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Once Upon a Time in the Nest Recap

In Seoul, Logan warns his team that the eggs are close to hatching, and the spores they release could be lethal. They fire the chem-packs into the eggs to neutralize them and then plant the explosives.

In Copenhagen, the team takes Abigail back to the jet and Jamie secretly holds a gun on Mr. Duncan. The others still believe that Mitch is back in control.

In the lab, Abe tries to stabilize Clem as Sam looks on. He explains that the only way to save Clem and the baby is to accelerate the pregnancy and induce labor. Sam draws a gun on Abe and tells him to take Clem out of the tank.

Jackson and Max take Abigail to the workshop and Jackson goes to get Abe.

Abe insists that the serum won’t kill Clem, but Sam doesn’t believe him. Jackson comes in, distracting Sam long enough for Abe to punch him unconscious. He then injects the serum into the tank and Clem stabilizes. Abe tells Jackson that they found Sam pretending to be a prisoner at Abigail’s facility, and Jackson explains that they need Abe’s help to save Abigail.

Jamie tells Mr. Duncan that he’s going to kill Abigail when the others ask him to save her.

Jackson tells Abe and Max that Abigail is the sixth hybrid.

Duncan tells Jamie that his biological prerogative is to serve Abigail, and Jamie threatens to return his personality to the bio-drive if he doesn’t cooperate. She activates the controller and restores Mitch’s personality, and tells him that he’s okay. Jamie then asks Mitch to trust her, trains her gun on him, and reactivates the Duncan personality. She offers Duncan the chance to be free from everyone.

Jackson insists that there’s more to Abigail’s plan to activate the hybrids, and wants her alive so that they can find out what it is. Abe warns that she’s a terrorist, and figures the world is better off without her.

Jamie puts the controller in a safe and tells Duncan that if he does what she says then the device is his. She figures that they’ll show mercy and it will bite them in the ass, just like it has done before. Jamie insists that she has to break the cycle.

Logan’s team starts setting the charges, and one man Fallon starts gagging. They realize that the eggs are releasing the spores and evac, carrying the infected man out. His head explodes inside the suit.

Quentin goes to a motel room in Milwaukee and Dariela answers the door. He offers her a position in the IDAG and assures her that they’ll keep Isaac safe. Quentin wants her because of her tactical expertise. If they take a stand together then they can save Isaac and all of the other children in the world. Dariela calls Abe to tell her about the offer. She wonders if she should accept it, and Abe tells her that it’s time to be a soldier again.

Sam wakes up in the cage.

Duncan and Jamie go to the workshop, and Duncan tells Jamie that he’s going to do what she asked him to do. Max reminds Duncan of the last time they did surgery together, and Duncan tries to bluff his way through. Abigail goes into convulsions and Duncan says that she needs a lunbar puncture to alleviate the pressure. He does the procedure and Abigail stabilizes. Once Max goes to get the MR equipment, Jamie demands an explanation for why Duncan saved Abigail. He tells Jamie that he’s trying to make it look like natural causes, and figures that Abigail will soon die anyway.

Jackson questions Sam about Abigail’s plan. Sam says that Abigail was going to stop Abigail from activating the hybrids, and Jackson tells him that Abigail is the one doing it. The younger man doesn’t believe Jackson, and says that Clem is the only one that he’ll trust.

Dariela goes with Quentin to the IADG HQ in Colorado. He explains that the only hybrids left in North America are west of the barrier, but they’ve found nests in other parts of the world. The IADG’s science division figures that the eggs will hatch on their own even if the signal doesn’t go out. Dariela warns that the beacons will let Abigail weaponize the hybrids, and Quentin welcomes Dariela to the IADG.

Jackson shows Abe the data from Abigail stasis tank and asks him to sift through the data for anything concerning internal organs. Abe finally agrees and Max comes in and reports that they found the leak in Abigail’s brain. Dariela calls and tells the men about the nests, and if the eggs hatch then they’ll have thousands of new hybrids to fight. Max goes to his cabin and hides the hybrid egg that he took, securing it in a case.

Abe tells Jackson that they’ll have to use the hybrid samples that they’ve taken to safe Abigail. Jackson tells him to do it and they’ll get more samples from the nest eggs containing the different hybrids. They set the jet on course for Seoul.

Duncan prepares to give Abigail an epinephrine shot to make it look like she died of a heart attack. Abe arrives to help and explains their new plan. He explains that they need to save Abigail to stop the hybrids from hatching.

Dariela calls Logan, who says that they’re holding off laying the explosives. She tells him that officially, Logan is supposed to wait and await further orders. Jackson arrives to go in with Logan.

Abe and Duncan operate on Abigail, and Abe notices that Duncan is preparing to cut an artery that will kill Abigail. Duncan says that he wasn’t cutting, and Abe tells him to be more careful. He makes the last injection and Abigail’s vitals improve.

Jackson tells Logan about their plan, Logan warns that they only have a twenty-minute window and it’s impossible to find the six hybrids that they need, but Jackson insists that he has to try. After Logan agrees to go with him, the two men suit up and go into the nest. Dariela monitors them via their helmet cams, and Logan fires more chem-packs to neutralize the spores.

Abe staples up Abigail, and Duncan and Jamie watch from the catwalk. She says that she’s making a tough call for the greater good, and Duncan tells her that morality isn’t an issue with him. He then says that he switched needles and Abe injected Abigail with epinephrine. Jamie realizes that Abe will thin he killed Abigail, and Duncan asks if that’s a problem. Abigail flatlines and Jamie tells Duncan to do what it takes.

Jackson takes the first sample with sixteen minutes left. They split up to get the remaining samples.

Abe starts administering CPR but it fails. Duncan secretly picks up a scalpel and walks out. As Abe leaves, a red subdermal implant glows on Abigail’s neck.

The IADG register a power outage in Tokyo and spot a single building that still has power… and is apparently responsible for the blackout.

In Max’s quarters, the case with the egg starts shaking.

In Seoul, the eggs start hatching. Logan and Jackson get four of the five remaining samples, and needs the ape sample. Abe calls Jackson and tells him that Abigail is dead.

Quentin tells Dariela that the building in Tokyo is a beacon. She points out that the eggs are hatching, and figures the beacon is sending the trigger signal. Dariela tells Jackson and Logan to get out, and they head for the tunnel as the eggs hatch.

Jamie and Duncan go to the safe, and Duncan realizes that Jamie gave him a false combination as she opens it with voce command. As she opens the safe to get the controller, Duncan threatens to cut Mitch’s throat with the scalpel.

Dariela updates Abe and asks how Abigail activated the signal. He sees the glowing implant as Max comes in, and they figure that it’s a dead man’s switch keyed to her heart. Abe starts cutting it out, while Jackson goes back and finds the sixth hybrid. He takes a sample and they leave.

Jamie backs away from the safe, and Duncan takes the controller and tells Jamie that she has no idea what she’s done. He sets the scalpel down and explains that by killing Abigail, Jamie just ended the world. Jamie gives a voice command turning up the lights, and then knocks down the distracted Duncan. They struggle for the controller.

Quentin reports that more nests are activating, and Abe finally gets the implant out. Quentin orders Dariela to set off the explosives, and she points out that Jackson and Logan are inside. He’d rather deal with spores than hybrids, and Dariela asks for ten seconds. She then tells Jackson and Logan to head to the southwest stairwell. As they head there, Dariela triggers the explosives and loses the camera signals. After a few seconds, they check in and report that they’re fine, and Dariela sends an exfil team. Quentin orders a 50-mile evacuation.

Abe tells Dariela that the implant is still transmitting, despite Max smashing it.

A snake hybrid finally breaks out of the case in Max’s quarters.

Dariela suggests to Quentin that they trace the signal to the other beacons. Max goes to get Mitch.

Duncan and Jamie continue fighting for the controller. Max comes in and demands an explanation, just as the camouflaged hybrid eats the controller and slithers out. Duncan runs after it, and Jamie tells Max that Mitch is still Duncan. The hybrid goes to the workshop and Duncan chases after it. Jamie and Max chase after him, and Jamie slams Duncan’s head into a bulkhead--knocking him out-- and runs past him.

Jamie and Max trap the hybrid in the kitchen and toss seeds around to reveal it.

A new nest activates in Australia, meaning there could be hundreds more around the world. Abe tells Dariela that he needs more time.

Max and Jamie spot the hybrid and Jamie pins it to the floor with a knife.

Abe gets the information but warns Dariela that there’s too much for him to go through. She tells him to send it to her.

Jamie cuts open the hybrid and extracts the controller. Duncan arrives, shoves Max to the floor, and fights Jamie. Jamie knocks him down and grabs the controller before Max can, and Duncan tells them that they left a treat for the team and death is only the beginning. Max grabs the controller, triggers, it, and then smashes it. Mitch’s personality reasserts itself, but he has no idea what Duncan meant. Jamie figures that Duncan hid a booby trap on the plane.

Quentin assigns all team members to check the incoming data.

Jamie and the others find nothing, and Jamie figures that Abigail’s death triggered something else.

In the workshop, Abe calls Dariela and says that he wants to move forward. He asks if the IADG has room for one more member. Dariela agrees and signs off, and Abigail comes back to life stabs Abe in the back and then the chest.

Dariela discovers that the data transfer has stopped.

Jamie and Max head to the workshop.

Abigail confronts Mitch and when he responds to his own name, she shoots him. Jamie and Max hear the gunshots and come running, and Abigail shoots them as well. Sam hears the gunshots.

Jackson returns to the jet and finds Abigail waiting for him. She shoots him and walks out.

A very pregnant Clem gets out of the tank and calls out, but gets no answer.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 1, 2017

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