down the street. It flips back over and they drive away. Tick insists that it's always been them, and Arthur insists that it was just him. He remembers talking to no one and Dot asking who he's talking to, and figures that he's hallucinating Tick.

When Arthur gets back to his apartment, Dot is outside and asks why he's wearing a poncho. She asks why he didn’t call her back, and reminds him that he needs to act normally. Dot figures that it's the last time, but Arthur says that he's the blue guy. Tick arrives and Dot tells Arthur that he can see him. She calls Beck to say that she'll meet her in ten minutes, and Arthur realizes that Tick is real. Arthur explains that Dot is his sister and thanks Tick for helping him get home. He says goodbye forever and tells Dot that she doesn't need to worry about him. Tick tells Dot that he needs a minute and walks off.

Miss Lint goes to her apartment and gets a replacement glass eye. She takes off the bracelets and remembers the past.

Terror congratulates Miss Lint on how she handled the mission, He points out that she killed two of his men because they give her the nickname "Miss Lint" because she attracts lint, and tells her to embrace the nickname and make it a strength. Terror then gives her a set of bracelets to ground her without weakening her attack. He says that he'll teach her how to be a master villain once she learns to wear black.

Arthur sneaks out of his apartment and Tick tells him that he can't let Dot talk him into being normal. Furious, Arthur says that he's nobody and if Tick were a superhero, he wouldn't spend time with him. Tick assures him that he has a special destiny, and Arthur figures that he's crazy and walks away. The costumed figure on the roof draws a bead on Arthur

That night, the Gang members pull up to Arthur and corner him. He offers to give the suit back, and the costumed figure drops down and kills them. He tells Arthur to take off the suit, just as the police pull up. The figure leaves on a grappling line, and the police arrest Arthur.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 30, 2017

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